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As soon as she entered, she was swiftly pinned down on the bed.

Jing Che Han struggled a little, "Feng Yu, is it good tonight?"

The man on top of her visibly quivered, "My beauty, I am not Feng Yu, I'm better than him."

That voice! Extremely pleasing, clear and deep as if it sounded from a cello.

However, that wasn't Feng Yu. Feng Yu would never produce such a voice.

Subconsciously, she immediately pushed away Mo Zhen who hadn't reacted yet and was therefore, pushed away slightly.

Distance makes beauty even more apparent, and this was a moment when Jing Che Han noticed the face of the man before her.

His features were like sculptures; elegantly delicate yet sharply defined, and hence quite striking. Especially his eyes, as sharp as an eagle's, added even more prominence. They were sizing her up and down, causing her to immediately feel slightly uncomfortable.

Mo Zhen's gaze was fervently focused on the large patch of skin exposed at her chest.

"Ah..." Jing Che Han was yet to lift herself up from the large bed in the lounge when she was once again pressed down.

That passionate kiss rained all over her again, causing Jing Che Han to resist and press against his chest with her hands. "What are you doing? I'll call the police if you keep this up."

"My dear woman, spend a night with me and I'll grant whatever you wish for."

Mo Zhen's distinct hand nudged her chin, his fingertip felt tender and smooth, and he leaned in for another kiss.

In reality, Jing Che Han's appearance was extraordinarily stunning, even Mo Zhen, who had seen innumerable beauties, was astounded at first sight.

Under her flawless fair skin laid her petite oval face along with her exquisitely perfect features. Especially in these moments, she appeared even more charming.

Her almond eyes were clouded with confusion, her red lips slightly parted as if inviting him to have a taste.

"Shameless, beast... let go of me now."

She absolutely couldn't betray Feng Yu.

"Let go of you? Lady, stop pretending. Isn't your mission for coming here today to spend some time with me? Now that I'm asking you to serve me, you are acting all...ready to face death. Who are you putting on this show for?"

There is a limit to playing hard to get.

"What do you take me for? Feng Yu would never treat me like this. Do not attempt to sow discord between us."

Jing Che Han tried to break free from Mo Zhen's hold, but his hands were firmly placed on both sides of her. Unless he willingly lets go, she had no chance of leaving.

Feng Yu? This woman repeatedly mentioned Feng Yu. Could she be Feng Yu's woman?

Did Feng Yu send a woman he had been with to him? That was rather bold.

"What relationship do you have with Feng Yu?" Mo Zhen narrowed his eyes. The bodily sensations were making him increasingly restless.

"I'm Feng Yu's fiancée. We're getting married tomorrow."

Jing Che Han said loudly. This was Feng Yu's company. Everyone in the company follows Feng Yu's orders. If this man before her heard this, he would surely let her go.

The expression on Mo Zhen's face darkened even more. Feng Yu's fiancée?

"Heh, then you should serve me well on behalf of your future husband."

"You're crazy, let go of me."

Finally, a flicker of panic flashed across Jing Che Han's eyes. Initially, she assumed that this man would spare her after hearing that she was Feng Yu's fiancée.

But, to her surprise, he seemed more interested now.

"Even the renowned Feng has sent his future wife to attend to me. How could I not appreciate his goodwill?"

One hand reached up, tracing over Jing Che Han's eyebrows, nose, lips... a teasing probe.

While it was provocative, it was not explicit, but the desire in Mozhen's eyes was impossible to ignore.

"No...no way. Mozhen couldn't possibly do that to me."

There was panic in Jing Che Han’s eyes, but this man before her didn’t seem like one who'd break his word.

Mozhen had no desire to waste words with her. The fire in his lower abdomen was burning, hotter and brighter. Damn it... this Feng Yu was truly brave.

Daring enough to drug him!

"Why are you crying…” Mozhen held back, gritting his teeth to question.

A “click...” broke the silence as the door unlocked, and light flooded into the previously dimmed rest space.

Somehow finding the strength, Jing Che Han pushed Mozhen away. He sat on the edge of the bed, slightly panting.

"What are you two doing!"

At this point, both of them were disheveled, and Mozhen was shirtless. Jing Che Han hurriedly fixed her clothes, but the bright red mark on her neck was glaringly obvious.

"Mr. Mo, how could you do such a thing?"

Mo Zhen slightly lifted his head, an expression of indifference on his face: "Why can't I?"

Feng Yu had personally delivered the woman to him. If he didn't accept it, wouldn't that be a waste of his goodwill?

However, deep down, Mo Zhen had no respect for this man.

For this woman... she probably can't fathom that her fiance had deliberately arranged this.

Now she still eagerly wants his forgiveness? Mo Zhen felt somewhat displeased. Is this woman an idiot?

"Han Han, come here." Feng Yu stretched out his hand to Jing Che Han, who immediately ran towards him, and he wrapped his arm around her.

"Feng Yu, there's really nothing going on between him and me."

Jing Che Han had explained this, but he didn't say whether he believed her. This left her feeling uneasy.

"Mr. Mo, I know your family is very influential, but openly flirting with my fiancee here, if it is known to others, I fear I would have the justified anger."

Feng Yu spoke righteously, and Mo Zhen could not help but laugh. They all say that women change face quickly, it seems that some men are the same, like the man in front of him.

"Mr. Feng... you are really hypocritical." Mo Zhen mocked.

"Mr. Mo, I had no other choice." Feng Yu furrowed his brows, slowly speaking.

"So, what do you propose?" Since quite a significant leverage had fallen in someone else's hand, let him speak.

Feng Yu acted meticulously, going through so much trouble, what exactly did he want? This made Mo Zhen curious.

"Mr. Mo, there's a prime location near the Empire Building..."

Mo Zhen narrowed his eyes, "Indeed, but judging by the capabilities of your company, I’m afraid it might not be enough to take on that piece of land."

Mo Zhen always conducted himself with a clear distinction between public and private affairs. Despite Feng Yu's company not being small, they were eliminated from contention for that piece of land near Empire Tower before they even began their bid.

"Mr. Mo might think so, but the present situation is different. I happen to have a video clip of what you just did to my fiancée right here…” If these were reported to the media, what do you think they'd write about?"

Feng Yu looked full of confidence, believing Mo Zhen would agree with him.

Jing Che Dan's face turned pale, she looked at Feng Yu in disbelief,

"Feng Yu, are you really going to release this video? I'm the one in it."

Even though she and Mo Zhen hadn’t crossed the last line, there were quite a few revealing scenes in the video. If other people saw it, how could she live?

Feng Yu tried to comfort her, "Don't worry, when the time comes, I'll find a way to blur your face in the video.”

Jing Che Dan still couldn't believe it, that these words came from her fiancé's mouth.

Blur her face? What did it matter, wasn't she still the one in the video?

"How bout it, Mr. Mo? It's just a small piece of prime real estate. For your Mo Family, it shouldn't mean much. Compared with the consequences after the exposure of this matter, it’s hardly anything worth mentioning. Mr. Mo should know what to do."

Feng Yu continued his threat, because he was one hundred percent confident in this matter.

Suddenly, Jing Che Dan made a huge decision. She walked toward Mo Zhen, daringly placed both her hands on his shoulders.

Mo Zhen clenched his fists, the heat in his abdomen growing stronger and stronger. If it weren't for his strong will, he would have pounced like most men.

"What?” Mo Zhen's voice was hoarse. The woman who had just seen him as a poisonous snake was now boldly drawing near to him.

"If you accept his proposal, then you're at a loss," Jing Chehan pointed out, obviously referring to the deal Feng Yu mentioned just now. Feng Yu clenched his teeth, observing the scene unfold before him.

This side of Jing Chehan was unfamiliar to him, making him think back to the three years he had been dating her. She scarcely ever showed him affection; at most, they would hold hands. If it weren't for her beauty, who would put up with such a girlfriend? After all, all women seemed to act the same. It appeared that he had been far too gentlemanly in the past.

But now, to be able to exchange her for this prime piece of land, it would be as if he recouped the time he wasted on her.

Jing Chehan gnashed her teeth, "We haven't done anything yet, and you're handing over the golden real estate to him just like that. Don't you think it's a loss?"

Mo Zhen hooked his lips upwards, one hand wrapping around Jing Chehan's waist. Facing Feng Yu, he gave her lips a hard bite as his voice took on a raspy edge.

"You are correct. It indeed feels like a loss."

"So, do you want to make it worthwhile..." Jing Chehan's palm was sweating. It was her first time being so bold.

"How so?"

Jing Chehan leaned into Mo Zhen's ear and whispered something, causing his brooding eyes to sparkle. She was so forthcoming; how could he, as a man, politely refuse?

Suddenly, about a dozen bodyguards entered the room, standing respectfully to one side in two neat rows.

"Mr. Feng, since you are so generous, how can I refuse your kind offer?" Mo Zhen said while gently pinching Jing Chehan's snow-white chin, "But, first I need to inspect the merchandise to see if it's worth it."

On the top floor of the Hilton Hotel resided the presidential suite where Mo Zhen lived.

As the door was opened, Mo Zhen strode towards the bedroom carrying Jing Chehan in his arms.

“Let me go…”

She regretted. She shouldn't have provoked this man, even to irritate Feng Yu. Jing Chehan realized this man was not someone she should provoke.

“If you know what's good for you, behave, or you won't be able to bear the consequences.”

This woman was incredibly uncooperative, fussing and crying, truly exasperating.

If it weren't for the fact that she was the only woman around and he couldn't find a better candidate right now…

Did she actually think that he would be attracted to her?

It hurt! The heartrending pain was unbearable; Jing Chehan couldn't hold back her tears of humiliation. Why was he treating her like this?

All she wanted was a home and to marry the man she loved.

She had thought that Feng Yu would be the best choice, but…

In reality, it had proven that she was blind. She was deluding herself from start to finish. Feng Yu did not care about her at all.

Mo Zhen's fingers touched her teardrops.

Was she really so unwilling? Any traces of his initial gentleness vanished, causing Mo Zhen to quicken his pace.

Jing Chehan felt numb, like a broken doll, no longer feeling anything.

She felt as if she had fallen into an abyss, unable to climb up again.


The moment she opened her eyes, a man was propped on his elbow, looking at her.

Jing Chehan felt sore all over her body, completely drained of strength, while the man in front of her was so vibrant.

Mo Zhen took the clothes that had been prepared early, "Put these on, there are other matters to attend to soon."

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