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Female lead's POV :

Love; Love to me is the emotional release i feel in my body. These "Love" feelings are purely chemicals released from the brain and are felt throughout the body. These feelings can be triggered towards any one. We receive these emotions from a sense of attachment towards another person. We can not describe love, no one can cuz the feeling of love is pure bliss.

Love a small word with boundless meaning. It is one of those feelings,emotions or in short and exact that word which can’t define its meaning and value unless and until one feels it from the core of their heart and realizes it in true sense.

The word?love?- everyone has their own definition. Any feeling or emotion can’t be explained, it can just be defined in few words or sentences.

But still?for me love is-

A feeling,an emotion that?holds all the colors of the life.?A word which defines all the other words but itself remains undefined. It’s that horizon which keep chasing and being chased.

And something about this First love —The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away.

First romance, first love, is something so special to all of us, both emotionally and physically, that it touches our lives and enriches them forever.

Though years pass, that feeling of first love will be craved in your heart forever. No matter what you do, it can't be erased easily.

That kind of love easily becomes a part of you.

Before all this,

For us to love someone we should learn to love ourselves.....

Self-love is important because if you cannot truly understand and appreciate yourself, How the hell will you be able to allow somebody else to come in and love you?

Self-love means accepting yourself the way you are as a unique being. Try not to compare yourself with others. Celebrate your accomplishments and if you feel self-critical, use positive self-talk to buoy your spirits just as a friend would. Applaud your talents and what makes you special.

And if you tell you don't love yourself , then all I can say is

Loving yourself takes time. Progress my friend. It’s not an easy thing.

You will have days where you’re looking in the mirror, wondering why the hell you look like you are. There will be others where you contradict those thoughts in your head, saying, “You’re incorrect. I love this!” And other times you’ll be over the moon. Sometimes you you just gotta be brutal with your mind, be like, “No. Fuck you. I’m beautiful.”

You know what’s a good coping mechanism? You know that voice in your head that’s trynna bring you down? Instead, replace it with a person you dislike.

But…yes. Some days you’ll be questioning where all that confidence went. But progress my friend. You go from an F in Chemistry to a C. That’s progress. It’s not a quick fix.

And trust me loving yourself isn't hard.

But, where did I go wrong? The one person who I opened my heart upto cruelly betrayed me? But why? My first love with whom I thought I am gonna spend my rest of my life with just crushed me like I didn't mean anything to him?

That's why I was scared of this love shit. And I wasn't ready to open up heart . But damn, HE just read me like an open book and saw through me and opened up my heart and crushed it like he owned which he does. Precisely, he did...

I am proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, burned and broken but somehow it still works. Fascinating little thing I have here.

It's not the break up that hurts the most.. It's the post trauma That follows it . It's like starting your life over and over again and you have no idea on where to begin.

I wish I can go back to the day where I met you and just walk away. Because honestly , it would've saved me so much hurt and pain.

And thanks to him, That he showed me why people can't be trusted. He have no idea how worthless he made feel.

He was first in everything. Let it be kiss, touch, feel and......break up.

I am so broken up. Mentally, I'm done with the world playing and cheating.

Sometimes our hearts are like pieces of a broken mirror. Sometimes the pieces are so shattered that they turn to dust and you can't ever put them back together again.

I am so pathetic that I still can't get over him. I still love him. I can my last moments with him. I closed my eyes and thought about yesterday......


Third person's POV :

"I love you," she pauses easing the aching pain in his chest, only momentarily, until she kisses him and murmurs, "but I can't forgive you." She takes a step back abruptly, tears staining her pale cheeks, and it was in that moment as she pulled her lips from his that his world completely crumbled around him.

With that she left him......

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