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I surveyed the whole crowd from where I was standing on the second floor of the La Vida club, a famous brothel frequented by men of high social status who are looking for high-class prostitutes, escorts and the highlight of them all-the virgins.

I was looking down, my hands are gripping the icy-cold railings while my other hand held a wine glass which contained my favorite drink, Teso La Monja, a famous brand of wine imported from Spain. 

I am observing the place and looking for someone among the throng of men seated on the high chairs worthy of myself. I'm searching for someone different other than these men who shamelessly lust at me.

Not that I'm complaining. If I were to be asked, I couldn’t find anything from these men that surround me. All of them are filthy rich. CEOs, politicians, athletes, name any rich guy and you will definitely find him here. 

When it comes to physical appearance, you cannot ask for anything from them. Recently, a famous model from the Middle East who was dubbed as the most handsome in the world has personally came here to bid for me. He was deported from his country because people especially the female population cannot concentrate every time they see him. He even bid me a million dollars but I turned down his offer only because I did not feel anything for him. 

For my current position now, feelings and emotions should be the least of my concern but I am Femella Alcantara, the queen of all the "nymphs" as they all call us. Just like how the great Zeus desire these Greek creatures, so does these men below me will do anything, bet anything to get a taste of us as if we are just products in a market on sale. 

If others were selling their grit and brain prowess, I chose to market myself, my body in short. Some boast their skills in academic fields but here, we go down and show these guys our bed skills. We hold them in the palm of our hands and play at them. Every moan, gasp and cry of pleasure is music to our ears. 

I have all the options in the world. No one can force me to give myself to anyone unless I find him worthy. One of the perks of bearing this surname. 

"What are you doing here, pretty? The bidding will about to start in an hour from now and yet you are still not fully dressed,” said the voice on my back. The owner of the voice stood next to me and took the wine goblet from my hand. 

I snatched back the glass away from his hand and drank all the liquid in it. My eyes went back to the men below. "Please let me be, Chino. You know me. It has been like some sort of ritual to me. I always do this in every auction."

"Are you still looking for him? My, my dear Femella. When will you stop all this nonsense? You are restricting yourself from tasting all these delicious men with big and equally delectable dicks for what? For your stupid superstitious beliefs? Oh please! It’s just absurd. You are absurd.” His long and colorful newly-painted nails flicked in the air. 

"I know. I know my dear. I know I'm pathetic. You don't have to stress it because I myself is aware of it. But Chino, I can smell it in the air. I know he is definitely coming for me. I can smell him. Just another fraction of waiting and I will finally meet the man who deserves my freshness and tightness." I paired it up with a seductive laugh to make it more convincing. 

I saw him rolled his eyes at me. "Whatever. It’s your life. I don’t care anymore if one day, your coochie stops producing mayonnaise. It’s all on you. I warned you already. You can’t possibly put the blame on me when that time comes.”

I heartily laughed at what he said. "Don’t worry. I am a duly member of my beloved girl scout community. I always bring something in case my rebellious pussy starts to act up. And besides, I am a very resourceful and creative individual. And I still have my saliva in case you forgot!"

We both laughed in unison and playfully shook our hands together. 

"You’re so witty, Femella! You are really something. Had I not known that you have never been kissed and never been touched, no one will believe that you are as fresh as a freshly-caught fish in the sea. You do not speak like a typical inexperienced virgin!"

"Ah, stop it! There you go with your double standards again! Do you mean to say that there are sets of things that are expected for you to say if you are a virgin? Do you really have to act like a very gentle woman? Do I have to wear a specific type of clothing to prove that I am really one? And what's with that thinking? Do they think that all virgins are as demure and slow-witted who doesn’t know how to use the Internet? Girl, stop saying that please! Don’t put our federation in shame!” I exclaimed.

"I know, alright? You are too reactive. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. You are now the epitome of a modern woman, the woman of the world," he surrendered. 

"Uh-uh. You forgot something." 


"I'm not just a woman of the world. In fact, I call myself a hooker of the world."

"And care to tell me why?"

I looked at the grand chandelier hanging on the ceiling that is shining because of its own blinding embellishments coming from the big expensive precious stones that are designed around it. The lights from the big circular bulb on each of the sides of the building also cast a glow on it. 

"Because life fucks me big time," I muttered softly. 

"Ay! Holy guacamole cow! Femella! Here comes the man that will tear away all of my collection of Victoria's Secret panty! Girl, look at him!" said Chino who I doubt if what I said registered to him. He did not look at me because he was so busy gawking at the guy who is meters away from us.

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