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Passengers were disembarking and embarking on a plane. The new arrivals and the departures were in a hurry to meet their schedules.

Rachel appeared to be rummaging through her bag for something cussing her luck for it hence disappeared to an unknown place.

Alpha Jesse perceived an alluring scent. Honeysuckle mixed with the scent of a white rose. The effect was so intense that had his feral wolf growl without restraint sniffing the air in the process oblivious to the fact that he was practically pursuing the scent, alas it ceased suddenly. He tried snuffing but it was gone.

On the verge of quitting, he noticed the distinct surroundings suddenly realized the meaning of the whole facade. His mate was at the airport. He was standing at the lady's restroom passage. His mind and body weren't in sync despite his indifference regarding his mate his legs wouldn't move, it was like he was grounded in suspense but gave up the moment he discovered they were humans, it was obvious with the flirtatious peeks they gave him like he was a meal thus, he left but not without a glance back.

Cindy Jones waved at him at the arrivals terminal smiling fascinated by his looks and physiques intending to hug him but changed her mind settling for a handshake.

" you took forever to show up. Where is beta, Larry? He wrinkled his stoic expression finding her question irrelevant.

" okay. Let's go. Your gamma awaits" he walked out of the airport to find a limo waiting for him.

" Welcome back Alpha" gamma Landon cheered. he nods in appreciation ushering Cindy to enter first then saw Rachel exiting the entrance immersed in the ticket in her hands.

Inexplicably, his gaze on her didn't flicker thus, he watched her till she disappeared from plain sight.

" Jesse, aren't you coming? Cindy asked looking out of the window hoping to see what attracted him.

He sighed entering the vehicle with Cindy staring at him in awe . she had had a crush on him since they were teenagers. She intended to tell him soon.

" Jesse? She called, he turned his attention to her staring with purple piercing eyes.

" did you find anything significant?

" nothing. It's like they are apparitions. However, Isaac is out there chasing the new lead " he said in one attempt.

" that is good. I'm glad to hear it. Jesse? She called his name softly holding his calloused hands on hers possessively locking gaze with him . he stared at their entwined hands then at her face.

" what is it?

" you know we practically have mates right and you don't want one yet. I was thinking maybe we could be together. I like you a lot and I know you like me too. I promise to step down when you find your mate" she sputtered probing his face for doubts or rejection but he said nothing scrutinizing her face then recalling the scent that hit him earlier then shook it off probably his mistake.

" sure. As long as you don't get too attached " his Wolf rex growled in disapproval certain he smelled their mate however, he understood him. They were feral and wild. without a woman's touch, things could get worse.

Cindy beamed with joy hugging him dying to kiss his plump thin lips already.

" Thanks, Jesse"

Rachel looked at the building in front of her and sighed prepared to begin the day putting on her badge, she entered Waving at the familiar faces.

" Dr. Rachel, thank God you're here. Chief told me to give you this" a nurse said handing her a file which she took glancing through it.

" what? She exclaimed startling most patients, Britney rolled her eyes at her pulling her to the office.

"it's a big catch. You got to make a tremendous amount of money plus zero shiftings. You should be thanking him for it' Brit finished earning a scowl from Rachel.

" great right? You will thank me later trust me. Anyways, it has not been finalized yet. You got like twenty days to prepare or less. Come on, I need your help with the sutures" Brit sassed pulling her out of the office grinning.

" fine. I need a break too " she accepted recalling her potion was practically depleting. She needed refills.

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