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  ''What the fuck!'' I shout as loud as I can when I see the sight in front of me. My eyes widen in anger when I see him kissing his own co-worker. See, seeing your boyfriend making out with someone else isn't really a great view but I find myself relief at the same time.

  You see, Jeremy—my boyfriend has been cheating on me for the past two years since we've both finish college. I gave him a second chance—wait no, I gave him exactly three chances but he just has to go around and ruin those chances.

  ''Athena, it's not what you think.'' He steps away from his co-worker as he walk toward


  Oh well, first let me introduce myself. My parents gave me the name Athena because they thought that I would grow up with wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic welfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, craft and skill. They thought I would match the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

  Unfortunately, from all those meaningful meanings, I only got stuck with one—courage. My mom's Greek so she used to tell me stories about mythology when I was little but I myself, don't really give a damn about Greek mythology. I only know one though, Cupid which is Eros and Eros which is Cupid. Make sense.

  I'm the only child and in my situation, my parents spoiled me. They feed me with silver spoons and treat me like a princess. I got everything I wanted and people at school used to envy me but I really don't care. I just don't care what other people think. Up till now, I have been the same.

  ''Well fuck you Jeremy. You have been saying that for the past two years!'' I throw my hands up in the air. True though, every time I caught him cheating, he would be like Athena, it's not what you think. I wasted two years with him and I just realise that he's a piece of shit, useless and hopeless.

  ''Athena, wait. Let me explain.'' He grabs me by my arm but I pushes his hand away.

  ''Ew, don't touch me. Get lost Jeremy, we're over.'' But his grip only tighten which makes it harder for me to get away from him. I try smacking his chest but he won't budge.

  ''This is a mistake. She's nothing, you're everything to me.'' Jeremy smiles, trying to make my heart skip a beat but no, not anymore. That's not working because I feel disgusted by his touch.

  ''Look, asshole.'' I snap my fingers in front of him, ''That is exactly what I have been hearing for the past two years, can't you find a better punchline?'' Then with a kick on the groin, he let go of me before falling down on the ground. I smirk at him before looking at his co-worker who has been sitting at the same spot.

  She avoided my eye at all cost so I just decided to let it slip. I walk out of his office, I feel lightheaded as if every problem has been settled. I breathe in, trying to find a source of happiness through this break up. This is what I wanted right? For the past two years, this is what I have been waiting for. Well, I had the chance to break up with him at the past but... I still loved him back then.

  I realise how my love was a waste.

  I pick up my phone as it keeps on ringing. Looking down at the caller ID, I roll my eyes knowing that Joanna is calling me, ''Yes, Joanna.'' I walk down the New York City street with people passing me. This has been my daily routine—walking to Jeremy's office every lunch hours so that we could have lunch together, looks like it's no longer included in my routine.

  ''I have news for you, Athena.'' She says from the other line.

  ''Oh, please reconsider if you are asking me to spy on Kim Kardashian because that's not going to happen again.'' I roll my eyes, ''We both know what happened before.'' I shiver at the thought of me being pushed to Kim's breasts, not only that but she wasn't wearing any bra at that moment so... let's just say I washed my face more than ten times but still feel disgusted.

  Come on, she was sweating.

  I hear her laughter from the other side, ''Good old times, Athena.''

  ''I swear if you were at my place, I would have clapped with joy.'' I say annoyingly, ''So what's the news, Joanna?''

  ''Do you perhaps know Alexander Herrera?''

  Alexander Herrera, I thought to myself. ''No, who is he?''

  ''He's a footballer. He's from Spain but he was raised and educated in United States.'' She continues, ''There's something about him, something... odd.''

  ''Odd?'' I snort.

  ''Exactly, Athena.'' I hear something falling from the other line and I wouldn't bother asking because I know Joanna since she's my boss and she would end up breaking at least one glass a day, I don't even know, don't ask, ''Alexander has been single for the past three years. He's good looking, rich and he has done a few photo shoots to be at the front cover of the magazine but how come someone like him end up being single?''

  I furrow my eyebrows, ''Maybe he has a few one night stands that you don't really know about.'' I mean, I work at Published—a publishing company and we tend to get different gossips from different celebrities everyday. Joanna seems to be satisfied with her occupation now. She has no problem with spreading other people's gossips, whether they are right or wrong.

  ''If he has a few one night stands, we would have found out about it.'' She groans lightly.

  ''Maybe... just maybe... he's gay.'' I throw my hands up in the air in justice, thinking that was probably the right thing to say. Why would she care about a footballer anyway? There are lot of other celebrities who have tons of gossips so why would she want 'the footballer'?

  ''No, he can't be.'' Joanna gasp in horror, ''He... can't be gay?''

  ''Joanna, how is this even a news for me?'' I arrive at Published and the receptionist smiles at me and I gladly return her smile before I head into the elevator.

  ''I thought you would want to volunteer and check him out for me.'' She says quite slow, I know whenever she does that voice, she needs my help.

  I chuckle lightly, ''Not a chance. I'm not interested with some footballer.'' I walk out as I reach my floor, ''I'm here, by the way.''

  ''Good! We can discuss further, get to my office now.'' And with that she hung up. I stare at my phone before putting it down with my coat and my handbag. When I look beside my computer, I can see a photo of me and Jeremy hugging each other. We looked so happy back then. Well, looks like I was the one who's happy.

  I take the photo before shredding it into pieces and throw it into the bin.

  I get on my heels as I walk toward Joanna's office. I see her wearing her glasses as she stands up. Her eyes brighten at my sight. Joanna is ten years older than me. I turned twenty-four three months ago.

  At least Jeremy gave me a Tiffany & Co necklace. I guess that will also be going to the bin.

  ''Where were we?'' She raises an eyebrow at me.

  ''About Alexander Herrera.'' I sit down in front of her, the Mahogany table separating us.

  ''Right.'' She adjusts her glasses, ''Are you interested in my offer, Athena?''

  ''No.'' I answer immediately, ''I'm not interested. What's so special about him anyway? He's just a footballer, Joanna. You never pay much attention to sporty people.''

  ''I found out that he has been quiet recently so we need to spread gossips, news!'' She claps her hand, ''But since... you're not really interested, I don't have the right to force you.''

  ''Now if you'll excuse me.'' I stand up, walking out of her office and heading back to my desk. I sit down with a loud sigh, I never thought that I would feel empty somehow.

  Okay let me just be honest, I'm sad. I'm upset that Jeremy cheated on me. Three times. I kept on giving him the chance but he never appreciate me, not even once. I feel stupid. I knew better than to let him stay in my life.

  I look down at my phone to see him calling me. The call ended and I can see that there's fifteen miss calls from him. I smirk unknowingly, this is all repeating again. The same old shit. He's going to keep calling until I pick up so that he could say he's sorry and that he would never do it again. Within a few months, he'll do it again.

  I press the lock button to turn my phone off. I sigh once more before checking on the latest mails I have.

  Work hours has definitely ended and everyone is walking out of the office. I look up to see people organising their files and papers before shutting down their computers. I look back down at my screen seeing that I am half way to finish my article. I save my article before shutting the computer.

  ''Athena, going home?'' I hear the familiar voice and I turn around to see Vivian.

  ''Yeah, not really going to stay up late today. How about you?'' I look down to see her holding a mug of coffee. A deep sigh came out from her mouth, ''Tough day?'' I add.

  ''Exactly. God, I feel awful.'' She takes a sip of her hot coffee.

  ''Not as awful as I am. Jeremy cheated on me.'' I pick up my handbag and my coat.

  ''Again?'' Vivian raises an eyebrow at me and I just shrug it off before walking toward the elevator.

  Vivian and I have been close ever since I work here. Not the best friend material but we are friends. She's a great person. She has been there for me whenever I need her and she know a lot about Jeremy's schemes. That pathetic cheater.

  I tie my hair up into a high bun before walking out of Published. The sky isn't exactly dark yet so I just look around to see people walking toward different directions. I stand there, for god knows how long.

  I walk away toward the other direction from my apartment. My hand holding tightly onto my coat, in case I get cold, I have backup.

  When someone hits me by the shoulder as he past by which cause my phone to drop on the ground. I turn to look at him. He just glance at me before walking away again. I stare at his back before groaning in frustration. I pick up my phone to find the screen cracking a little.

  Well shit.

  I keep on walking and walking until I find something that attracts my attention. A bar.

  It isn't packed which is good. I take one last look and without me realising, I am already pushing the door and stepping inside. I sit near the counter, looking at the bartender. I put down my handbag and insert my phone inside. I leave my coat on my lap.

  ''Vodka.'' I mutter lightly and the bartender just nod at me.

  I cup my cheeks before sighing again. I feel like a lifeless person. Quote the sarcasm. After a few minutes, the bartender serve me my vodka and I immediately take a few sip. I feel the liquor go down my throat and I somehow enjoy the burning sensation. After I was done, I order another one and another one. I really lost count.

  I take a sip as I breathe out. From here, I can feel someone watching me so I turn to see a gorgeously looking guy just staring at me. Call him a creep or what but he's as hot as a motherfucker. I look away but I still feel his eyes on me so I decided to look at him again.

  My eyes decided to travel down his body and I can see him wearing a plain black shirt. When I look up into his eyes, I find him smiling. Uh a sex god just smiled at me? I immediately look away.

  I try to take another sip but a pair of hand stops me from doing so. I look up to see the same guy from before. I furrow my eyebrows at him, ''Oh who are you? My mother? Go away.'' I say roughly before taking my glass. I hear him chuckling as he take a seat beside me.

  ''That has been your ninth glass.'' He says from beside me.

  I don't care, now fuck off. I keep on drinking until the glass is empty.

  I was about to order another one but he stops the bartender from coming. I glare at him, ''What's your problem?'' But he just smiles at me. Now this is creeping me out.

  ''You shouldn't drink too much.'' He shrugs.

  ''Why would you care?'' I roll my eyes before laying my head on the counter. I breathe out, ''Today was as tough as shit.'' I mutter under my breath.

  He chuckles, ''How come?''

  I sit up straight, suddenly feeling the urge to explode and tell him everything, ''I found out that my boy—wait no, my ex-boyfriend cheated on me. For the third time!'' I groan and I find him chuckling again, ''Is it that interesting?''

  ''No, you're just cute.'' His blue eyes are enchanting. I never get to watch his every feature so I look at his nose, not even a slight crook. I keep looking as my eyes move down to his lips, they are small yet wide at the same time. Perfectly shaped. The pinkish color makes me feel attracted that I could—no no don't think about it right now. He's a total stranger.

  I snort unknowingly before looking away, ''Yeah right.''

  ''No, I'm serious. The way your face flushes red when you talk about him, it's cute.'' I find him smiling at the end. What is with this guy and smiling?

  ''You know, I feel stupid for trusting him. I loved him and this is how he repay me?'' I groan in anger, ''He's a dick. A fucked up dick.''

  ''You said he cheated on you three times, how come you guys just broke up now?'' He tilt his head a bit before putting his head on his knuckles and his elbow on the counter. It gives him a better access to look at my face.

  ''Well, it's because I trusted him. Two years gone to a waste.'' I shrug. Why am I even telling him this? I don't even know him!

  ''I don't know why he cheated but if I were him, I'd stay and be loyal to you.'' He replies and that makes me laugh unknowingly.

  ''Oh my god.'' I clutch my stomach, ''Those are the exact same words. I'll stay and be loyal to you.'' I mimic Jeremy's voice before laughing again, ''Dickheads. Look what happened now? Loyal my ass.'' I roll my eyes.

  The stranger beside me laughs this time. The way he laughs enhance me. Oh my god, I need to stay away or I might end up ripping his shirt off, ''You're funny.'' He says out of nowhere.

  ''Right, what are you even doing here?'' I look at him dreamily. Is it just me or is it because I'm drunk? I don't even know.

  ''I don't know... I just needed a less cramped place.'' His voice came out a bit hoarse.

  ''What's your story?''

  ''What story?'' He raises an eyebrow at me.

  I lean in closer, ''People who goes to bars are people who lives in sorrow. So what's your story?'' I see his breathing seems to stop as he just look into my eyes. I lean away from him and he clears his throat immediately.

  ''I don't have a story.'' He look away from me.

  ''Everyone has a story.'' I pat on his shoulder. What the hell?

  He laughs, ''I don't.''

  ''Fine, what's your name then?'' I narrow my eyes at him.

  God damn it, stop it, Athena!

  ''Alexander.'' He tilt his head as he smiles.

  Alexander... I've heard that name before. I swear, but... um, Alexander, Alexander.

  ''I've heard that name before.''

  Alexander looks down and I can still see the smile on his face, ''I'm not the only one named Alexander.'' He looks back up, ''What about you? What's your name?''

  ''Athena.'' I mutter.

  ''Like the goddess? Goddess of wisdom?'' He raises an eyebrow at me.

  ''Exactly. Not really filled with wisdom,'' I complain to myself. I arch my back in surprise which cause him to back up a little. I just ignore his reaction, ''You know what, since you're here. I might as well use you.''

  ''Use me?'' He chuckles again.

  ''Yes, use you. You,'' I touch his shoulder, ''My friend are going to prepare yourself because you will be listening to the longest story of your life.''

  His smile widens and he didn't say a word afterwards so I take my cue to continue.

  ''Okay, so when I was born, my mom said I did not cry at all. I don't believe her of course. The doctor thought I was insane but I cried a few seconds afterwards. Unfortunately, I grew up to be insane.'' I hear him chuckle but I go on, ''When I was six years old, I ate a condom.''

  ''You ate a what?'' He leans in as he frowns.

  ''A condom.'' I shrug and I can see his lips curve up and his eyes brighten in amusement, ''Well consider myself lucky that it's an unused condom or I might have swallow some crazy shit...'' I shake my head and Alexander just laugh beside me, ''I didn't exactly ate it. More likely chew it. It was some fun chewy rubber.''

  I glare at Alexander, ''Don't judge me I was six.''

  ''Well when I was six... I never ate a condom.'' He chuckles again as those word slip out of his mouth.

  ''I feel matured by then.'' I reply sarcastically, ''I didn't even know it was a condom. Not until I turn thirteen. I had my first period then. Being the lucky me, I had my period in gym class while we were running. We were all wearing yellow shorts.''

  Alexander hold his hand up, ''So let me guess, they laughed at you?''

  ''You're half correct.'' I mutter, ''I had a crush on this gorgeous guy and he was the first one to see me having my period.'' I throw my hands up, ''Sweet old memories. At least eating condom hasn't become my habit.'' I say and Alexander just smile.

  I take a moment to look at him, ''You smile a lot don't you?''

  He smiles again, this time revealing his perfectly straight teeth. Alexander just shrug it off and I look away from him. I pick up my handbag and my coat before standing up.

  ''Where you going?'' I hear him ask but I just walk out, until I feel the cold breeze.

  ''Athena.'' I stop my steps when I hear him call my name. Even in the dark he looks like a god. I love how my name slips off his mouth perfectly. It didn't real take him much effort to say my name, it just came out nicely.

  ''I like your eyes...'' I mutter lightly before grabbing his face and pull him until we are inches apart. I feel the tint of excitement in his eyes but he replaces it with a shock expression but then came his signature smile.

  ''But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.'' I let go of his face before returning to walk away but he hold my arm, stopping me.

  ''Where are you going?'' He asks once more.

  ''Home?'' I question him back.

  ''How?'' I feel like I want to slap his face but let's just ignore that intention.

  ''I can take the bus.'' I yawn loudly and he just smile at that sight, ''Or walk home.''

  ''It's late.''

  I slowly hold his hand to make him let go of my arm. I look up at him, um, I didn't realise that he's six foot tall. Me being five foot six isn't very useful right now, ''It was nice talking to you, Alexander.'' I smile widely at him.

  Before I could walk away, I feel his hand wrap around my waist and he pulls me closer until his lips are brushing against mine. My breathing seem to come to a halt when his soft lips touches mine. My eyes widen in shock but slowly, my hands move up to his neck. His soft, moisturised lips move softly against mine. It leaves me wanting more.

  I deepen the kiss and he gladly lean in. Alexander seems to pull me closer because I started to feel his arm wrapping around my waist. Lucky me for having a small figure.

  I don't really remember anything next. I don't remember getting home.

  I just remember the softness of his lips against mine.

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