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Elena woke up to the sun lights warmth caressing her face. She looked at the time, 7:00 am just on que . She rubbed her eyes and lazily got out of bed, starting towards her closet . She pulled out a black tank top and a pair a dark pair of denims with rips on . She slid on her running shoes and examined her appearance in the mirror . She looked exactly how she felt, barely alive . She ran a brush through her long thick wavy brown hair and applied dark brown eyeliner to bring out her golden eyes . "That's good enough" she said to herself still peering in the mirror. Elena was pretty but she never let it go to her head . She had tattoos along the her collar bone down to her top part of her arm with script written on in a language no one else in the pack knew . It was hers and only she knew what it meant . She liked it that way.

She took a deep breath and started down the long stairs to the dining area where the pack normally gathers in the morning.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs she was greeted by Lillian, the youngest of the pack. Lilian ran to Elena with excitement and jumped in her arms . " Morning Lena!" She said while giving Elena the biggest bear hug ever . Lilian was the daughter of the Luna and got her heart too . Thank goodness for that .

Elena laughed and walked to the table where she sat with Lilian still in her arms

Breakfast had just been served. The huge wooden table in the dining room was laid with the most heavenly smelling foods, bacon,eggs, pancakes, waffles , fruit , juice you name it, it was all there.

Devina walked through and layed down the last plate of food. "Dig in everyone" she said . We all glanced at her suspiciously. As a pack we normally wait for our alpha to be seated by his Luna before we start eating so this was strange.

Devina huffed, " Alpha Ragen and Damien are having.... a meeting , I've already sent their food through" with glances all around the table we slowly started to dig in . There was no point arguing with Devina she would just give a sassy reply that would waste oxygen.

Lilian and I helped ourselves to bacon and waffles and ate gloriously . Lilian would hand feed her a slice of bacon here and there. She looked up to Elena as a sister and had an immense love for her. Elena was Lillian's escape when her dad , the alpha, was in one of his asshole moods again. Ragen didn't exactly like her for this either and would show her by giving her shitty jobs to do for the pack.

As she sat there watching the pack eat and chat she couldn't help but wonder what the meeting was about, what was so important that they'd skip the traditional morning pack breakfast and why was Devina out of all people in the loop but not her?

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