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Chapter one


It was 6am when I woke up to the sound of alarm. Sitting on my bed and rubbing my eyes, I looked around to find my bag neatly placed on the table beside the bed, before standing up and heading to the shower. I thought of no one else to have done that but Sandra, my aunt.

After coming out of the shower, I wore my newly bought school uniform, a sky blue shirt and a navy blue pleated skirt which stopped right before my knees. I actually demanded for it to cover my butt properly. That of others stayed half their thigh. I packed my air in a bon, picked up my bag and rushed to the living room to have my breakfast. Soon, I was done.

"See you later in the day aunt", I said as I walk out of the house chewing the remains of food in my mouth.




I found myself walking along the narrow lane in joy. My eyes widen at the beautiful surroundings I walked in. I've never been to a school as big as this in my entire life. ALOY HIGH SCHOOL is one of the biggest school in England. I wasn't the type that attended handsome school because of the huge money paid.

I passed a corner and I saw beautiful flowers, drawings and paintings. Quickly, I removed my bag pack from my back, I brought out the digital camera and started snapping the awesome paintings. I was so excited and engrossed at the same time in the pictures I was taking that I accidentally hit a wall. Jeez, my camera fell. I rubbed my head as I face up to look at the soft wall I had hit but...

Oh my gosh, I didn't hit a wall, it was a guy. He looked at me and I could see anger clearly written in those cute eyes of his.

"Damn cute!" I said in a flicker of excitement. His brown eye shown so bright, his hair was a black. He had a slightly pinkish lips and a little pointed nose.

"Hey miss, can you get off me please" he said. Then I remember he was holding close to me like a baby preventing me from falling further. I smiled. "Umm....I'm sorry. I was taking some....

"Whatever miss, here" he interrupted me and handed me my camera. I took it from him and he adjusted his fitted uniform and I watch him walk away. He smell so nice, his perfume was really smelling down nice. I chucked lightly.

"Oh! Julie! What a dimwit you are, getting into trouble on your first day in a new school". I checked my camera, it wasn't damaged much, so I return it into my backpack and headed to the registration center through the direction shown on the map with me. I will take those lovely pictures later.

**Registration center**

I was attended to by a lady I guess would be 30years or less of age.

"Your name? she asked casually.

"Julie Cautiss"

"Admission status?"

"Scholarship, I guess"

"You guess?"

"Yeah", I said and wink her an eye. After all, this should have been in record with her, why questioning me. I hissed in me. The question went on and on for almost 20minutes and I was getting pissed off. I'm sure she's intentionally putting me on hold.

Finally, thirty minutes is gone and I was done. She apologize for keeping me waiting for long that she misplaced the form all the necessary info about me was kept and she had to make replacement if at all she wouldn't find it. She directed me to someone and I bade her a bye.

I followed the guy who had later introduce himself as Mr. Craig, to my new class, I guess, gazing at the beautiful surroundings decorated with flowers and beautiful painting.

We arrived at the door and we both walked into it. The whole class looked in the direction as Craig make a sound tapping what looks like pulpit in front of the class. Teachers makes use of it while teaching, I thought.

Those standing returned to their seat and the class went silent.

"What should I do? My mind is going blank". Standing before congregation isn't my thing.

"We have a transfer student today", Craig said breaking the silence. Everyone's looking at me. Don't look so dark as I practice, always put on a smile, be cheerful and make lots friends in school.

"Hi, my name is Julie Cautiss" I finally said looking at the expression on their faces, suddenly, one clap, two, three and then all. W..what's this..? I felt relieved like something was lifted from my heart.

"Can I ask a question?" One of them asked

Mmm...maybe my effort weren't in vain

" Don't ask", the teacher shunned, he must have realized he's going to ask something unreasonable. "If you have question, ask her yourself." You can go to your seat, he said pointing out an empty seat to me. I look at the person I'm going to have myself seat beside and he was the guy I met earlier. He gave me a stern look and I trembled.

My crush! My heart screamed at me and I could see the student staring at me. I wonder why some were looking at me foolishly, then I realize I had said "My crush" really loud. Now they were laughing. I could see confusion in Mr. Craig’s look. Damn!!!

" Who is your crush?", he asked confused laying emphasis on crush.



I entered the class and walk to my chair after making sure all the classes were quite. I thought of the girl I bumped into this morning. Seems I’ve met her somewhere, I think. Adorable though, I dislike her anyways. I hope she’s not coming to this class. I raised my head in search of Belinda but I couldn’t find her, I became worried. Not quite long, Mr. Craig came in, having someone behind him. I seat right to have a clear view of the person. Guess, it was the same girl. I hissed and placed my head on the table. I heard her introduce herself as Julie, all clapped, but I didn’t.

“Cletus, are you alright?” Mr. Craig asked.

“Can you just teach” I replied.

Why do I even care to listen. I wore my earphones. All I could hear now is the music. I’m pleased.

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