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This is pure business, nothing else. I reminded myself, I have to do this.

“Are you sure you’re gonna do this Ava? There’s no turning back, once you do this.” Leah reminded me.

I was putting my clothes in the luggages.

“Do you have any more ideas on how I can fund my mother's surgery?” I asked her.

She looked at me.

“I’m pretty sure, there’s other ways. We can ask for government funds, and charities, they can fund your mother’s surgery.” She stated.

I shook my head.

“It will take years for them to fund my mother’s surgery. I can’t have that, she needs the surgery as soon as possible.”

She helped me put the clothes in the luggages.

“How are you supposed to tell your mother? You’ll be a surrogate for her just to have her surgery push through.”

“She doesn't need to know.” I simply stated.

She won’t know, because I won’t be coming back until I give birth to the baby. I have to stay in the premises of the Billionaire, I can’t leave once I enter the house.

There are certain rules I have to follow.

“Why do you mean by that? So you won’t visit her at all?” Leah asked.

I nodded, her eyes widened.

“So who is this billionaire that needs this service?”

“Grayson Adams, the business tycoon in the logistics industries.” I said, her eyes immediately widened.

“Oh my God. Are you sure you wanna do this? I heard he’s pretty strict and a snob.” Leah stated.

“I know, I’ve met him during the contract signing but I need the money.”

Leah waved her goodbyes to me when I got inside the car of the billionaire. He lives in a pretty far area from the city but he’s house is massive, it’s like an entire neighborhood.

We stopped at the big two gates.

“Miss, you can still back out from the contract. We are not yet on the premises, please give you final thoughts so I can maneuver that car or go straight inside.” the driver said.

I looked at him and the watch in my wrist.

This is for my mother.

“Go straight please.”

He nodded, and drove straight into the premises.

This is where it all starts.

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