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"Samantha!, You are soo good with the Violin, Why don't you sign up to go to a stage?" The teacher said trying to give a little push to Samantha.

Clara, who was Samantha's teacher at the time was always impressed by Samantha's music.

"I- I'm too shy...., I don't think I can..."

Samantha, the main protagonist of this story, was always the shy type. She has short black hair and green eyes.

"If you keep being shy your entire life you will get nowhere!"

The teacher said trying to convince Samantha to pursue her dream. After a while of yes and no Samantha gave up.

"Alright..., I will play on stage..."

Her teacher smiled


The teacher immediately went to get the papers for Samantha to sign up

"What did I get myself into..."

Since that day her life changed. Being a student she performed on stage and gained a lot of fame, well, too much fame for her liking, but it's too late for her to go back.

"Will I get used to this?"

Samantha was on her break, she open her favorite book written by her favorite writer, until someone appeared.

"Samantha, can you come with me to eat dinner? It's been a while since we spent any time together." Michael, her boyfriend said with sadness in his voice.

Samantha felt sorry for her boyfriend. Despite her busy schedule, she rarely spoke to her boyfriend, or even spent any time with him, for all that matter.

"Of course!"

Samantha tried to act cheerful, but in reality, she wasn't happy with her new life.

"Great! Let's go!"

Michael grabbed Samantha by her hand and dragged her to the restaurant.

"I don't like the fact that we can only see each other once a week."

Michael was a little annoyed, and it was understandable

"I'm sorry..."

Samantha apologizes, she didn't dare to look at his face

"Soon we will have to do something about this." He said while gazing into Samantha's eyes.


She didn't say a word, there was nothing for her to say, she just kept eating her dinner in silence.

"Quit tomorrow, please..., I can't keep up with this..." Her boyfriend begged her.

"I will, I promise" A smile spread across her face as she raised her head. Well, it was more accurate to say that she was forcing herself to smile.

"Meet me tomorrow after class, let's spend some time together" He said while looking away from her.

"Okay" That's all she could say for the day, and the rest of their date was filled with an unnerving silence.

The next day

Samantha was about to quit her performance when suddenly...

"Samantha!, Your favorite writer is going to come to today's show!" Her teacher, Clara said excitedly.

"WHAT!!!???" Samantha almost spotted out her drink.

"Samantha, you cannot lose this opportunity! You have been waiting for this moment for months now!"

Although this was the moment she had been looking forward to, she recalled the promise she made to her boyfriend.

Samantha began to think:

"But what about Michael...? I'm sorry Michael.., but I can't lose this opportunity, please forgive me..."

Having risen from her chair, Samantha stood on the stage, and the audience began to cheer. With her violin in hand, she played the music that she had been saving for this very moment. She gave her best performance. She smiles, thinking of her favorite writer watching her play among the crowd.

After the performance

"Hey, Samantha!" Her teacher rushed over to her as soon as Samantha entered the break room.


"Your favorite writer left you a gift!"

Clara shook the gift that is in her hands.

"Really!!!???" Samantha stood from her chair.


Clara gave her the gift left by her favorite writer

"And guess what? Your favorite writer is inviting you to a party!" Her teacher looked like in any second she would jump up and down.

"No way!" She almost fainted.

"You shouldn't miss this opportunity, Samantha!"

Samantha smiled she opened the gift, inside the box, there was a pretty necklace, one that didn't look cheap at all. She never saw anything like it

"It's so pretty..." Samantha's eyes sparkled as she took the necklace out of the box and wore it.

"I'm taking care of this necklace as if my life depended on it!"

As she admired the gift, someone grabbed her by the arm


"Didn't you promise me that you would quit!?" An angry Michael appeared out of nowhere.

"I'm sorry, something came up!" She tries to apologize, but even she knew that what she did was wrong. But she was just trying to live her dream, but he wouldn't understand that.

"I can't believe you! You were never the type of person to break promises!"

Michael grabbed her and forcefully took her out of the building

"Michael stop! You are hurting me!"

Michael didn't listen to her, so she had no other choice but to break free, which she somehow managed to do so. As she broke free she immediately ran away.


He shouted at her, he was angry, but she kept running and managed to escape him. As soon as she felt like she had run enough, she hid in an alley. As she was distracted, someone bit her on the neck.


She instantly got paralyzed, and the worse part was that she couldn't do anything about it. Tears roll down her cheeks and she felt as she was slowly dying. She closed her eyes as she saw a light, and the person who drained her of her blood let her fall on the concrete floor.

"I won't let you perish"

A woman said to her, and the next thing she knew, she could breathe again, but she couldn't open her eyes. It started to rain, yet her body was drenched in rain as if she had been out in the rain for a long time.

"Wait..., it's raining!?, It wasn't raining a second ago. This is bad! And why I'm all wet as if raining was pouring in me for the past few hours."

She was chilly, and she could tell she wasn't wearing any clothes. To make matters worse, part of her body appeared to be on the sidewalk and the other on the road. The only thing that was covering her body was her, long hair? She didn't have long hair before, and this weirded her out.

"I need to open up my eyes, NOW!"

No matter how much she attempted to open up her eyes or move her body it was like her eyes were stuck together and her body was cemented to the asphalt.

" why....?"

She heard footsteps getting closer and closer, she tried to scream for help, but she couldn't do even that. The footsteps stopped right beside her. The stranger covered her with a jacket and began carrying her somewhere. That's the last thing she remembered before waking up with a sneeze. When she opened her eyes she saw a young male right next to the bed. He was blonde and had grey eyes, he also seemed to be around his 18's. As soon as he saw her awake he poured medicine on a spoon.

"So you are finally awake" The young male said.

"W-who *sneezes*"

He shook his head and gave her the medicine.

"Are you Samantha?" He asked

"Y-yes..., why?"

"Cuz I gave this to Samantha"

The young blonde man showed her the necklace that she was wearing, the necklace that her favorite writer gave to her as a gift.

" ...yes..., I'm Samantha..." She said while looking at him confused.

"You look..., different, but I know that it's you, Samantha"


Samantha sat down and looked at the mirror.


Samantha had long black hair, her long hair reached her feet. She had brown eyes, and not only that, but she looked 3-4 years younger bc of her face and height, and she's 16.

"What!!?? *sneezes*"

The young man helped her lay down

"You should rest, it will help you get better"

"Hey..." She stops him before he leaves.


"What's your.... name?" She asks.

"It's Shane"

He smiled and left the room

"What is going on...?" Samantha was left alone with her own thoughts in the room.

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