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Reilley's POV

"Nice veggies you got there," my neighbor says. I lifted my head to look at the young man standing in front of our shop. His blonde hair's on a push back haircut. He's wearing another gray sweater and sweatpants. That's his typical outfit.

"Are you buying?" I asked curiously. He smiles. My eyes landed on his dimples. He's a really cute guy but not my type.

Yes, I am an eighteen year old closeted gay. I've never opened with anyone before. I just don't feel the need to do so. I have more problems to prioritize than my sexual orientation.

"How much is the seller?" he flirts, earning a frown from me.

School will start very soon and I'm still empty-handed. I sent my requirements to different universities already but I haven't receive any calls yet. I'm really not in the mood for dealing with this stupid boy right now!

I rolled my eyes and continued reading the book in my hands. "Hey! You should be kind to your customers," he huffs. I just shook my head.

He always does that. Mom and his mother are really good friends. Actually, he's my childhood friend. But we kind of separated when he turned sixteen. Got himself a new set of friends. A real guy ones.

"Jonas stop messing around and leave me alone," I said blankly and didn't waste my time to look at him. I heard him chuckled.

"How can you be so cold to me, huh? I'm your childhood friend you ungrateful brat," he huffs. I just rolled my eyes. "I'm taking these two bags of cute potatoes. How much?"

"Five bucks," I answered. I watched him grab the fresh potatoes and put a five dollar bill on the counter. I frowned when he winked at me. I really hate it when he does that. He looks like a jellyfish. I picked the cash and just waved him goodbye.

He's good looking, yeah. But definitely not my type. I've got no idea about my ideal man actually. I don't have time to find out. I'll know when I see one.


"How are you doing there honey?"

I looked on the backyard door to see my mom carrying a heavy basket of sweet potatoes. I immediately leave my book behind and helped her.

"You should have called me mom," I told her. She just laughed softly.

"It's not that heavy," she lied. "I saw Jonas passing by. He told me about your sour attitude towards him." My brows arched. I didn't know he was such a cry baby.

"It's nothing mom. You know he's just so good in bothering busy people. But we're cool." I smiled awkwardly. Hell yeah we are. I groaned silently while carrying the heavy basket. This feels like 20kg of sweet potatoes. Damn!

My back will give up sooner!

"Ahh!" I exhaled loudly when I've successfully put it near our display baskets. I stretched my back a bit and went to check the sweet potatoes. They look healthy as always.

I was about to go back on the backyard when my phone vibrated. I wiped my hands clean and grab my phone in my pocket.

"Hello?" I answered. Must be one of our customers.

"Good morning. Is this Reilley Lannes?" the caller asked. My forehead creased. She doesn't know me? Why else would she call my number then?

My eyes grew big when I suddenly realize who the caller was. I immediately moved away the phone from my ear and check the caller.

Felona High

Oh my gosh!

"Hello?! Yes it's me. I'm Reilley Lannes," I replied. I combed my hair nervously using my hand, not minding the dirt and mud covering it.

"Congratulations Reilley Lannes! We've received the documents you have passed through online registration and we're happy to inform you that you can enroll in our school. We will grant you a full scholarship with monthly allowance and free dorm. We will be expecting you on Monday next week if it's alright?”

My mind became blank. Someone please tell me that this is not a dream. A full scholarship? With monthly allowance and free dorm?! Oh my freaking gosh!

"Mister Lannes?" the woman calls.

"Y—Yes! I will be there, ma'am. Thank you so much!" I cried.

This is a dream come true!

I did not waste any time and shared the news to mom. She was jumping in joy and I couldn't help it but cry. I've been wanting for this moment to happen. I can't believe I'm going to study in a prestigious school!

"You should pack your stuffs Reilley," my mom says. I chuckled. I'm glad to see her happy and excited. But Monday’s five days from now. It's too early to pack my stuffs.

"Mom, let's just finish all these first. Then let's have our lunch and talk about it, alright?" I chuckled.

A smile formed in my lips when my mom suddenly pulled me to an embrace. I pat her back.

"Reilley! Reilley! You're going to Ferona High!" a small voice called. The sound of her small footsteps put a smile on my face. I turned to see my little sister running to me.

"Oww!" I groaned when she jumped in my arms. "You're so heavy, Eunice!" I jokingly said.

This must be one of the most happiest day of my life.

Ferona High, it will be my stepping stone. And I will do everything to keep on moving and reach my dreams.

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