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Finally, it was the night of an ancestoral practice; the Crystal ball. Ever since the creation of the Twilight pack, this has been the tradition of the pack members.

Every half year, the pack members who had turn sixteen, would gather at the pack house where the Crystal ball was. Each of them would touch the Crystal ball which would reveal his/her wolf and then, get the blessings of the moon goddess.

This tradition was blessed by the moon goddess and everyone always looked forward to it.

Tonight, even the alpha's daughters who had turned sixteen would be present at the pack house for the Crystal ball. Alpha Adam and his Luna; Rita were very excited for their daughters. Finally, they were growing into the leaders they've always wanted them to be.

As expected, Cecilia took the lead into the Crystal ball celebration. After all, she was the alpha's eldest daughter and was not expected to be left behind her subjects.

From their seats, Alpha Adam and Luna Rita proudly watched Cecilia as she walked to the Crystal ball and placed both her hands on it. It glowed brightly to Cecilia's happiness. After a while,it revealed a wolf with snow white fur and black claws. It's dark brown eyes matched Cecilia's. She jumped for joy as the rest of the pack cheered for her.

Alpha Adam and Luna Rita couldn't have been more proud of their daughter.

Sooner than expected, their expectations were cut short with disappointment.The second on the row was supposed to be their second daughter;Kiana but she wasn't there.

" Do you think she forgot?" Luna Rita asked her husband.

" Of course not dear, how could she have forgotten that tonight, the first Crystal ball for the year was going to take place?" Alpha Adam argued.

The entire pack was silent, patiently waiting for the alpha's second daughter to show up so the rest of them could take their turns on the Crystal ball.

" We can't keep everyone waiting Adam, what do we do?"Luna Rita asked her husband.

" You should go look for her, the rest can carry on. Whenever she comes, she'll be allowed to take her turn." Alpha Adam said.

The alpha rose to address the pack while Luna Rita left to look for Kianna.

" Let the ceremony continue." Alpha Adam said while the pack cheered and continued with the Crystal ball ceremony.

Cecilia smirked wickedly when she saw her mother leave the pack house, looking very worried. Only Cecilia knew her sister's reason for being absent at tonight's ceremony.

" Kiana!!" Luna Rita called out to her daughter once she had left the pack house. Possibly, she was just hanging around or too shy to come into the pack house.

Of the two sisters, Kianna was the introverted.

" Kiana!!" Luna Rita kept calling out to her daughter.

" Anna?" Luna Rita called quietly.

After walking for several minutes, she had finally found Kianna. She was in the lake that was in the forest just behind the pack house.

" Darling." Luna Rita called Kianna, gently touching her shoulder.

" Mother." Kiana was a little frightened. She came to the lake to be alone. She knew everyone was going to be at the pack house tonight. It surprised her that someone had found her.

" What are you doing here Anna?" Luna Rita asked, staring at her daughter who had her legs in the lake.

" Isn't it too cold out here?" Luna Rita asked Kiana even before she could answer her first question.

" I like it here mother." Kianna replied her mother, playing with her nails as she stared at her reflection in the lake.

" What's wrong Baby?" Luna Rita asked she tenderly touched Kiana's face.

" It's nothing mother, I just wanted to have a 'me' time." Kiana lied.

" I'm your mother Ana, I Know when something is wrong with you. Why didn't you come with the others into the pack house for the Crystal ball ceremony?" Luna Rita asked Kiana.

" Nothing mother." Kiana lied.

" Aren't you curious to see your wolf?" Luna Rita asked her daughter.

" I think I'd rather see her in the next Crystal ball." Kiana said, looking at the other side of the forest.

" I'm your Mother Kiana. Common, I Know you're going through something hurtful, you can share it with me." Luna Rita said, trying to persuade Kiana to tell her what was going on.

" Can I ask you something mom?" Kiana asked her mother who could hear her sniff.

" I don't see why not." Luna Rita said.

" When dad was my age, do you think he was scared of not seeing his wolf on the Crystal ball?" Kiana asked her mother.

" I don't think so dear. Everyone your age could feel their wolf so, they knew that for sure, they were going to see their wolf on the Crystal ball." Luna Rita said.

" And what if perhaps one does not feel his wolf?" Kiana asked her mother, turning to look at her.

" Oh dear!" Luna Rita felt for her daughter.

Kiana's eyes were swollen and her face was red. It was obvious she had been crying the whole night. Her chest rose and fell as she struggled to get her tears under control.

" Come here darling." Luna Rita reached for Kianna's slender shoulders and dragged her toward herself for a hug.

" How long has this been going on?" Luna Rita asked Kiana.

" I have never felt my wolf mother, never." Kiana said, breaking down into uncontrollable tears.

" I'm so scared mother." Kiana sobbed.

" You don't have be dear." Luna Rita comforted her daughter.

" You should ask the moon goddess for her guidance Kiana, she's always there to help."

Luna Rita's family was actually the bloodline of the moon goddess. This gave Luna Rita more confidence that the moon goddess would definitely help her daughter.

" I don't know mother."

" Common Kiana, you shouldn't let fear overcome you. Everyone at the Crystal ball is waiting for you; your father, your sister, the pack. Everyone." Luna Rita said to Kiana.

Kianna's heart skipped a beat when her mother had mentioned her sister. Cecilia had long known about her predicament and never for once ceased to make her realize that.

Suddenly, Kiana rose her head from her mother's chest; " What if I have no wolf mother?" Kiana asked her mother, wide-eyed.

" Common, everyone's waiting." Luna Rita said, taking Kiana out of the lake.

" Mother?" Kiana wondered why her mother ignored her question.

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