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"We are destined mates, take me away."

"We can't take you with us,Harper." Dorian said quietly.

"We don't know what will happen if we are discovered. We will not have the pack to call upon if we run into trouble. We will be lone-wolves, Harper. We can't ask you to leave your mother, to possibly never see her again. And that is before we even discuss the complications of two mate-bonds, and the fact that we are your step-brothers…"

He closed his eyes. "I reject you, Harper. I reject the mate-bond between us. I reject you as my mate."

She felt as if he had struck her in the stomach, her breath exploding from her lungs, leaving them unable to draw in air.

"F-k Dorian," Gwyn groaned his complaint. "It is wrong to reject a bond."

"Gwyn," Dorian turned his head to look at his cousin by blood and brother by adoption. "You know that it's the right thing to do."

Gwyn swallowed hard, their eyes locked, true-blue to grey-blue. For a moment Harper thought that Gwyn would rebel, and so did Dorian, she realised, a muscle working in the corner of his jaw and his expression becoming more distraught the longer that Gwyn hesitated.

And then Gwyn sighed. "I reject you, Harper. I reject the mate-bond between us. I reject you as my mate," he said quietly and yet the words carried.

"I…" Harper's throat closed on the words. She should say that she accepted their rejection, and that she rejected them in turn, and yet… "I refuse," she whispered, and both their faces jerked her way.

Harper's mother marries into the Hemming pack at the beginning of a time of turmoil. Humans have become aware of werewolves and are frightened by them.

Connery Hemming has his biological son Dorian, and his adopted son, Gwyn, living with him. Both young men are several years older than Harper, but the three become close friends.

When Harper turns 18, she realises that both men are her mates - something which would be frowned upon by the pack. Not only that, with the human's movement against werewolves becoming more severe, Dorian and Gwyn intend to leave to pack and masquerade as human.

Rejected by her mates, Harper holds onto the mate claim.

When her family are "collared" by the humans to restrict their shift, Harper discovers that she is a magical Luna and can override the collars, freeing the werewolves and allowing them to shift. If the humans find out, however, they will kill her, and strike out against the werewolves even more severely, and so she and her family keep it quiet.

Five years after, Harper is working as an exotic dancer when Dorian and Gwyn walk into the club. They hire a dance, and sparks fly.

But whilst some things haven't changed in the slightest - like the pack's intolerance - other things have changed a lot and all three now harbour secrets.

Can they overcome rejection and find happiness together?

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