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I had just turned five years old when my dad left us. He had left to start a new life with a different woman, which I was later told that it was his secretary from work, how original. Funny how he just got up and left one day without a second look back at what he left behind didn't care about us, a prick that one.

Pretty difficult time for mom cause she had to play the role of both mom and dad. She did a great job raising me and my two-year older sister, Stacey, on her own. Working hard to keep food on our plates, making sure we did well at school and treated others with respect. Mum worked hard to give us a good standard of living, we didn’t get the expensive branded clothes or latest technology. But she made sure we weren’t left behind in the Stone Age. Overall it was a decent childhood minus the fact I was fatherless. There were a few men over the years that mum dated but nothing ever stuck for her.

My mother, Georgina, was in her late forties and boy did she have a stunning figure, she was about five foot, four. Long light brown hair with hazel eyes, a button nose and a sharp jawline. Mom had an amazing full hourglass figure, a busting 36E chest and the most curvaceous ass I’ve seen with my own eyes, excluding porn obviously.

My sister, Stacey is a younger version of our mother. Stacey is about 5ft5, brown hair, brown eyes, a small button nose with a nice defined jawline. A slender hourglass figure unlike mom’s fuller figure. Curves in the right places her ass is peachy and firm, with an inviting 34C chest. It was obvious we were related as facially we looked very similar, I also had brown eyes and brown hair although mine a lot shorter. I'm just over 6ft tall with quite an average looking body, not fat but not very muscular.

My sister and I both attended New State Woodlands, Stacey being a sophomore and myself a freshman. It's about a twenty-minute drive from the house but thankfully stacey had saved enough money to get herself a car and would drive us there and back. She was also kind enough to let me borrow it from time to time, not without payment of course, and today was one of those days. After we got home from college, I was going to surprise my girlfriend Kelsey, for the weekend. Kelsey and I, have been going out for a few years now. We used to stay a five-minute walk from each other but now it’s a five-hour drive, as Kelsey got accepted into a more prestigious university. We had a long talk when she found out and decided that we should give the long-distance thing a try. She would be back for the holidays as her parents still lived close by and I didn’t mind travelling out to see her some weekends.

We got home from college, I grabbed my things, a quick bite to eat and set off. Going by my timing I hoped to be there for just before nine at night. The drive there was very uneventful and very boring. However, the thought of getting to spend the weekend with Kelsey and be with her kept my attention on the straight and narrow.

My timings were right and I arrived at her university just before nine at night. Parking up near her student halls I made my way to her room, i don’t know why but I was nervous this time, it probably had to do with the fact that I felt we were starting to drift apart a little. That’s more reason for this trip, to try and reignite things.

I got to her door and was about to knock when I hear the recognizable sounds of Kelsey moaning. My heart sank when they were quickly accompanied by male grunting, my hand hung in the air, I had to debate my next move, I took a step back from the door. Do I just walk away and pretend nothing’s happening? Do I barge in and confront them? It might not be Kelsey it might be a friend. I had to see.

I snuck back up to the door and try to open it, it was unlocked. I ease it open, just enough to see what was going on. My heart shattered in my chest. It was definitely Kelsey. She was on her hands and knees facing away from the door. This skinny little guy was plowing her from behind. I froze in the door again, conflicted with what to do. I loved Kelsey and would have done anything for her but here she is, cheating on me.

I closed the door and walked away. I had to think. If I burst in that room, I would have knocked that little skinny fucker out and that would have led to more problems. I was so angry and upset. I had to hide my emotions as I stormed past other students, I sat myself on a picnic table out near the car park, my head in my hands.

“Fuccckkk” I scream into my hands. “That fucking bitch!!”

All became clear. Over the last few months we were talking less and less. When we did it seemed forced. She was cheating, probably had been all this time.

“I’m such an idiot” I hate myself; I hate her. I had to calm down. I couldn’t believe after all these years. She was the one that wanted to do the long-distance relationship, she was the one that argued it would work and we were strong enough. ‘What a fucking liar!’ I gave her everything and treated her like a queen, my queen. That was probably the problem, she was a spoilt bitch.

“Uugghhhh, fuck meee” I release the building tension.

I sat on that bench for I don’t know how long. My head in my hands.

“Hey dude” a female voice spoke out.

“Uh?” I look up. My eyes were greeted with the view of a five foot six, biker slash punk sexy looking girl.

“Hey man, you alright?” Her voice was low and mellow but had genuine concern. She had short black hair, a tight white t shirt that was cut low exposing her nice 32D chest. She also had on tight black jeans and a leather biker jacket.

“Eh, yeah? I’m fine” I weakly respond.

“You sure” She gave me a small smile “you look like you’ve had a rough night?!”

“You could say that” I joked “just caught my girlfriend, well now ex-girlfriend of six years cheating on me.”

“Ouch” she said as she came to join me on the table. “Want a cigarette?”

“I don’t smoke” I replied “actually on a second thought I would love one!”

She takes a pack of cigarettes out of her jacket and offers me one. Taking one for herself as well. She lights hers up before offering the lighter to me. I took it and with a shaky hand try to light mine, with no success.

“Wow you have had a rough time” she laughs as she takes the lighter from me and lights my cigarette.


“No problem!” She nods “Lexi by the way” she offers her hand.

“Robbie” I weakly shaked it back.

“So, caught your good lady cheating. What did she say when she saw you?”

“Well I didn’t actually confront them, I walked away”

“She doesn’t know, you know?”

“Nope, not yet!” I took a drag “I wanted to knock him out and don’t know what I would have said to her. Probably it’s ok, I still love you” I laughed cause it’s probably true.

“Dude you need to get her back” she teases.

It would break her heart, haha who am I kidding, no it wouldn’t. “Yeah your right!”

“That’s the spirit” she bumps me.

“Well I’ve got a long five-hour drive home so plenty of time to think of what to do!”

“Five hours?? Man, you really did love her”

“Yup!” I nodded taking another day drag.

There was a small awkward silence before Lexi spoke.

“We could fuck” she says flatly.

“What?” I was caught off guard.

“Yeah what the hell, it's just sex. It will get your revenge and your kind of cute. You can just head home in the morning cause fuck driving back tonight.”

I just stared at her, looking over her again she was kind of hot and my dick was starting to twitch in my pants.

Lexi got up and stamps out her cigarette “coming?”

I debated in my head on what I should do but my dick makes the decision. With an ever growing semi I got up and followed her.

The walk to her room was silent as we just walk side by side. Once in her room I was lost on what to say, I just stood at the door.

“Relax, come in. I don’t bite” she laughed as she tossed her jacket onto her desk chair. Her room was the same size as Kelsey’s but completely different. There are music band posters all over the walls and a small DJ turnstile table next to a laptop. I took her room in as I walk over to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Want a beer?” She asks taking two out of a small fridge in the corner.

“Eh sure”

She cracks them both open and offers me one of the bottles. I take a big swig and sigh in relief; it tastes so nice and crisp and takes the edge off things.

Lexi sat down next to me and takes a big drink as well. “Ever been with another girl apart from your ex?”

“No” I bow my head “we were your so-called high school sweethearts.”

Lexi bursts into laughter “oh wow” she laughs more “you got to make up for lost time now. Life’s too short!”

“I’m an idiot” I joke.

“Yeah you are but a cute one that’s about to get laid.” Lexi takes my beer and puts it on her desk and straddles me on the bed. Leaning in and locking lips with mine. I’m timid at first but her expert lips force their way over mine and soon our tongues are clashing against each other. My hands find her hips, she then takes them and moves them to her ass. It felt small and firm but it was oh so good to hold. Her hips start to grind down on my crotch and my cock is fully hard now. Her hands cup my face as she grinds harder into me, moaning into my mouth. Fuck it feels so good just having her press against my cock.

“An idiot with a big cock” she moans, breaking the kiss. Lexi then lifts her white t shirt off and tosses it away. Quickly reaching behind her and unclasping her bra and tossing it away as well. Her beautiful breasts now fully exposed to me. Her nipples are hard and very appealing. Silently

I lean forward and suck her right nipple into my mouth. Instantly Lexis head falls back as she grabs the back of my head holding me into her.

I swirl her hard nipple around in my mouth with my tongue. Sucking hard, gaining moans from above. Her soft flesh feels so nice against my lips as she runs her hands through my short hair.

“Mmmmm Robbie” she groans “I love having my nipples sucked, bite them!”

I did as she asks and began to nibble on her. Grabbing what hair, she could in her fist, she moans louder. I combine sucking and biting until she pulls my head away and locks lips with me again. Her tongue snaking its way fast into my mouth. As we kiss, I reach my hands up and squeeze her boobs in my hands, pinching at her nipples. Kissing me deeper Lexi groans in my mouth telling me I was doing a good job.

“Fuck you’ve got me wet”

I latch down onto her left nipple this time which was actually pierced. It had a small bar through it which felt weird in my mouth but pulling on it clearly was working for Lexi. She dug her nails into my shoulders. I continue to tug on her nipple bar and Lexi’s breathing is becoming more labored. I up my efforts as I squeeze her ass in my hands.

“Oh fuck” she sounds surprised “fucckk”

She holds me in closer as I bite down on her nipple.

“Uuhhhhh” She shudders and screams. Holding me in place as she pants.

“I told you I love my nipples being sucked” she says as she pushes me back onto the bed. “Take your pants off” she demands.

Again, I do as I’m told and quickly take them off, grabbing my boxers at the same time. Lexi mean while takes her jeans off as well as her panties.

Crawling onto the bed she repositions me long ways with the bed as she gets between my legs. My cock is oozing pre cum by now and is twitching at her impending touch. She traces the tip of my cock with her finger and collects my pre cum, taking it to her lips and sucking it off.

“Mmmm not bad” she teases as she licks her lips and brings them to my cock. “Not bad size as well” she says, just before she takes the head of my cock into her mouth.

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