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"He couldn't make it? He couldn't fucking make it?! Don't fucking kid me!" A girl in a sexy red gown could be seen storming down the street furiously.

"What does he mean he couldn't make it? I even dressed up so good just for him" She stomped her stiletto heels on the ground at every step she took.

"Fuck you John! Fuck you!" She stomped her left foot on the concrete ground repeatedly like she could break the ground with just her left leg.

Noticing the awkward stares passers by threw at her, she became self aware and stopped her rumbling.

"Ahh! I'm going crazy" She whined and pulled her curly brunette hair roughly.

"I dressed up, deccorated the house, made preparations and looked my best just for him yet he said he couldn't make it. What kinda guy does that?" She squatted and sobbed loudly not minding she was in public.

"He couldn't make it means he dtiched me again just like every other day but fine! You couldn't make it means you couldn't make it! Who the hell was waiting for you anyway? I didn't go to the airport for you okay? I just...I just went on a fashion display to show everyone at the airport how good I looked, wooooo" She cried louder.

"I don't care anyway! I hope yo break your legs and ride on a wheel chair forever" She stood up and started beating the ground with her left foot again.

"You....fucking.....inconsiderate.....jerk!" She'd stomp her foot on the ground at every word that left her lips.

She was so into venting her frustration on the innocent ground that a leg of her black stiletto heel flew some distance away from where she stood. She felt embarrassed standing on one leg of a stiletto heel and the awkward stares she got from people passing by aggravated her situation.

"Aiish!" She whined in a low tone and went to grab her heel where it had landed.

She covered her face with her already rough hair and walked leaping on one leg of stiletto cause the other got damaged from her using it on the concrete floor.

She had her head down trying to avoid people's stare and gaze as she walked away.

She seemed like she had regained her senses after throwing a fit and putting on a show on the street.

The day was getting dark as the sun set and she thanked her stars cause it just means her embarrassed state won't be exposed to too much daylight.

Arriving at a condo, she let out a sigh before walking in looking embarrassed and flustered. She got on the elevator to the third floor and ambled to her door.

She rummaged in her purse for her keys but realized her door was already open. Feeling uncertain as to who would come into her house and scared it might be robbers, she pushed open the door slowly and went in.

Still at the entrance, a thought came into her head. [Could it be John? Did he lie he couldn't make it just to come surprise me?]

Her lips slowly curved into a smile as she searched the wall for the switch to switch on the lights. Switching on the lights, the curvature of a smile on her lips reversed as she stared blankly at the person in front of her.

She damned her earlier thoughts and rolled her eyes. [I knew John wasn't decent enough to pull off something like this].

"Sean Romanis Vega, you do know when to show up to play your cards" She said in a cocky tone with a smirk on her face while walking towards the man in front of her.

The man's eyes thhat were fixated on her darted from her to look around the houuse, the blank expression on his face never changing. Looking around the house she saw the decorations she did for John and it made her sigh once more.

"These aren't for you" She stated clearly before walking into her room.

The man, known to be Sean, followed behind her and getting to her room, it was well decorated with roses and scented red and white candles.

Standing beside her bed, she gently let down a hand of her dress exposing some part of her fair skinned back. She was about to let down the other when she felt cold arms wrap around her from behind causing her to quiver.

Lowering his head to her level Sean buried his face on the crook of her neck, sniffing in her scent.

"Who cares about the meaningless decorations? I just want you now, that's all" His cold voice sounded lowly in her ears___his lips brushing her earlobe as he whispered causing her to quiver more as she felt shivers race down her spine.

He let down the other dress handle himself and started trailing kisses down her neck and back.

"Why do you wear these?" He asked, referring to her bra.

She said nothing cause the feel of his voice on her back and his cold arms on her warm body sparked up bundles of mixed feelings inside her.

"Your breasts are firm so no need to put it on" He remarked and angrily took off her bra like he was upset the bra was holding something it wasn't supposed to.

Placing his hands on her waist, he bent her over slightly that her butt was on his bulge. With one hand kept on her waist, he slid the other up, past her boobs to cup her face.

"Ungh, ngh!" Series of moans escaped her lips and she tried standing up straight but she was held in place by Sean's strong arms.

"Obey! Don't resist" He commanded in a low tone.

His arms cold but gentle on her, she felt like she belonged in them. Coupled with how miserable she felt because the so called John ditched her once again which was enough to bruise her heart.

They got on the bed and it didn't take long for their lips to lock and tongues to interwine. Reaching to the table beside the bed, Sean grabbed the pack of condoms on it and took out one to put on.

He gently went into her but a scream still escaped her lips___he crouched down and locked her lips with his.

No matter how many times they've done it, she still couldn't get used to his cock going inside her. It's like a foreign object invading her.

They went at it again and again like two souls that had been yearning for each other for years.

The dimmed lights and scented candles made the scene romantic like two love birds show casing their love__only if it was like that.



It was dawn and the beam of sun light penetrated her curtains directly into her windows. She was still cooped up in her bed, too lazy to get up.

She squinted her eyes tightly before opening them. Her eyes immediately fell on the money on her table beside her bed and she sighed.

"He still treats me like a slut he pays to sleep with" She muttered and tried gettig up but fell back on the bed when her whole body ached.

"He shoud've just made me go into coma" She hissed.

She got up with struggle and made to go into the bathroom only for her legs to wobble and fall on the floor.

"Ouch!" She whined andd held her waist.

"He's always a monster whenever we do it! He should try to spare me sometimes ish!" She cussed.

After much struggle, she pulled off her morning routine, made herself breakfast and ate.

The day went by with her clearing the decorations she made and doing her usual boring stuffs like watching TV, sending loads of messages to John but getting only a single word reply____then she tries to annoy Sean by sending crazy text messages that he never replies to.

"He's always like this, never talks to me like I don't exist" She pouted, referring to Sean.

"I'm low on cash these days, what to do? Should I get a job?" She talked to herself as she layed on her couch and swung her legs left and right.

"Is that even a question? Cora, you're a fucking 26 years old jobless chick" She cussed at herself.

"Alright, it's decided! I'm gonna start job hunting next week and use this week to...to...to lazy around" She shrugged.

"Better enjoy my jobless life while I can".



Two Weeks Later.....



Cora could be seen in a white shirt black skirt casual office clothing in the waiting section of a company.

Her curly hair was kinda messy and fluttered in the cool breeze. She was trying to arrange her CV documents that seemed dishevled in her hands.

She flashed a heart warming smile at the people seated in the waiting section also here for the same job.

She finally got her CV documents intact, styled her hair neatly and went to sit with the other job seekers.

She let out a long sigh and thought to herself with closed eyes [I ended up lazying around for two weeks! Two whole weeks! Then I came late looking like a mad woman! Ugh...My wonderful life].

A young lady in suite came up to them and started ushering them in one by one for the interview. Getting to Cora's turn, she was ushered in with a hand gesture but she didn't get up to go in.

The young lady moved closer and crouched a little to Cora then said; "Ma'am, it"s your turn now"

Cora who seemed to be in sort of a trance, regained her senses and nodded.

"Yes yes, I'll go in now" She replied.

She tried getting up but sat back down causing the others here for the same interview to start cussing at her.

"I'm sorry please, I'll go in now" Cora apologized but still sat on the chair.

She tried getting up again but felt a wave of dizziness leaving no strength in her body. Her brows furrowed when she felt something move up to her throat and before she could catch on,she vomited in the waiting section.


"What is this? It almost splashed on me"

"What's wrong with her? Is she okay?

The voices of the people in the waiting section sounded like echoes in Cora's head and the voices started getting low and low.

"She can't even apologize?"

"She made a mess here, gross!"

The co-job seekers cussed at her but Cora was occupied with her world that seemed to be spinning in dark clouds.

"Are you okay Ma'am?" The young lady in suite asked her.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the mess. I'll clean it up" She got up only to walk a few steps before collapsing on the floor.



Opening her eyes slowly, the strong smell of medicine hit her nose and she sneezed.

"You're awake" A nurse Cora didn't realize was beside her bed said to her.

"Why am I in a hospital? Oh! I fainted but why?" Cora asked.

"Because you're pregnant" The nurse beside her blurted out.

Cora jerked up abruptly, causing the nurse to flinch.

"Hey! You're kidding right?" Cora asked and the nurse looked at her like she was psycho.

Seeing the serious expression on the nurse's face, Cora need not be told more.

"No no no no no! It's a lie right? You're kidding me, yes? How can I be pregnant? I'm not even ready and I don't even have a stable relationship with my boyfriend" She whined on and on.

"I can't accept this, no I can't. Get me a test strip" She demanded.

The nurse gave her an awkward look before going out. The nurse came back a minute later with a female doctor and pointed at Cora to her.

"Dear, you're indeed pregnant" The female doctor said with a smile.

"I said I don't believe this! Get me a test strip" She seethed.

"But here are the test results" The doctor tried handing over the pregnancy test result but Cora pushed it away.

"I don't want this! Get me a test strip" She demanded again.

The doctor gestured to the nurse and she left. She came back a while later with a test strip and handed it over to Cora.

She rushed out of the bed and ran to the restroom with the test strip. Minutes later, she came back with a dejected expression.

"I'm pregnant" She said to herself cause the nurse and doctor already left her ward.

She left the hospital after settling the bills and getting her CV documents that was brought with her to the hospital by whoever brought her here.

[God bless that kind soul that brought me here and saved my life] Cora prayed within her.

As she strolled down the side walk on the road, so many thoughts raced through her head.

[How can I be pregnant? The last time I did it was weeks ago and with Sean. We clearly used condoms so how? Why? What should I do? How is this even possible? Getting pregnant even with protection. Hey wait!] She stopped walking and tilted her head like she was trying to recall something.

"Aren't I forgetting something here?" She asked herself and her eyes almost popped out of her sockets when she reccalled something.

She rushed home then to her bedroom table to grab the pack of condom that was there. It was lefft with one inside and seeing it, she almost cried.

"I knew it! It was the condoms!"

Cora had punched holes in the condoms to trap her boyfriend John, who never had time for her. She punched holes in them so when John comes to the country and they do it, she'd get pregnant and end up marrying him___John never does it raw with her.

But who the hell came instead of John? Sean!

Sean's just a random guy she met at a bar when she was fed up with John's bullshit and they ended up doing it. From there, they turned out like fuck buddies or so cause Sean always ever shows up when she's feeling like shit__don't know if he does it on purpose but Cora is never able to turn him down.

"How can this happen? How can I be pregnant with Sean's child? Sean Romanis Vega, the heir of the Romanis Vega family" She cried to herself.

"It has almost been three weeks since I saw Sean after that night. We never even talk! He's just the aloof heir to some wealthy family. He wouldn't even consider me with his child, he already even treats and regards me as a cheap whore" She sat down on the floor devastated.

"What's worse is that.....it's that he....he's married" She trembled in fear and frustration.

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