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In the cold nights of winter a girl named samantha was sitting in her room styding for her upcoming exams. samantha just like her name was gift of GOD .

Her long brown hairs dancing on her shoulders,big blue eyes and rosebud lips she was actually a sumbol of natural beauty and yet selfless,kind heartesd

and geniune soul. She dreams of becoming a doctor just like her idol teacher DOCTOR WILLIAM who teaches her biology at private institute.

Her parents were more than proud because of their precious daughter who always gets good grades.

samantha was in her room when sudded knock on her door diverted all her attentions from her heavy book which was on her study table. It was her cousin MICHEAL who was

6 years elder than her and was already styding medicines at Q university LONDON. HE had been her motivation througout her childhood and MICHAEL always adore her

like his younger sister.

he always come to teach her sothat she can also pass the tough intrance exam of medical school. It was same rutine they were sitting in

study room while michael was teaching her physics hwe notices her strange behaviour towards him. He understand herintentions and stops her as she lean to kiss him.

Samantha feels dejected as she was in love with him for so many years . She runs away from room and locked herself in washroom as she was so embarresed to face MICHAEL

who was struggling to tell her the truth.

when there was no noice outside she thought MICHAEL has left and she cameo out from the washroom but the scene in her roon was beyond her

expectations . MICHAEL was still there waiting for her to came out .

when she see MICHAEL outside her heart skips a bit as all scene had played before her . She was now ashamed of herself

when MICHAEL clarifies that had always think of her as his younger sister and he has a girlfriend whom he love for almost 10 years.

Tears fell from her eyes while strugling to remain calm . As MICHAEL move out she burst into tears. After crying for like 3 hours now she was back to her

conscience . when she became calm she decided not to cry for anyone who did not stop to comfort her. NOW when her senses are back.

Samantha has been in love with Michael for many years even when doesn't even know the meaning of love. She has doing all things that Michael love just to please him and her dicison of choosing doctor as a profession was somehow related to Michael. Michael was in last year of MBBS and after exams he will be doing house job . Samantha wanted to be close to Michael so she also applied for Q university which was far away from her home.

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