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I was the weakest she-wolf, but being the slave to the strongest Alpha King made me stronger.
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THE CEO ALPHA KING **Fucked Up** Serena's P O V

I stood in front of Williams Zee fashion company, my mouth slightly patted open in awe.

What the fuck?? I was told that the company is a big one but I never expected it to be an empire. Is this where my sister works?

Moon goddess, she is so lucky. So very lucky.

"Hey, why are you standing there? Aren't you one of the new interns? Get your fücked up ass in," a man who looked quite familiar roared at me.

I got back my senses and recognized the man to be the one who interviewed us last week. I lifted my legs and rushed over to meet him.

"Come on in," he urged me.

"Go straight, follow that line you'll see a door. Your fellow interns are there, the president wants to meet each and every one of you," he pointed towards a direction and I shook my head at him. I followed his direction and ended up in a room.

I instantly recognized the guys in the room, there are four guys and I am the only girl that got picked. Probably because my sister has said some things to them and that's the reason I also got picked.

"Rush over, why are you late on your first day?" The fierce woman addressing them questioned, giving me a scary glare.

"I'm sorry ma'am," I apologized walking to sit in an empty space there.

"Yes, as I was saying. The CEO of our company, Mr Zed Williams will come to personally see you guys. I'll advise you to act normal but brave at the same time. Don't make any silly mistake of speaking when you aren't spoken to," the fierce woman addressed her eyes fixed on mine.

Why is she staring at me that way? Did I do something wrong now? I wondered taking my eyes to the floor.

"I'll personally advise you...what is your name?" She pointed to me in question.

I pointed towards myself acting foolishly like I always do.

"Yes you," she rolled her eyes obviously not liking my act.

"It's Serena ma'am," I answer.

"Serena what?" She thundered making my heart skip a beat. Everyone in the room is now staring at me like I committed a crime. Unwanted, my heart beat started increasing as anxiety filled me up.

"Serena williams," I answer making her furrow her brows.

She opened the file she was holding and stared at it for minutes before shifting her attention back to me.

"Okay Serena, I'll personally advise you to sit at the back and be firm. Don't behave the way you did earlier or you might get yourself thrown out," she advised in a much calmer voice.

"Ok ma'am," I bobbed my head up and down as I said.

"Ok now. I'll leave you guys, stay here until he comes, you can't leave this place," her voice became stern as she spoke.

"I'll leave now," she added before exiting the room.

My head dropped down. I fixed my eyes on my thighs my beating heart still thundering very loud.

Yeah, my name is Serena Williams. A clumsy she-wolf, that's what everyone call me.

They call me clumsy, they call me weak and they also call me skinny.

It's worst my sister constantly reminds me of my ugliness, clumsiness and weakness.

Yes my own blood sister. The same mom, not the same dad tho. I can't always help but think that my sister hates me a lot.

She always accuses me of killing our mom. Yeah, mom died giving birth to me and I hate it. I hate being constantly reminded that I am the reason our mom died.

My sister is every man's dream. She's tall, pretty face, long hair, long legs and a model. Yeah, she is modelling for this company right now and she is the reason why I am here.

My sister went to college but I couldn't. When my sister told me she'd help me secure a job here, I doubted her. But here am I, after two years of looking for a good job.

Every company, every organization I went to always reject me without even thinking twice. So I have come to accept the fact long ago that I am weak, clumsy and skinny. Very ugly.

Even my wolf, my wolf is also very skinny and always weak. I fear that she might even hate me like everybody does.

"Serena," I heard a male voice call me. I lifted my head up to stare at the guy sitting in front of me.

He is also one of the new interns. His hair cut is nice and he is very handsome.

I can't help but drool on him.

"Hey," he snapped his fingers at me to draw my attention back to him.

"Yes," I shook my head in responds and that was when I noticed that I have been drooling on him for the past...I don't know - minutes.

He chuckled and looked at the other guys in the room. They were all laughing at me, it made me feel embarrassed. I took my palm to my mouth and cleaned my drool.

"Your phone is ringing," he shook his head in amusement as he announced.

My eyes went down to my bag which was placed on my thigh. I immediately brought out my phone from my bag. It started ringing again, the screen displayed the name of my sister.

I picked it and placed it over my left ear.

"Serena, are you here already?" Her impatient voice questions.

"I'm at the company but..." I try to explain before she cuts me off.

"Come to the dressing room now," she ordered before cutting the call.

But we were told not to leave here until the CEO comes.

I heave a deep sigh and tried calling her again but her line was switched off.

I sigh again in frustration. What do I do? We were clearly told not to leave here. Perhaps I should quickly run and inform her before coming back. Hopefully the CEO wouldn't have arrived by then.

I look at the time which says 8:17am.

By 8:30 I should be back here. No harms done.

I stood up with my bag and tried leaving but got stopped by the same guy that called my attention to my ringing phone.

"Are you going somewhere?" He asks.

I sigh, not willing to explain myself.

"I will be back," I replied him tiredly before walking out.

I rushed to a worker dressed in a corporate suit. He stops to glare at me.

Ok, what is wrong with everyone in this company? He looked at my outfit which consists of a bogus gown and flat worn out shoes sis gave me.

"What is it?" He asked in a disgusted tone but I ignore his tone and went ahead with my questions.

"Please, where is the dressing room?" I ask sounding as polite as I can.

He stares at me from head to toe again making me wonder if I was so disgusting.

"The fifth floor," he says before leaving me there. He didn't even wait for me to thank him.

I sigh again and turned towards an elevator I noticed earlier. I walked to the elevator and pressed it open. It opened seconds later and I entered.

Luckily, it's empty. I press the button of the floor I am heading to and the elevator closes back. With directions I got to the dressing room which looked very busy.

There are a lot of females and males there, the place looks very busy. There are also a lot of dresses.

My eyes settled on one of the models already dressed. She is beautifully dressed in a silver gown which is extremely long. Her hair is styled perfectly and her pose is awesome.

I wish I can be this perfect.

Her eyes suddenly drift to mine. She gawks at me with that look of disgust and dislike. I peeled my eyes away from her body in search of my sister and it didn't take long before I saw her.

I think she is gonna be leaving with the others for the shoot. She is already perfectly dressed in a red gown that cling to her body like a second skin, her curves and hips stood out as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Kate," I call. She turns to look at me.

"You came late," she frowned at me.

"I'm sorry, but I came to tell you that we were asked to stay back and wait for the CEO because he is gonna be seeing us before we start anything," I say to her.

"The CEO isn't coming to work today," she says she pushes me forward to where a few dress lined up on the floor.

"I need you to sort out those dresses for me. Colour by colour, texture by texture," she commands. I open my mouth to speak but got interrupted by her.

"You are nothing but an assistant here. That is your work, assisting us get dressed and doing everything we the models, the main workers need you to do," she orders and continued.

"Today is your first day, you should work without complaining, come on. Go to work," she snapped her fingers at me.

I nod and started sorting the clothes. She has said that the CEO isn't coming to work today after all, I might as well just do it and return after that.

"Kate, don't tell me that 'thing' is your sister?" I heard a voice ask my sister. I'm guessing it's that model that gawked at me earlier.

"No, she? She is not. How can she be my sister? It's just that my mom adopted her out of pity before she died," my sister replied her with a mockery laugh.

"Oh, I was beginning to think south. What a relief, a pretty queen like you can't have a lizard like her as a sister," the voice came again and some people chuckled.

I concentrated on sorting out the dresses trying to shut my mind off from their talks but I can't.

"Haha haha, a lizard Betty? Come on, I already told you she is my adopted sister, why refer to her as a lizard in her presence? You should have just said it behind her back. It's not fair at all," my sister feigns sadness for me and the others that heard her again chuckled.

"Oh please. What can she do to me? She is an intern, I can easily get her fired," Betty said and laughed out loud.

I continued sorting out the dresses trying to calm myself down but pause when I saw a drop of tear fall from my eyes, I sniffle in and dry my tears with my thumb.

*It's alright Serena. You are not a lizard. You are many things but not a lizard, just ignore them, ignore them,* a voice whispered into my ear.

Everytime I'm sad or depressed, I always hear that voice inside my head, calming me down.

It's not my wolf for sure and it's not one of my friends. I don't even have a friend to begin with. I never had.

After sorting out the dresses, I lifted my head but couldn't find my sister there. She and the rest of the models has probably left for their shoot.

I kept the dresses there, unsure of what to do next. I look around but no one was looking at me.

Maybe I should just go, I can just come back later for these. Let me make sure that the CEO is not coming like my sister said.

I left the dressing room and went down to the last floor. My throat feels very dry. Maybe I should just grab a cup of coffee, I thought and started walking towards the coffee making machine.

I got to the machine and made myself some hot chocolate coffee. I started sipping the coffee slowly while heading back to the room we were asked to wait at.

I opened the door reluctantly and made to go in but bumped into a huge figure, the coffee cup slipped from my hand and wasted on the huge figure.

Bumping into him also made me loss my balance, I fell to the floor in front of the huge figure. I can't help but notice his strong aura, the strongest aura oozing out from him.

I took my eyes up to stare at the werewolf that carried such aura and recognized him to be the werewolf King. The Alpha King, and above all. The CEO.

Mr Zed. Oh, I'm so fucked up.


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