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"Happy birthday my princess" Mrs.Lucy said as she sat on the edge of her daughter's bed. Maya didn't want to wake up as she kept rolling on her bed.

"Mommy is leaving since baby don't want to wake up" Mrs. Lucy said and stood up ready to leave her room when the little girl on the bed sat up lazily rubbing her small eyes. Mrs. Lucy smiled. She knew her daughter more than anyone else.

"Happy birthday love" She said as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

"Thank you. And where is the birthday boy too ?" Maya asked fully awaked now.

"He must be probably lost somewhere" Mrs. Lucy said for her daughter to laugh."Now go freshen up and come downstairs for breakfast"

"Ok mommy but please search for the birthday boy for me because l can't celebrate without him" she said and ran to the bathroom.

"Silly girl " Mrs. Lucy muttered and left.

Maya came back after some minutes fully dressed in a simple cloths.Although she's from a very affluent family, she always wants to look simple.

She stared at herself in her mirror for awhile admiring herself before leaving her room in search of the missing birthday boy who to her surprise was at their dinning hall.

"Daddy" Maya shouted and dashed to him for a hug.

"Where did mommy found you huh ?"

"Found me " Maya's dad asked confused.

"Well, mommy said you were lost" Maya said with a smile.

"Enough you two. It's time for you to eat"

"Ok ma'am" the father and daughter said in unison.

It has always been like this. Her mom was the boss in the house. Always giving instructions and it was worse now she's pregnant. Maya smiled at the thought of that. She was going to have a little sister or brother to take care of. Maya has always wish for little bro or sis and now that it was going to be fulfilled, she's promised to pamper him or her when it's born.

Jude removed a chair for his wife to sit first before doing the same thing for his daughter.

"Happy birthday daddy" Maya said to her dad who seemed to have even forgotten his own birthday.

"Thanks dear. Wait... it's also your birthday right "

"Mm.." Maya sigh. This daddy of hers, like he don't even remember.

"Oh Happy birthday my one and only. Sorry l forgot. Hope l have been forgiven?"


Lucy stared at the two of them who seemed to have forgotten her present. She returned her gaze to continue eating. This was all what she wanted. A rich and yet simple family filled with love and happiness. She took a spoonful of the rice on her plate and ate it but got choked which made her coughed. Jude and Maya then realized what they have done. They have ignored the pregnant woman sitted on the same table with them . They were chatting about their party today.

Jude rushed to his wife and handed her a glass of water as he patted her back. Lucy drank it and suddenly has the edge to commit so she covered her mouth with her hand and ran to the washroom downstairs. Jude and Maya also followed her.

Jude saw her wife with her face bent panting heavily as she stood in front of the sink. He walked to her and patted her back softly. He removed the hair covering her face and placed it at the back of her ear.

"Are you alright. Should l take you to the hospital?"he asked.

"No am fine" she replied.

Maya stood at the entrance of the washroom watching them. One glance at her mom, she could that that pregnancy was not easy. Maya didn't want to go through the same thing as she was afraid of pain so she decided to not go through pregnancy when she grows up as she thought pregnancy was easy.

"Come, let's have you rest for awhile" Jude said and pick Lucy up in a bridal style"

"Awwwn , how sweet " Maya exclaimed .

"Silly girl" the couples said with a smile.

They reached the master's suite upstairs and Jude carefully placed Lucy on the bed as he also slept on the other side. Maya who just entered also walked to the bed and slept in their middle.

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