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On the ground close to shore the wave of the sea washes the dirt on her face making her look pitiful ghost the ray of the sun shines on her face making her regain consciousness everywhere feels different and hazy she tried to get up but she felt weak and she starts to think 'where am i" how did I get here" she tried to remember but she was welcomed with a throbbing headache "God please accept my soul cause I'm tired of this world I'm coming to meet you my lord good bye world" she prayer silently then lost consciousness....

She wakes up to a room paints with white n lights shining everywhere with ppl staring at her she woke up instantly and started asking " I'm I I heaven? Please can someone wake me when I get to heaven" the people staring at her starts laughing one of them said" at you mad I can see the sea water has affected your brain" the man said while chuckling then it dawn on her that she was still alive "where I'm i?" She frowned "you're on the ground stupid" says another man "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PLACE AND HOW DID I GET HERE" shocked by her sudden out burst a middle aged woman in the group said with sarcasm"YOU'RE IN LONDON!!!" Whaaaaaaaaat" the ppl started to leave while shaking the I he's thinking she was mad.............................

That girl is Sarah Lancaster the fourth daughter of the Lancaster family in cape town the lancasters are not to be categorised as rich people but they could put food on their table without struggling so to say they were living just fine until things got messed up

Charles Lancaster got married to grace smith and had five children 2 boys 3 girls with sarah being the fourth everything was going on well Sarah love to sing and dance she loves tolearn new stuff but lacks confidence to put them to light she has stage fright thefirst time she participated in her school function she stood on the stage staring at the crowd and started crying well that was 12 years ago Sarah is 20 years old average in height she is not considered to be thin but she has very good figure her breast and hips were something you can't take your eyes off from then a tiny waist to match did I tell you she's also very beautiful with dimples at the sides of her cheek the sun smiles when she smiles making all the guys in her school want to own her and fuck her she's a quiet and naive girl she was very happy with her life until her mother died and then her siblings starts to maltreat her stopping her from going to school and making her do the house chores one fateful night she got beaten up so badly that she lost consciousness but she woke up and found herself in london how?????????? We will find out as we move on

Sarah saw the people leaving but she still couldn't make out what was happening "how did I get here, what I'm I doing here"? She kept asking but the more she kept thinking the more lost she felt then suddenly a hand touch her she looks up and saw a little girl staring at her "aunty what at you doing on the ground ? My mother said its bad to sit on the ground" the little girl said Sarah kept staring not know in what to say "what is your name" the little girl asked "Sarah" she said still staring blankly at tge girl who's name celeine then Celine starts to ask "where at your family?" Are you lost?" Sarah shooked her head and replied "I dont know"

"you don't know where you cane frkm?" "No I don't I cant remember anything my head hurts so badly" Sarah shrieked while holding her head and suddenly she felt something warm on her hand and Celine screamed "blood!!!" Then Sarah lost conciousness again..

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