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  "I want to know what's happening to them now so close and what everyone fears will happen again" was my serious response in front of me he was the only one I could trust now I fear for all because the prophecy is about to come to pass "But there is no one to replace you now especially since I am leaving for the world of men for the command of the dear king to me" I sighed at what I heard I want to help them but I can't leave my constituency as well as I know the tenebris already know a little bit of detail about us and very little they will know who we are "Summon the whole council, Nerisei" I commanded one of my keepers "Yes ---" I didn't finish his words I turned to him and took the book of prophecy There is almost no exact time but I feel the bloodshed and the scattering of casualties they need a warning and they need to prepare. "You called us, nuwang" we are now sitting in the council the place where we meet for the good of my race "I wish I could have left awhile to warn tenebris and alba" I see the astonishment of the councils they knew it was still a long time before the fight between them "I had a dream last night about a fight that will happen many people will die every time there is bloodshed he wants" I'm serious now because I know his temperament he I've met "But who will guard our race? Even though I know that the tenebris are already with us and Ayesi is leaving" asked one of the councils they were worried for our race because they knew they didn't have enough gourd strength in case they rushed. to us the king of tenebris "Heraya was one of the princesses of the alba then and I know if she is strong she will be my short -term successor. I will also have three dourados who can be my messengers so that I can know what is going on in our raça" my decision but I’m sure I know what I’m going to do "The meeting is over starting tomorrow Heraya will meet your princess" I saw them nod I called them Miyosa, Marco, VeronicaBecause they are my chosen messengers because Marco can read minds but not me because I used a ritual for this Miyosa can talk with the mind Veronica will tell the truth what they say "Now that you know what you have to do you can go back to what you used to do" I am now preparing my belongings because this morning I will leave my raça "Nu Wang are you sure of your decision" obvious hesitation in his voice "Yes Ayesi, I have to do this not only for our raça but also for the whole Xieara" he sighed at what I said "Goodbye to you" they waved at me as I boarded the sinum curros "Be careful Nu Wang" I heard them shout "I'm leaving for a while. Our tribe also has a name so you don't have to worry Heraya, I trust our raça "I tell them I can still see the concern on their faces that even Heraya "Opo Nu Wang I'll do what you ordered" and he bowed to me I looked into his eyes and blessed "All right goodbye to you again" I know if they can all do it if the alba and tenebris rush I have a lot of confidence in my raça because they are already trained I trust them all

  Disclaimer: this is is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental No part of this story may use or reproduced in any manner without author permission sorry for the wrong grammars, errors, and typo I'm not a perfect writer I'm just practicing and I'm just a person who makes mistakes and always remember pliagrism is a C R I M E this story is very slow update but I will try to update every week but I am not sure there because I am busy and the internet is weak here Thank you tibi! I am honored to line up every brand word in every brain of yours again gracias amicus :

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