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Tonight I find myself in the very place where I find my sanctuary, the deserted ways through the dark and ominous alleys. There is a slight drizzle of rain tonight; the pitter-patter of drops fall onto my skin like a tickle of a feather. Yet it is enough to drench my hair in a perfect mess, with drops flowing down what are very warm cheeks. The smell of wet tar fills my nostrils as I wind my way down the alley.

Yet, my body might be warm, but my heart is as cold as the breeze that is running like a smooth blanket over my skin. I am not a man who shows emotion, nor am I a man that seeks the love and comfort of a woman. So I keep myself at bay and find my way through these alleys as I seek to unwind a mind that was running endless circles in the boardroom today.

Here, at night, as the darkness stretch to each crevice and corner, here I find solace. Yes, it is such a lonely existence, but I prefer this over any other comfort, especially the ones that the female kind provides. I choose to live my life unattached; love is a thing for dreamers, perhaps a dreamer like me that ventures down alleys.

Though I wish to believe that I live life on the edge of danger, for which man will truly wander a road in the pitch darkness that is by all certainty not safe. I guess down here; I will not come into the temptation that the world out there brings.

Oh, don't get me wrong, this is merely me passing through, finding my way to the place that I require to be tonight. Tonight, as with any other, I find myself going to one of these most popular clubs in town, a club which I own. This is where all of this does not make sense; I am, as they say, the most sought-after bad boy in town, Foster Rosario, yet, here I am, hiding in an alley, looking for peace for only but a brief moment.

So, take that, a man like me that is carved to perfection, that has muscles that tone and flex with every movement, I am truly not that lonely. But for this brief moment, I would love to think that here nothing and nobody can touch me.

As I find my way getting closer to my destination, I turn that flip; I become that man that every woman desires. Yes, I do like to indulge in the temptation that the flesh brings, but as I have said, I truly prefer to keep myself unattached. So, you might, if you are truly one of the rare few, you might find your way into my bed tonight, but as soon as that sun rises, I shall be showing you out the door with your red stilettos in hand.

But, being completely caught up in the hundreds of thoughts that are running a marathon in this tired head, I am not paying attention to where it is that I am walking. Without any warning, in almost an instant, I walk smack bang into someone's chest.

The scent of sweet vanilla and hints of honey attacks my senses. It knocks my breath away, and beyond my control, I press my body even closer to hers. Her scent is beyond intoxicating; I want more of her. And as I listen, I hear her soft rapid breaths singing like music in my ear. There are tingles of pleasure running down my spine, something beyond what I have ever experienced with a woman before.

I can feel her chest rise and fall as she is breathing heavy. She has splayed her hands against my sculpted chest as she tried to soften the impact of my heavy body. Yet, her hands remain there, as I, with a slight chuckle, finally speak, "I am so sorry, I did not see where I was going."

Then, she slides her hand down my chest, leaving a trail of tingles as her fingers draw a line over my rippled abs. From nowhere, I hear her speak, "If I am going to walk into something this tight, then I think I might just have to do it more often."

I softly moan deep in my chest; this is something I want. I want this girl, not just now, but I can find myself getting lost in her over and over again. And my first instinct is to run my hands over her waist and resting them at the small of her back, but as I find my hands trail the way, her expose skin melts by only my touch. If I was not captivated before, then I truly am now.

And as her hands are about to leave her touch behind, I slightly grab onto them and pull them back against a body that has now been set raging and alive with the possibilities that the sensations she brings to my body.

And as she allows me to pull her tighter against an aching body, I slowly lean in and whisper in her ear; I listen as she gasps from the tingle that my warm breath is leaving on her skin. As I let the smoothness of my lip linger on the tip of her ear, I say the very words that I have wished to say since the very moment that I walked into her slender body, "Do you know what you smell like?"

She stumbles to find her words as her body is captivated under my spell, "No…no tell me."

"Honey, honey and sweet vanilla," then I pause for a brief moment, "I bet you taste even better."

Well, that has rendered her completely speechless, but what else is speechless is me. Here in my hands, tightly against a burning body, there is one thing, the thing that I hardly ever want to seek, I want to spend my time with her, and beyond what is even more surprising is that I do not wish to take her home and have one senseless night of pleasure that will mean nothing to me.

I want this exquisite creature. I would lose every bit that keeps me together just to spend time with her.

The sensations that she is making my body feel is beyond anything that I have ever felt in this reckless life that I live in lust and love.

And lust, yes, that is something that I truly do feel at this very present moment, so as my eyes fall upon those red-velvet lips, I have the most incredible urge to slide my thumb across them. But, I only but whisper to her again, "Please can I…"

The words do not even leave my lips; I take my thumb to her bottom lip and gently run it from one corner to the other. They are soft and smooth, and the lip-gloss makes it slide with ease. She nearly stops to breathe as I move over them between the seams and slightly begin to part them.

The heat between our bodies is unmistakable. Her breathing is short and shallow. She whispers, but her trembling lips only cause her words to whimper. She is drowning in the power I have over her body.

I slowly drive that gorgeous body back into the wall. I pin her gently between my arms; I run the edges of my lips softly against her cheek. I hear her breath hitch, and then she softly whimpers.

I run my warm breath slowly over her soft cheek to her deep red velvety lips. They are but only an inch away from touching hers. I can feel her heart rate as it picks up a pace.


I do not let her finish; I move my lips, breath by breath, even closer to hers. We are so close now that we are breathing the same breath. I look down to her lips and back up to meet her eyes. She closes her eye, and I move forward, closing the space between us. The first thing I notice is how much she tastes like cotton candy. As I tuck at her bottom lip, she stops and pulls away.

"I can't do this. I have to go."

And with that, she leaves my body cold and rushes off into the very place that I have just come from…Deep into the darkness of the alley.

And as I only but shake my head, "What just happened?"

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