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What?! The man I slept with was my student's brother!
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"Emm …" Laura Green felt the pain and woke up from coma.

The room was full of darkness.

She could only hear the heavy breath of a man, who brought her a lot of pain.

She tried her best to pummel him. However, her pummel was all useless as if her fist had hit the cotton.

She could not call out, only praying "please stop" in her heart.


When she woke up again, it was dawn outside.

Laura Green opened her eyes and looked at the unfamiliar room. The enchanting scene from last night overwhelmingly popped into her brain.

She then abruptly sat up, experiencing a sharp pain within her body.

As she got out of bed, she saw the bloodstain on the bed and clenched her fists.

That was not a dream...

The bathroom door opened.

A man came out of the bathroom.

She saw his face, falling on bed with fear. How could it be him?

The man only had a towel wrapped around his lower body. He glanced at her, saying lazily, "Awake?"

Laura Green swallowed her saliva, and nervously stood up in pain. "M…Mr. Walton."

The man wiped the water droplets on his hair naturally and said, "If you really have something to say, say it later. Take a shower first."

Laura Green lowered her eyes. "No, I'm good, I... I still have things to do, I'm going to leave. "

"Miss Green, don't we need to explain what happened last night?"

A blush crept onto Green's face. Is there anything needed to be explained for such a THING?

Must she report to him and say that she was too drunk to remember what had happened?

"Mr. Walton, I am very clean and I don't have any venereal disease. Furthermore, I don't think Mr. Walton suffered any losses last night, so could you just forget about what had happened last night?"

She seemed to be confident but actually, she said the last sentence in a coward voice.

"I know you're clean. After all, I've already checked by myself."

She blushed slightly, murmuring, "He didn't need to say it out loud. How awkward was that!"

"I'm just asking you if you need me to do anything for you. I think, giving you a cheque to end all this wouldn't be a good idea."

"I don't need anything. I only hope that Mr. Walton can keep this a secret."

"That's all?"

"Yep," she replied seriously.

William Walton raised his attractive brows and start at the skinny girl in front of him. Finally, he nodded his expression giving nothing away.

The girl grabbed her clothes as well as her bag and quickly left the room.

William Walton smiled meaningfully.

This girl was …Kind Of…Interesting.

Laura only had one thought in her mind that was getting away from William Walton.

In Philadelphia, William Walton, the 27—year—old CEO of Walton Group, stood for power, wealth and … danger.

It was said that, he did not hesitate to kill his big brother, crippled Jack, and finally succeeded the CEO of Walton Group.

If he was that kind of person, Laura Green dare not fall in love with him.

This person would be Mr. Walton. Walton Group was the biggest rival of Anderson's Group.

As for her, she didn't want to have anything to do with the Anderson family in her entire life.

Getting outside of the hotel, she slapped herself.

"Are you crazy? A toad is better than William Walton, why do you have to …?

She kept thinking if this matter would be known by the Anderson family, what would happen? She shook her head and didn't dare to consider the consequences.

At this moment, her phone rang.

She took it out and took a look. The call was from William Walton.

Her fingers trembled. It was the first time his number had appeared on her cell phone screen.

Why did he call me?

If she didn't answer the phone, would she seem to be guilty?

When the ringtone was about to vanish, she picked it up: "Mr. Walton."

"For stealing your first time, I'll make a compensation. You can ask me to do you a favor at any time, except for making me fall in love with you."

Laura Green was stunned for a moment, then said coldly: "Mr. Walton, I think you have misunderstood that I am not a prostitute."

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