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The knife is not for killing humans, slicing the soft abdomen or piercing through the chest, it is for cutting vegetables, "chop...! chop....! chop! ", and for slicing meat of animals. But...... aren't we humans called social animals....!? " Hmmmmm.... " The same goes with axe and chainsaws. I wonder what weapon is purely made for killing humans.....

My name is Yui, Yui Malverton. I am half Japanese and half British, sad to admit it but my Japanese Mom passed away while giving birth to me. It was a situation where everyone had to choose between me and my mom, and my father chose me. "Yui.....! My child why are you chopping vegetables! Go and get ready you have to go to Britain today right? ", "Yeah you are right but don't worry I will be there on time for sure. I'll go get ready ", she is the head maid of this entire mansion, I call her Mammo as in Mammoth, she handles all her job well it's amazing and she was the one who gave my name as Yui. Her real name is Mrs. Haruno, " Mammo, I'm ready now! ", " Sorry Mam, but she went for an urgent work. Please eat the breakfast in the table and I'll be ready with the car. ", "Okay! But make sure to handle my briefcase well", "Yes, Mam", he is my Butler, new butler Mr. Matsuyama, the old butler was quite a handful I never liked him. The police is in search of him right now,it's been a year and no one knows what happened to him a perfect crime I must say, "I'll eat the remaining in the car! Let's go", " After you Mam", but....... Only one thing I liked about him, his abdomen was quite soft ,it started overflowing like a fountain, a red moist fountain, it was easy to penetrate!, "Mam,you should not play with the knife like that you may get injured and we are in the road,driving", "You worry a lot, don't worry,I handle sharp things a lot......crunch! Mmmmm... the bread and jam is delicious! ", come to think of it the red colour of jam on the knife makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. Thinking back, there was quite a lot of murder that happened in the area I live but no one knows who did it. " We have reached the airport!",

"I see", " I'll walk you till the plane", "Okay! How long do you think will take to reach Britain? Matsu-san "," 13-14 hours, I guess ", " That's Kinda long. Well Matsu-san thank you for your patience all this time and taking care of me. I'll miss your cookies you made for me always. Please give my regards to Mammo and others as well ", " Okay, I'll miss you too and I'm sure you will come back during holidays. Save journey. ", heh....! He's tearing up. " Bye...! ", all I could do was wave bye at them. Seat.no 16.......oh! There it is. " Huh......! " the seat is relaxing, might as well reach Britain sleeping. I took martial arts classes too by the way. -----------After hours of traveling---------------. Finally I'm here. A new journey and.........don't know about new life. Oxford University..... I'll be studying there as an exchange student. My father did say that someone will come to escort me. He said he have sent my photo to one of the guards so no problem there. "Hey there! R u Yui? ", " Yeah....! R u the one who'll escort me? ", " Yeah my name Mr Johnson, your father sent me to take you", "I see", " Well you do know that I signed up for living alone in queit location right? ", " Yes mam, don't worry ,we have made the adjustments, you'll have the freedom to choose from several locations and buy it according to your will. Until then, please.. ", " No, I won't go there, I won't go where my father lives! Let's go to a restaurant I'm hungry and decide there! ".

That was scary........ She is scary.......... thought Mr. Johnson.

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