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• [ The Engagement ]•




I stood out in the entertainment center. Looking around at how everyone was celebrating.

"Michelle is this how the show normally works?" I asked collecting a drink from a passing waiter.

"Yes Rose, as you can see you're now famous in acting dramas just like me but you still need a lot of hard work to get to where I am now" he said and I nodded.

I looked around and saw a guy who girls had full all over him.

"Michael, who is that guy over there?" I asked pointing at him.

"Oh that's Mr Ling Ronnie , he is the leader of the Brooklyn group and also a very famous business man" he said and I nodded cranking my teeths.

"He looks so handsome and seems so familiar to me... it's feels like I've meet him some where" I said to myself looking at him.

"Mr Michelle some people want to speak to you about your performance on your last drama" his assistant said as he walked up to us.

"Excuse me I'll be right back" he said and I nodded.

"Just go and meet them, I'll be waiting for you" I said and he smiled walking away with his assistant.

Immediately he was gone I decided to go dish out something to eat.

I walk to the table where I cloud find so many dishes and kinds of food.

As I began dishing them, Brenda walked up to me.

"Hello Rose, so you couldn't make it to this party without Michelle help right? " she asked as she glazed at her drink.

"And what of you?" I asked standing up to her.

Brenda had always been my enemy in the entertainment industry, I don't even know what I did to her that made her dislike me this much.

Well I've always delt with her when ever we cross paths so today isn't going to be an exception.

"I see you managed to borrow a necklace to come here and your dress looks quit out of fashion" she said and I smirked.

"It's better I have something on me, just take a look at you. I'll advice you to focus on your career because the last time I checked, you haven't been in any drama for the past six months" I said and she gasped.

"You?.... "

"Since you're talking about career, if not that Michelle helps you to get to where you are now, you cloud still be in the gotters" she said and I chuckled.

"Look at who's talking, a nobody in the entertainment industry. let me tell you, I got to where I am today because of my abilities not because some beg to be accepted in a drama like you " I said and got angry.

Yeah that's definitely what I want, let her get angry and show me that she's capable.

"You have no shame Rose, after being helped by Michelle you still don't acknowledge his help" she said in a very angry mode.

"Well I won't repeat myself to you bitch" I said and she slipped out the drink in the glass and I douche it.

I felt the drink slash on someone behind me and when I turned looking at the person from my point, it was the guy I just asked Michelle about not long ago.

"I'm so sorry Mr Ronnie " she apologized and I chuckled.

That serves her right, next time she would know that the person she is dealing with isn't any ordinary girl.

"Mr Ronnie I'll help you out with cleaning it" she said and he adjusted his tie on the neck.

He did it same like the guy I meet in a masked party two years ago, He had saved me from falling and I kissed him on his mask. Since that day I never got to see the guy talkless of his face.

This is the reason why when I saw Mr Ronnie, I suddenly remembered that incident. He looks just as tall as the guy and his body shape is exactly the same.

He fixed his tie one more time and walked away heading for the bathroom.

Brenda on the other hand had took to her heels. It's seems she was scared or something.

I've got to find out if Mr Ronnie here is the guy I met that day at the party.

I walked towards the bathroom and stopped him from going in. The two restrooms doors were opposite each other, the on the right for girls and on the left for men.

"Ms what do you want?" he asked still touching his tie.

"Have you seen me before " I asked bring my face close to his.

"I think you're the one I help just now" he said and I nodded.

"Yes, but have you seen me anywhere else apart from today, like a party. you wearing a mask and holding me? " I asked but he seems to be totally lossed.

I took his hands and placed it around my waist and pretended to be falling. "like this " I said but he just held me without a word.

"Don't you remember? " I asked but he just smirked at me.

"Ms what you are doing is called flirting, don't go around behaving like this" he said and let go of my waist.

"No I'm not going around and doing anything. I just think I've seen you before and we have both meet each other " I said but he still didn't react.

"Ms from what I know about you. you're from the entertainment industry and my company don't have any connections with entertainment industries, so why are you saying I've seen you before " he said and I rapped my arms around his neck.

"Don't you remember this" I asked placing his hands again on my waist and my hands around his neck.

"Ms I think you've mistaken the person, Try asking around and stop taking advantage of me" he said and I release my hands from his neck.

"Who's taking around of you? stop saying rubbish. I'm just trying to let you remember " I said and he smiled.

His smiled looked exactly the same as that guy. How come he's saying it's not him" I asked myself lost in thoughts.

He opened the door and attempt to walk in and I followed behind.

"Ms this is men's restroom, do you want to follow me in? " he asked and I snap out of my thoughts smiling.

I turned back and watch him close the door.

"It's seems it's been years that's why he can't remember. I'll make sure he remembers or maybe he is not the one" I said and walked into the lady's restroom.



A green camera stood inside a plant which was close to the two bath rooms, it had been automatically taking pictures of them and all what she did had been recorded in it.

To be continued.

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