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She was the pretty nurse of the personal doctor.


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  Lin Xiaowen was squatting on top of one of the stone steps. Within her eyes, a pair of pitch-black pupils were rolling around. Wherever her line of sight reached, there was an endless stream of people and carriages.

  He boldly swept his eyes over those hot chicks, especially those white legs, which made the boy swallow in silence and think in his heart, "F*ck, this big city is really different. These women are wearing such short dresses."

  "It's not in vain to come to this big city, hah hah hah..."

  The beautiful ladies passed by one by one, leaving Lin Xiaowen unable to catch her eyes. She felt that her beauty was feasting and her eyes were filled with pleasure.

  However, at this moment, a black Audi A8 was slowly parked on the side of the road. When the door opened, a long-haired beauty wearing black sunglasses got out of the car. This beauty was tall and slender, about 25 years old. She was wearing neither a short skirt nor black stockings. Although there was no eye-catching visual impact, it was still eye-catching.

  Her dress was elegant, which made her look noble and elegant.

  Lin Xiaowen's eyes were quickly attracted by the long-haired beauty. The delicate facial features could not be concealed in the black sunglasses. Her skin was as white as jade, her chin was sharp, and her pink lips were pink, forming a perfect face. A platinum necklace on her neck flashed with a faint silver light.

  Lin Xiaowen's gaze immediately began to roam around her body.

  However, what made Lin Xiaowen even more excited was that the long-haired beauty was actually walking towards him.

  "Don't tell me you saw me flirt with a handsome and flirtatious man like me?"

  The long-haired beauty seemed to have heard the call in Lin Xiaowen's heart. She actually came to him, standing gracefully, with a faint fragrance. Lin Xiaowen's breathing was a little rapid. He was so excited that he couldn't speak. He just stared at her like that.

  "Excuse me, are you Mr. Lin Xiaowen?" The long-haired beauty slightly opened her mouth, and her soft and pleasant voice sounded like the sound of nature, which made Lin Xiaowen's bones melt a little.

  "I... I am..." Lin Xiaowen came to his senses and stuttered.

  "Are you Lin Xiaowen, the little magic doctor on the phone?"

  There was a flash of surprise in the long-haired beauty's beautiful eyes. Lin Xiaowen was only 17 or 18 years old, and he was still in high school. How could he call himself a miracle doctor?

  "Eh... yes! It's me! You're the one who needs to treat his legs?" Lin Xiaowen took this opportunity to appreciate the long-haired beauty's beautiful legs. Her round legs tightened her pants, showing the amazing elasticity. "Your legs are very healthy!"

  The long-haired beauty smiled and said, "Of course, my legs are healthy. My family needs treatment, but are you sure that you can really cure a patient?"

  "Of course!" Lin Xiaowen proudly patted his chest.

  "Yes!" The long-haired beauty nodded and said in a slightly cold voice, "But I have to say it first. If you are a swindler, you'd better leave right now. If you come to my house, you are not a doctor at all and can't see a doctor, then your result will be very tragic."

  The long-haired beauty's name was: Xiao Ruoling.

  Among the upper-class figures in Tiannan City, this name was extremely famous, and everyone knew it.

  Because behind Xiao Ruoling, there was the famous Xiao's Group in Tiannan City. It was one of the four financial groups. Its economic strength was so powerful that no one in the city could be compared to it.

  Xiao Ruoling had a high status in the Xiao Group because she was the daughter of Xiao Changfeng, the founder of the Xiao Group. She ranked ninth in the family and was known as Ninth Sister in Jianghu. Her temperament was eccentric and eccentric. Sometimes she was gentle and sometimes she was ruthless!

  However, Xiao Ruoling's family background and reputation didn't have the slightest influence on a rookie like Lin Xiaowen. Even if Lin Xiaowen knew how powerful the other party was, he wasn't afraid. When he was in the village, not only did he have the title of 'Little Doctor Doctor', but he also had another title: 'Little Demon! Don't be afraid of anything!'

  "Haha! Pretty sister, for the sake of your beauty, I won't mind if you threaten me with your words!" Lin Xiaowen shook off the dust on his clothes and said, "Sister Beauty, don't talk nonsense. Let's go to your house to see a patient quickly! But I'm also saying bad things first. I charge a high fee."

  "Money isn't a problem! As long as you have the ability." Xiao Ruoling smiled faintly. "In any case, I've already given you a chance to go back on your word. Since you're still insisting, then follow me!"

  She turned around and walked in front of her, leaving Lin Xiaowen with a beautiful view of her back!

  Lin Xiaowen's saliva flowed to the corner of her mouth, and she sucked it back.

  "If you don't believe it, let's talk about the price and add an additional clause. What do you think?"

  Lin Xiaowen immediately followed. She tried her best to close the distance between Xiao Ruoling and herself. It must be said that the scent that came out of her was really very fragrant!

  "What additional clause?" Xiao Ruoling asked curiously. There was a faint charm in her gentle voice.

  "If I cure the patients in your family, you can let me kiss you. What do you think?" Lin Xiaowen quickly came up and said with a cheeky smile.

  "Humph!" Xiao Ruoling frowned and looked angry. Then she stopped and turned her head to glare at Lin Xiaowen. She warned in an extremely cold voice, "In this case, I don't want to hear it for the second time. Don't be frivolous in front of me. If you want to flirt with a woman, please change your target. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning against you..."

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