Table of Contents

  Written by Wilson library

  Chapter 1

  Vanessa POV

  I was sitting in the living room on the couch reading a book when my best friend Joyce walked in with a big smile shown all over her face

  "Vanessa guess what I just heard" she asked sitted beside me

  You know I aren't good at guess so cute the crab out and tell me what news your heard that is making you blush like this I said

  Is my smile that alvous she asked touching her face

  Of course girl aren't you noticing it I asked and she nodded

  Listen very careful girl she said and I paid my attention to her

  You go in there take a bath dress in your best outfit we got a party to attend she said and turn my head

  Is that what your so excited about a party I asked staring at her in surprise

  It's not just a party Vanessa it's a live time event do you know it's one of the richest man in our continent she said

  Who cares i aren't going I have other things to do and said and paid attention to my book

  Common girl you aren't gonna leave me like that let's go there together she pleased

  What am I going to do there and beside like you said richest that means only people like him can attend or do you have an invitation card I asked

  We don't need an invitation card he made sure anyone can attend his party

  And am sure this a great opportunity for you and to get our dream husband there she said and held my hands

  Girl don't say no she pleased and who am I to refuse with this her character she can make me do a lot of things I don't want to

  So what's the party all about it asked her couse she all said it was a party

  He just turn twenty seven and his celebrating his birthday party at Gound stand center she said

  So when is that I asked

  Right now girl she said

  Like right now but I don't have any outfit to put on my dress are all dirty I said and she stood there as if she was thinking of something

  You know you can put on my blue chery grown she said and my see wided in surprise

  But that you most beautiful and most expensive dress you brought not long ago and if I remember well you all wore it once when you were dating jark I asked

  Yeah girl I know but I don't want you to miss this party so am going to give the dress to you to wear it she said smiled at me

  You this girl just course you don't want to leave me all alone In this house i said and touched her black waved hair strolling down to her back

  Common girl let go prepare before we get there late she said and tracked my me to the room holding my hand Edward pov

  Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to this outstanding events of my beloved bestfriend

  As we all know today is the day a woman in this world gave birth to an outstanding star

  The most handsome, the most intelligent the guy and every girls dream but his not as handsome of me

the ground laughed

  Let's welcome our birthday star the man we have all been waiting for the long lost money king

  Fred Edward my best friend Jackson who was on stage said and I walked into the ground moving to the stage as people began clapping their hands and healing my name

  I gave him a big huge for all his words and compliment as I collected the mic from him

  Greetings to all of you who are hear today I want to say a big thank you for coming

  I won't say much but I just want to let you all know that today is my day and I want you all celebrate with me as I am now +1

  I know many you came from different towns, city and counties just to come attend my birthday I wish you felware on your way back

  Happy birthday to myself and let's the party begins

  The ground gave a hand of apulse and shouted


  I was so amazed by what there said I walked off stage with a huge smile on my face INTRODUCTION

  I'm Fred Edward want you wanna know

  I'm said to be one of the richest man in my continent

  I'm loving and caring I provide for the poor, help a lot of people out there in need of my help financially but

  I'm not good at keeping girls

  I have dated about seven girls in the last three months but know really loved me

  All they do is eat my money and run away with some

  But the present of me seeing a beauty won't let me go off

  Any time I see a beautiful girl the thought of me saying

  I won't date again is just ganna disappear from my head

  Right now I aren't dating any girl but I'm going to look for someone good in this party to have her be my date END OF INTRODUCTION Vanessa pov

  We walked into a huge castle so many people inside

  This place is heaven in paradise I didn't know we had a place like this in our city

  Vanessa hurry up stop wandering around Joyce said to me clearing me out of my thoughts

  We walked inside a huge Hall full with people guss this place is really big I said to my inner self

  We have missed his speech and it's all your fault she said

  But I didn't do anything why blame me it's traffic not me I said

  I'm going to get something to eat watch yourself girl it a hugh party full with people and handsome boys you might want to pick a date she said

  Before I cloud say something she was gone lost into the groud

  I wandered around and saw people admiring my dress but I ignore them all

  I decided to walk around staring at how big and beautiful this place looks

  I took a part which let me to where so ever and kept walking on that side claiming up the stairs

  I walked into a side and saw doors of which some were smaller while there was on big door of which guards there standing by looking around

  One of them almost saw me but I hid myself on a wall Conner so he shouldn't see him

  I wanted to check if he was still look my direction when my head hit on someone chest

  Am sorry I said

  I should be apologising miss I'm sorry about that he said with a sweet voice

  I rose up my head to look at his face

  Goss this guy is so handsome like a demi god

  So cute I felt like giving him a big kiss and touching that smooth and soft skin of his but I had to adjust myself

  I don't know him but I think am already crushing on him

  Hi am Edward he said extending his hands for a hand shake of which I gaudly accepted

  Hello I'm Vanessa nice to meet you I said putting on my best smile

  Nice grown you have there and you look beautiful in it he complemented

  I just blushed at him and said thanks

  You look good yourself...

  He smiled at me

  Can I have a dance with you he asked smiling gorgeously

  But there isn't no music here I replied

  Follow me then he said and started walking towards the big door of which those gauds were standing



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