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Gwendolyn Stone

Gwen! Gwen! Gwen!, Mum called as she barged into my room , I was still asleep when I woke up to her, she was shaking me roughly. "Mum", I almost yelled, what is it?

You have to go to work and you are still asleep, will you get your damn ass off that bed. "Okay Mum". I walked sluggishly to the bathroom, did the necessary and came out.

Thankfully, Mum had left my room, I was the CEO of Stone Cooperation, I didn't know why I had to be early but Mum treated me like a kid she thinks I am.

Oh! forgive my manners, I am Gwendolyn Stone, 22years of age, respected, beautiful and elegant. Of course I know I'm beautiful without being told, I'm slender with nice boobs and ass, I don't have a thing for men, I just crush and it ends there, well that would be all about me for now, you'll get to know the details later.

        I brushed my hair, wore a white fitting shirt, with a white trouser, my black heels to match and frames to kill the swag, a black designer bag was not left out, I stylishly catwalked out of my room, ate dinner with my parents and my only sibling Alice, I had kissed them on the cheeks before leaving for work, they were my only family.

On getting to work, Mr Finn came to my office fidgeting making me scared. He was my manager, and we always got along. "Is there a problem?" I had asked. "Boss, we have more than a problem" he had said and I screeched.

"Damon of Damon Enterprise has decided to finally withdraw his shares from our company and if he does that, we would go bankrupt, he has the largest share in this company, morever others may decide to withdraw theirs for the same reason"

"What reason is it if I may ask?", He had said severally that he wants a bond, he wants to make the company his and... "That's enough Finn!, you do not expect me to give up the company my father built for years just like that, I can't give him the company all in the name of Partnership, we need something else to keep the company stable and we will find it, don't worry, the company is in good state.

Finn had left my office and I was deep in thoughts, what if Damon eventually buys the company.. what if he forcefully takes it away..no.no.no, it can't happen, I can't let it happen, I was so nervous and I kept running my hands through my hair, my already made face was now soaking with tears, Dad would kill me if he finds out about this, what if I tell him, he may decide to help me. Fuck!, am so confused.

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