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"You're so pathetic Payton; I don't even know why I decided to keep you. You were a mistake from the start."

My mother spat at me, as she gripped my hair, pulled back, and kicked me in the arm.

"You should've just got an abortion, Megan. She's nothing but a waste of space here."

My dad pitched in.

"I can see that now. Maybe I should give all three of them away to foster homes. They're nothing but a waste of space and money. Especially money that could be put to good use."

"Kirsten and Dylan aren't mistakes. They're just as important as I am." I countered back.

I couldn't accept her saying my brother and sister like that.

My mom's fist was suddenly in my face, as she punched me over and over until I started to bleed.

She kicked me to the side.

By now, I grew accustomed to their hits and their insults that they threw at me.

These were my parents, a couple of addicts.

They are at their worst in the morning, because of their massive hangovers from drinking the night before.

And they use crystal.

I get super worried about them using meth, because that can be transferred really easily in the air.

It was dangerous for Kirsten and Dylan.

Sometimes I just want to get up and leave with the two of them and leave the two worthless people, but I don't have enough money to do that yet.

My parents vented their anger and staggered back to sleep.

The alarm clock started to ring throughout the one story piece of crap house. I hit it, making sure that it was completely off.

I made my way to Kirsten and Dylan's room, which was conveniently right next to mine. They were still sound asleep as I sighed to myself.

"Kirst, Dyl, wake up for me, please."

I shook their shoulders a bit as they turned over and rubbed their eyes. Kirsten was 7 and Dylan was 5.

They know what happens behind closed doors, but they know not to mention anything about it, and keep their mouths shut.

"Pay…I'm too tired." Dylan said, sitting up on the bed to hug me. I threw my arms around him as I hugged him back.

Same routine, like every morning. And evidently, Dylan would say the same thing, as with Kirsten.

"Yeah, I agree. I'm too sleepy." Kirsten yawned, coming in for a hug as well.

"Come on. Mom and Dad are going to wake up any minute and I want you guys to be dressed and ready before I take you guys to school. Okay?"

I pulled away from the hug, as they got up from the bed that they shared and went to the bathroom across the hall.

They did their morning routine, washing their faces, brushing their teeth, changing into a clean pair of clothes, and heading to the kitchen quietly.

It made me sad to see them so well—behaved and sensible. They deserved better life.

Every waking moment, minute, hour, day that I have to spend in his household, makes the urge to leave so much stronger.

Once I have enough to do so, I will pack my bags, take Kirsten and Dylan with me, and fly across the country to live in a different state.

Maybe check out the east coast for warmer weather.

Once we reached the doors of the daycare, Addie walked out with a smile on her face. "I'll see you guys around 8 today, okay? I work at the clinic today, remember?"

I told Kirsten and Dylan, as I kneeled down in front of them, bringing them into a hug.

"Okay. Love you Pay. See you later." Kirsten said, kissing my cheek.

"Love you too Pay." Dylan said, kissing my other cheek.

After saying goodbye to them, I hurried to the clinic.

Eddie greeted to me. Then her face dropped as she looked at me. "Was it bad last night?" she asked, taking a look at my arms.

Instantly, I covered up my arms with my hands. I forgot to cover up this morning. I have to make a mental note to apply foundation to my arms before I leave for school.

"Not as bad as other nights."

"Be careful, okay? I know you're moving out after you graduate, but that's still far away. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I know how ruthless your parents can be."

Addie told me, bringing me into a hug.

"I promise. I'd rather be abused and punched if it keeps them from targeting Kirsten and Dylan. Once that happens, I promise I will call Social Services." I pulled back from her.

"Okay. See you at 8, Pay."

"Bye." I waved at her before turning around and walking back to the house. I crossed my arms over my chest, looking at the bruises that are starting to form from the beating.

When I back home again, my mother was nowhere to be seen.

It was either that she was in the bathroom or she was in the kitchen.

I took three steps towards my room, before I heard a crash in the kitchen.

I immediately went to the kitchen and found my Mom, scourging through the cupboards to look for some more booze.

She threw an empty vodka bottle at the ground, as it was in little shards now.

I sighed as I went to grab the broom and a piece of paper. I leaned down to clean it up before I was hit in the head with a bottle. I stumbled back and gripped my head in pain.

But I didn't have much time. I took care of the wound and left home to school. However I just came to school and met a girl in the bathroom.

"Hey, are you okay?" The girl asked me, leaning towards me.

I quickly put the bloody paper towel into the trash and composed my face before I answered her. "Yeah. Thanks."

"You're bleeding from your forehead. I don't think you're okay." The girl told me.

"Oh, it's nothing. Walked into the door this morning, no big deal. It'll heal." I waved it off as nothing, but I could feel the blood drip down, a little past my eye.

I quickly grabbed another paper towel, ignoring the girl talking to me again, and put it up to my forehead.

After that, I left and went to my class, regardless of her strange eyes.

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