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I released a deep sigh while looking intently at my reflection. Feels like I'm about to drool in my beauty.

I'm preparing myself in the early morning just to have breakfast. Well, it is always important to look expensive even in the cheapest times.

It already took couple of hours, and still, I'm not yet done. When I'm about to spray perfume on my wrist I was disturbed by a knock and a voice calling me for breakfast. I walked through the doorway and slightly open the door.

"Good Morning, Young Lady. Lord Steven orders you to come and join his breakfast." One of my maidservants informed me, I just nodded my head and proceed on preparing myself. I look through the mirror and notice that the maidservant just stayed in the doorway, waiting for my words.

"You can go now, Rebecca. I'll be there in a minute." The maidservant made a quick bow and headed to her work. Lord Steven is my father, one of the wealthiest men and owner of almost half of the land here in Asperia. The man who's close to the King and has his servants and butler.

My father said that I'll be the strongest and wealthiest Lady on Asperia, and I believe it, I have faith in it. He trained me since I was young and naive. I've been treated like a queen here in the House of Thyrice. I got something that a kid shouldn't have.

You may think that I have it all. No, I want more. Never settle yourself on being enough, ask for more, seek for more. Do it until you have much of it.

Thoughts inside my head are booming wild. Yes, I am rising just like what my father wants, just like what he said. I smiled and glanced once again at my reflection,

"In this case Young Lady, you don't have to ask for more 'cause you got it all," I smirked as I watched my expression, it suits my title. I am venomous. I am glorious.

I get up and made my way to my doorway. There are some of our butlers who stood straight near my room to secure my safety. Yes, I'm that precious.

"Good Morning, Young Lady," they mumbled in chorus, and for a Lady like me. I just walk and my eyes are locked on my desired destination.

Once I reached our dining hall, maidservants open up the gigantic door and bow their heads as their sign of respect.

"Good Morning, Father." I kissed his left cheek and sit on his left side.

" Come with me this afternoon, we'll visit downtown." My father behest.

"Is it necessary?" Existing in that kind of area wants me to extinct already.

" If you want to be the greatest, then it is. You should know how the people in that place think, move and unite. So you know how to weaken them."

In every second that passed, few words suddenly made up in my mind.

"You always have the best words, Father. I got those on my mind." On that place may be stinks on my nose but it's my first move, it should be perfect.

"Very well said, immediately pack your things and we'll be on that place in a few hours or so. The King will arrive tomorrow morning, we need to reach the downtown before his arrival. He asked us to come for the trading on our neighbor Kingdoms." The second to the last sentence caught my interest, the King will be there.

"The King is attending, might as well his Prince?" I asked with so much delight and curiosity.

"Probably, dear."

After our quick breakfast, Lord Steven told me to pack up already. I obliged and led the way to my room. Once I reached my room, I suddenly heard a knock. It lasted a few seconds then I heard a muffled sound.

"Young Lady, the son of Lord Andrus and Lady Millia wants to give you his letter," Rebecca mentioned while I'm on my balcony and sipping wine.

"Just put it down here in my divan." Rebecca carefully entered my room and placed the letter neatly. I motioned my hand for her to leave my room. After that, she–then leave my room and I was left alone, thinking about that little boy. The son of Lord Andrus and Lady Millia.

"What a coward little boy, he addressed himself as his parent's name," I laughed as I looked over his letter.

"Your parents will be ashamed whenever they knew about this," I said while laughing still.

I smiled amusingly as soon as I read his letter. A silly little boy.

'Fascinating,' I uttered in my mind.

After that, I put the letter back and sips wine once again.

I can't entertain that wealthy boy, I only want the prince.

I always want the Prince, there's no one beside him. That thought made my eyes gleam in pure euphoria. I yearn for the Prince, that's why I'll have to have him.

Somehow, this kind of young man who was a slave of his heart is the weakest. They let their emotions prevail upon their mind, it is a stupid move. For a guy like them, they must have a strong and tough mind, also, a merciless heart, and a never-ending desire for sovereignty.

Afterward, I stick my senses on my mission. I may be on the first step, but I'll make sure that eventually, every step of the way, the steps themselves will lead their way on mine and everything will be effortless.

I thereupon put together my stuff and pressed the ring button where it is connected to the maid's quarter. I ringed it three times and waited for the maidservant to come.

Later on, the maidservant came and took my belongings. I walk before the maidservant and while I'm walking the butlers bow their heads.

"This way Young Lady," said the butler. I followed the way where the butler motioned his hand.

"Lord Steven is waiting for you inside the carriage Young Lady." Without any response, I walk through the small hallway, with my head held high and great posture. When I finally reached the carriage another butler opens the door for me, and again without any word. I entered and immediately order the butler to shut the door with the sign of my hand.

Inside the carriage was my father, he's smoking a cigarette while looking outside the carriage's tiny window.

"The first thing we will do is greet the villagers," my Father said.

"They love greetings and if we did that nicely, they will give us the warmest acceptance on their little village."

"They sound sweet Father," I laughed at my remarks.

He put a sly smile on his face, "They are."

The carriage begin to move and we just keep quiet while we're on the way to downtown.

After the conversation, I turn my gaze on the side of the carriage, looking outside the window. I've seen a lot of beautiful places but there's no other like Asperia, every season is a godsend.

The ride was peaceful and relaxing, a good thing when we are almost there, no farmers that can be seen on the road near the field.

"Lord Steven, we are now approaching the downtown," the butler announced. We arrived at almost eventide and everything was covered by a bright reddish-yellow hue. It makes my face a little bit reddish and causes a more vivid color on my reddish-brown hair.

Thenceforward, Lord Steven, warn me with his looks. Saying that I will be next to him in a few minutes.

"Sorcha put a smile on your face. You should look like a respectable lady."

The carriage stopped at the front gate, we didn't proceed in the innermost of the village. It is because we have to greet them.

It's nearly evening and still, the villagers don't seem tired at all. They keep on striving with a half-smile on their face, especially when they heard about the King's arrival together with us – the Thyrice.

"Lord Steven Thyrice has arrived." Some of the villagers gasp in glee. They are pleased to see us. After that, my Father shows himself and gives a warm smile to the villagers.

"Good Afternoon, pleased to see all of you. On this day, we arrived first before the King so that we can prepare ourselves for the King's arrival."

We heard some murmurs from them, most of them are delighted.

"And one more thing, I am with my daughter – Our sweet Young Lady, Young Lady Sorcha Gavina Thyrice."

Just like a cue, I showed up on the carriage and gracefully landed my feet on the ground.

"Good Afternoon," I gently said.

"Good Afternoon Young Lady!" One of the villagers shouted.

"Good Afternoon Young Lady!" Seconded by the fish vendor near my side.

"This is such a surprise for me knowing that most of the people here in Asperia greet me with joy, even in my first time showing up on most of you. My heart flutter at the stares you're giving me, it's full of wonder and admiration. Please do me a favor and let me serve you with my father, let us give you what the villagers of Asperia deserve. Under the authority of our beloved King with his Royal Family, we will be pleased to offer you our hearts. Rise Asperia! Long live the King!" I make my voice more convincing and flash a fierce face.

"We are with you and the Monarchy!" The old woman shouted.

"Rise Asperians!" They shouted in unison.

I nodded my head and let out a timid smile just to show them that I am the sweet but fierce Young Lady of this village.

"Alright, alright! Cut it out now, go back to your works and assigned places. Lord Steven is here for the King's arrival, now go to your workplaces." One of the guards of the provost interrupted.

"Thank you, Sir," I humbly said to the man who interrupted, he saved me from that scene. That was intense.

"The pleasure is all mine, Young Lady."

"Sir, can you accompany us to the Village Hall? We would like to see the provost." My father tapped the man's shoulder while he asked him to escort us.

"Well of course Lord Steven! This way, please – Young Lady?" He arched his arm towards me just to put my hand on it. He's escorting me.

"Yes sure, Sir," I thanked him with a lovely smile and walked with the guards through the Village Hall.

Most of the people look in our way and give us their warming smiles, oh I knew it. I'll be their favorite.

"Focus on your work! Mind your business!" The guard keeps on throwing death glare through the working villagers.

As much as I want to roll my eyes, get back my arm and avoid his touches – I can't. I'm on role-playing. Only for him to calm down and stop being rude I whispered, "No, it's okay Sir. Let them be."

After that, he smiles and tapped my hand as a response to my words for him.

"Sir! Sir Lukas! Lord Andrus and Lady Millia together with their son are currently a few miles away from here. They'll visit the downtown too. The Lord and Lady want you to fetch them on the front gate." I immediately turn my gaze on the guard who approached us with bad news, why would they visit downtown? Are they going to steal my spotlight?

"I'm with Lady Gavina and Lord Steven, Theodore can you escort them until Village Hall?"

The guard named Theodore made a salute first before saying, "Yes Sir."

After that scene, Theodore guided us to the Village Hall, while I'm questioning their sudden arrival. Only the King and Lord Steven know about visiting downtown. There is something here.

I let myself focus and diverted my attention to some things we see while we walk.

We passed by the tiny houses and stores that can be seen inside the village, there are so many things that reminds me of my childhood. It's not a normal childhood memories. It reminds me of me and my father, I saw our image while the workers are striving. I saw the young Sorcha.

"Lady Gavina, we are now inside the Village Hall," Theodore said.

Due to thinking about that sudden arrival, I didn't notice we're already inside the hall.

"Thank you, Theodore."

"Lord Andrus, Lady Millia, and their son will be here in a minute." Theodore made a quick salute.

"I'll get going now, Lord Steven, Lady Gavina?" The guard asks as if requesting to leave.

We just nodded and headed to the stairway that leads to the rooms and offices of the Village Hall.

"They arrived huh," my father said full of sarcasm.

"How did they know?"

"He probably tried to be more closely related to the King. He's making a move." I know he slightly gritted his teeth while talking, Lord Steven is mad.

"We'll watch them, we'll catch them eventually," I said proudly and held my head up high.

Afterwards, we reached the aisle. There's a petite woman who greets and headed us on our way to the Provost's Office.

When we entered the office, we are welcomed by the warm and comfortable ambiance of the room. Then there's a man who's in his fifties sitting on a settee with a cup of tea in his right hand. Before I notice he's already looking straight at us.

"Greetings, Lord Steven, and to your lovely Lady Sorcha. A pleasure to meet the two of you. Especially you, Lady Sorcha." He let out a gentle laugh and look into my eyes filled with a malicious stare.

"We're pleased to meet you Lord Rafael, hope you've been warned about the King's arrival."

"Oh yes, I am. Some of the commoners knew about this yesterday, they tell the others about the King's arrival. Then, they don't expect anything about your arrival but as you can see on their face they are filled of happiness. Evenupon the Lady showed up," Lord Rafael burst a soft laugh.

"But the question is," he hang his words while looking at my eyes straight, "is Lady Sorcha that great to be greet like that? Is she as great as his father? I can't wait to hear that the Lady is now a King's woman. Perhaps, his Queen?"

"Well, Lord Rafael. Maybe I will be a queen, but not on someone's Kingdom, but on mine. I am the crown itself." I smiled as I leaned my back on the back rest.

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