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In the middle of the cold breezy night, here I am leaning in my car, waiting for a command to kill someone.

"Rose, bomb them before they reach the area."

The edge of my lips lifted as soon as Aycxe ordered me to do that. We are on a mission as of now.

"Toasted? Or mangled?” I asked lazily even though my chest was pounding with joy.

"Both," they all answered.

I reached down and pulled out my iPad, which links my devices to various places. While some of the bombs in the area where the opponents will pass through were detonated, I let them continue talking.

I started my engine and gave my watch a quick peek. To irritate my buddies, I increased the volume on my earphone.



Then a loud explosion happened.


They curse at the same time on the line. I just winced and quickly smiled.

"Oops! I didn't turn off the mic," I said innocently.

“Fuck you!”

"Wow, there are so many of you who like to fvck me. One by one, babies." I laughed, teasing them.

"Fuck you." I couldn't help but shake my head at their offensive mouths.

"You all, too," I fired back and stepped on the gas.

I took a glance at my cellphone, which was resting on the dashboard, and saw the footage that Noella had sent me. As I realized how destructive my bombs are, I grinned evilly.

Very good babies.

"All pigs burned and mangled alive," I informed while staring at the opponent's lifeless bodies, then looked back on the road.

A few seconds passed, Aycxe ended the line, it's a signal that we had completed the mission.

I started my car stereo and started whistling as I drove. As I turned up the music to its highest setting, a cheery melody filled my auto. I sped my car to a deserted road while tapping my fingers on the steering wheel and singing in my thoughts.

I hummed along with the song as I got ready for the chorus. I increased the car's speed while I listened to the upbeat music playing inside. This song is by a well-known KPOP boy group, and I can attest to the fact that both their dancing and musical abilities are very astounding.

I sang along with the chorus, bobbling my head up and down. I also shook my shoulders as if I were dancing along with the song live.

“Nananana hmmm...”

I cursed softly and quickly turned off my stereo when I saw Mommy calling. I angrily slide the screen and put it in loudspeaker.

"Quennie Rose, speaking," I said lazily while hiding the annoyance in my tone.

"Good thing you're still awake. Your Daddy wants to talk to you," she spoke on the line.

I took a deep breath and slowed my pace. "What is it?" I asked.

Mommy didn't respond straight away; perhaps she was handing Daddy the phone.

"Go to our company later at 8am," he began.

My lips parted because of that. "Why me? Why not Gerald? For Pete's sake, Dad, he's the guy in our family. He should be the one taking care of the company's activity and so on!” I reasoned frustratingly.

"You're the eldest, Rose," he insisted.

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and gritted my teeth. I closed my eyes tightly and slowly took a deep breath.

"What else do I have to do?" I gave up.

"You will only take care of our new model for endorsing our product," he said.

I sighed and accelerated my speed. "Okay," I replied simply and hung up.

“Fuck! I'll babysit a demanding slash feeling VIP model again, damn it!” I snort in annoyance as I remember the models we used to take—sprayed with too much filth.

If Daddy took someone who's rudier than me, I will blow up that body right away. Tss!

I WOKE up to the sound of my alarm. I groaned before forcing myself to get up and slide it to dismiss.

"Damn it, I hope I'm still sleeping now," I said angrily.

I had no choice but to stand up and make myself ready. I skipped breakfast and simply made the decision to eat lunch at work.

My lips twitched as I checked myself in the full-body mirror and noticed how formal I am today. "I really detest this," I muttered.

I simply made an effort to suppress my irritation. I walked out of my condo and went down the building. I hastily jumped in my car and sped out to go to our workplace as soon as possible.

Our staff greeted me politely when I arrived at the company. Daddy's secretary came to me and explained my needs and duties.

"Is the model there yet?" I asked coldly.

The secretary answered with trepidation and concern in her tone, "On the way, Ma'am. The model was just caught in traffic."

I sat on my father's swivel chair, inhaled deeply, and rubbed my temples.

I'm going to take care of another needy model, that's what I'm saying.

I gave her the all-ahead to depart, saying, "Let the model in here as quickly as possible so I can talk the contract, have the shooting team ready, and we'll go directly to the pictorial."

She hurriedly bowed before leaving the office.

I removed my outer coat and kept my inner one on. "Darn, it's hot," I said.

On top, I was merely donning a black tube top, and on the bottom, a pencil skirt. I'm not scared since, based on previous events, I know it will take a few more minutes before the model that Daddy took will arrive. Furthermore, since we are both female, nothing is wrong.

As if I were naked.

I got out of my chair and moved toward the air conditioning unit. I put my body there to cool off, but I'm not sure if it's my body that's hot or my head, which is about to erupt in rage.

The door burst open while I was in that position, and a man hurried in. "I am sorry for being la—" he didn't finish what he intended to say when our eyes met.

“Shit!” we both cursed.

He turned his back on me as I quickly grabbed my coat and put it on.

"Who are you?!" I yelled.

The man didn't know if he would turn to me or not.

"You can turn around," I said in a cold tone.

He slowly followed what I said. I was stunned when I finally stared at his face.

How can someone be this handsome?

"I am Jairon Dela Merced, the new endorser of your product, Miss," he said formally.

I was a little surprised by that.

Our model today is a male? Miracle.

I cleared my throat and composed myself. "Have a seat," I commanded.

I also sat on the swivel chair and waited for him to sit in front of me, hoping that what happened was no big deal.

"Here's the contract, if you want to change something just tell us so we can look for it," I said seriously while pushing the folder in front of him.

He took it and read it after opening it. As I leaned back in my chair, I quietly observed him. He exudes a certain air that will draw the attention of all the girls. It makes sense why he is a model. His nose is likewise straight, his lips are the ideal size for his face, and his eyes and jawline are both sharp.

I wonder how those lips taste like.

Fck?! What the hell am I thinking? Why am I attracted to a man all of a sudden?

"This is already okay with me," he agreed and glanced at me.

I was able to adjust my seat and once again returned the lack of emotion on my face.

"Then it's settled. Just sign it," I said.

He licked his lower lip and nodded. "Can I borrow a pen?" he asked politely.

"Sure," I responded quickly and was about to hand him the ballpoint pen that was on my side.

I had planned to give it properly but a mischief came to my mind. I hold the pen longer to my side so he'll touch my hand to get it.

As I planned, he held my hand. I even acted shocked because of that.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," he apologized.

I couldn't help but sneer and put both my elbows on the table, I crossed my hand while looking at him firmly.

"So tell me, Mr. Dela Merced. Are you married?” I asked with a playful tone.

I saw his shoulder lift in surprise which also quickly calmed down. He leaned on his seat and stared back at me as he played the pen on his hand.

"I am not..." he answered.

I was about to smile when he spoke again.

"Available, Miss," he ended then smirked.

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