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Underestimate me. That will be fun

Roshord is a small town where everyone is busy with their works. Caroline hurried to the cafe in Roshord high wearing a linen apron on her dress. It’s been two years working here after graduating from college.

“Whoa, no need to rush. You are on time." Bill caught her near the door.

“Am I? my sisters took more time to get ready,” her eyes widened seeing him. Bill is her closest friend from kindergarten.

“I know that. Charlotte can’t be able to live without makeup. Now back to work, cappuccino for the students,” he clapped his hands and started serving. Roshord high is the amazing school in the whole town. The caffeine was built outside the school and everyone are invited. All the students are brilliant in their studies. While serving cappuccinos to people seated at the tables, Care spotted her sister Chloe. She’s in 11th grade.

“Can you join us? We want some cheerleading tips from you,” Sookie told Caroline. Sookie and Sara are Chole’s best friends.

“I still have more works but I can’t resist your offer. “She winked and sat next to her sister.

“All we want to know is more about cheerleading. The lacrosse match is coming soon and the wings team should win. We need the best song to encourage every player,” Sara asked with a brightened smile. It’s been two months since school begins. Students’ interest in extracurricular activities is more than studying.

“I was a cheerleader in my old days, but when it comes to songs, that person should be...” Care started.

“Ruby Espinoza” Chloe finished. She’s in the band and the best singer ever. She’s a well-known singer in Roshord. She even has many fans, still, most of the students won’t talk with her because she’s the best. The truth is, everyone’s jealous of her perfection. But her weakness is innocence. Anyone can easily fool her. Her friends can’t help her every time. She should protect herself or else can’t survive in this world.

Four of them turned to see ruby sitting alone at the table next to them. She’s buried her nose in the book and having the coffee near her untouched.

“I don’t want help from her,” Sara snapped in a disgustful tone.

“But she’s my friend, too. Whether or not you want help. I am going to call her. She’s sitting alone,” Chloe responded immediately.

“Rub...” she began and someone cat-walked over to her table.

“Get up you loser. I need a place to sit with my boyfriend,” Becca commanded.

“But... I am...” Ruby stammered, not moving a single inch.

“Seriously, why can’t Becca leave anyone in peace.” Care frustratedly got up from the table.

“Did anyone see who’s her boyfriend is? “Sookie’s jaw opened and kept on staring at him.

“That’s the famous actor Daniel Evans. What’s he doing with the girl like her?” Sara doubted.

“So, what?” Care took off to her table to stand up for Ruby. Chloe isn’t brave like her sister. She just watched them from the distance.

“I don’t care whether you sit or stand. I need this place right here, right now," she ordered again stressing those words. Before ruby could react in fear, Care took the coffee cup and spilt it in on Becca’s dress.

“What the hell? You spoiled my dress,” she screamed in disgust.

“It’s just a small price for the problem you are giving to everyone,” Care simply said with a satisfied look but she's little afraid of the consequences. She’s just got a little nervous about the famous actor who is staring at her. But she knows she can’t be distracted by him and his cuteness in this situation. Everyone’s attention is on the three of them.

“How dare you can do this to my girlfriend?" Daniel, the famous one, every girl’s crush, spoke to her for the first time furiously.

Her legs started to tremble when she looked at his ocean blue eyes. She loved all his romance movies and even wanted to meet him in person. He’s her dream boy. They are both the same age. But she didn’t wish for a situation like this. Two bodyguards are standing beside him for security. Here she is, dumbstruck. At last, she found the courage inside her.

“Did you see what happened here? She is like our family and your girlfriend can’t command her to do anything. If you want to date Becca, take her somewhere but not here.” She yelled with all the energy she got inside.

“I can go anywhere and everywhere. Who are you to tell that?” he stepped closer to her.

“I am going inside Dan and you,” she pointed at me.

“You are going to pay for this,” she threatened and walked away. She broke the conversation between her and Daniel. So, Care turned away to avoid seeing him.

“Stop. Don’t walk away like that. You are just a worker in this school. Apologize to me or I will make to leave this job,” he warns her furiously.

But Caroline went mad the moment he said he will make her leave this job. He was not kind as he was in the movies. Losing her temper, she slapped him hard. Her hands started to shiver the minutes she touched him. He has his hands on his cheek speechless. He always underestimated others and never met anyone who dares to slap him.

“Back off, lady," the security guard stood in front of her and was about to do something to her in anger.

“Leave her, I got this,” Daniel spoke calmly this time. “She doesn’t know me,” he whispered.

“No, I know you and you are different in real life,” she said with disappointment. Daniel walked away without replying to her.

“Caroline come here.” Chloe walked over to her shocked sister and patted her shoulder. Dan heard her name for the very first time and he can’t able to get his mind off the girl who slapped her. He isn’t angry anymore about her action. He didn’t feel embarrassed but lost in thoughts.

“Even though I am a fan of Daniel, I should tell you that you are awesome,” Sookie appreciated. Care doesn’t know why he didn’t hit her back or anything. She’s feeling sorry for her action. If Charlotte is in this place instead of Care, her sister wouldn’t have regretted slapping an actor.

“Okay. Get that off your head. Becca’s boyfriend will be the same as her. So, what you did was not wrong.” Chloe assured her. Care nodded and left without a word.

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