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It was cold in September, and the shower stopped.

Middle Sea, Tongwu Road.

A brand-new green off-road jeep slowly drove over and stopped at the gate of the Lin family's house at the end of the Tongbian Road.

"Dad, Mom, big brother, I came back late."

At this time, a towering man got out of the car.

He had long eyebrows and deep facial features.

His eyes were like a sea of stars, filled with boundless grief.

He stared at the villa district and clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

A month ago, it should have been the wedding of his eldest brother, Lin Wen.

However, at the wedding banquet, her adoptive parents and elder brother were all killed!

Only his new wife, Ye Sisi, managed to escape.

His adopted father's life's work, Beiyu Group, was also divided by the four major groups of Zhonghai.

Lin Ce did not expect that the Lin family would suffer this disaster when he was fighting abroad.

How could Lin Ce let it go?

Lin Che, who was draped in a black windbreaker, looked at the familiar house and felt a jolt in his heart.

Who would've thought that he, a dragon head of the northern border, would actually have a day where his heart was trembling?

"Eight years!"

Lin Che sighed. He had not returned for eight years, but it turned out to be the separation of heaven and man.

"Cough cough!"

Lin Che's face suddenly flushed, and then he coughed violently.

"Dragon Head, your injury..."

A cool and brave woman with a cold face hurried forward with concern.

Another man, who looked like an iron tower and was faintly enveloped in a smoke of gunpowder, also came to Lin Che's side.

"Dragon head, the dead have already passed away. Take care of your body."

"It doesn't matter. Everything will be fine in a few days." Lin Ce said lightly,

"Wait here. I'll go in alone."

After that, Lin Ce lifted his foot and walked toward the house of the Lins.

"Yes sir!"

Ba Hu and Qi Li put their right hands at the same level as their eyebrows and responded respectfully.

Both of them followed Dragon Head's orders.

They all knew that Lin Ce had joined the ranks of eighteen people.

In less than eight years, he had become the dragon's head of the northern border, commanding ten thousand soldiers. No one dared disobey him.

Especially the battle three months ago, it could be called apotheosis.

The fact that he had heavily injured the five experts had also established Lin Ce's most esteemed position in the northern border.

For them, Lin Ce was an undefeated war god, a living legend!

However, they hadn't thought that such a tragedy would occur in the dragon head of the northern border, Lin Che.

The two of them looked indifferent.

The small Middle Sea would be turned upside down because of the return of the dragon's head!


At this time, at the door of the old house in the Lin family mansion.

"Ten custom-made suits and leather shoes, worth 200,000 yuan."

"The kitchen utensils cost 300,000 yuan!"

"A full set of imported materials from France. It's worth no less than 500,000 yuan!"

At the same time, the rest of the Lin family members quickly carried out one by one.

At the door stood several men in straight suits, directing a group of people to carry things back and forth.

These people were all the top figures of the former Beiyu Group.

"Move it all away! Don't leave anything behind!"

The sales director of Beiyu Group, Feng Zicai, looked at all this coldly and shouted arrogantly.

In the room, a woman desperately stopped them and would not let these people hit her.

"Do you still have any conscience? This belongs to the Lin family. Why did you take it away? Put it down!"

She was extremely beautiful and had a slim body, and had nine heads.

From inside to outside, there was a smell of ripe peach.

In particular, there was an endless tenderness in her beautiful eyes.

However, at this moment, her beautiful eyes were filled with rage.

"Ye Sisi, why can't you see the situation clearly?"

"The Lin family has fallen, and the Beiyu Group has become someone else's. Your dream of being a rich lady has been shattered!"

Feng Zicai showed a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth. In the past, he was really a little afraid of Ye Sisi.

After all, she was the wife of the general manager, but now Lin Wen was dead. Ye Sisi was just a widow without support.

What else could he be afraid of?

"Feng Zicai, when Brother Wen was still alive, he thought so highly of you. I didn't expect you to lead a group of people to do such a thing before his bones turned cold. Have your conscience been eaten by dogs?"

It was fine if he didn't mention this. But when it came to this, Feng Zi just got angry.

She went forward and grabbed Ye Sisi's collar.

"Bitch, don't you have the nerve to mention your damn husband to me?"

"We've all been deceived by the Lin family. We don't know what kind of big shots the Lin family has provoked. Zhonghai's company knew that we were the former employees of Beiyu, but they didn't dare to use us!"

"He's already dead, and he made us have no food to eat. Is there anything wrong with us taking his things?"

As she spoke, she pushed Ye Sisi to the ground.

With a ripping sound, the cheongsam was scratched by something strange on the ground, and a crack appeared on it.

Through the crack, they could still see the snow-white scenery.

Feng Zicai and the others' eyes flashed with evil light, revealing a sly smile.

"Ye Sisi, it's okay if you don't want us to move things. Why don't you accompany us to have fun?"

"Anyway, you came for the money of the Lin family. We brothers will give you money. Is 100 yuan enough?"

As he spoke, he took out 100 yuan and threw it on the ground.

Ye Sisi was a famous beauty born in Zhong Hai. Countless childes were circling around her.

But she didn't expect that Lin Wen took advantage of her.

But it was not appropriate to say it was cheap. After all, Lin Wen burped before they entered the bridal chamber.

Ye Xiangsi's delicate lips were trembling. She hastily covered the splendor with her jade-like hands. In her eyes, there were tears of humiliation.

"How can you guys do this? Brother Wen's family's memorial tablet is right here. There are deities at the very top, aren't you all scared of retribution?"

Feng Zicai raised his eyes and looked at the black-and-white photos of Lin Wen and his family of three on the table against the wall. He suddenly showed a disgusted look.

Then, he picked up the photo and fell to the ground.

"Now they won't be able to see it."

Ye Sisi rushed to the photo and tried to pick it up, but she didn't expect that her fingers would be cut open in a panic.

"Oh, it's bleeding. There is nothing to pick up in the photos of the dead."

Feng Zicai stepped on the photo and looked down at Ye Sisi from a height.

"It's a pity that Lin Wen didn't enjoy such a beautiful woman."

"How about we feast our eyes on your husband?"

As he spoke, a big rough hand was about to reach out.

Ye Xiangsi's delicate body trembled and fell to the ground, her eyes flashing with strong unwillingness.

"Brother Wen, dad, mom, I'm sorry, I really can't help..."

Ye Sisi had never felt so desperate before!

However, at this moment, an extremely cold voice was heard.

"Beast, get rid of your dirty hands!"

A towering figure suddenly appeared at the door.

However, the eyes of that person were full of anger at this time.

This person was none other than Lin Che, the dragon head of the northern border.

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