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In the labor room, Lina give birth a cute boy.

Conratulation maam, he is a handsome child, the nurse said. But Lina not on the state of mind, because she don't know how to take her child. The nurse ask, what is the name of this child maam? Lina replied, I name him Ashu. Wow, its a beautiful name maam,exclaimed by the nurse. Lina smile faintly. I take your child maam for taking a bath,just have a good rest for now, said the nurse. Lina nooded her head and lay down the bed, she close her eyes and thinking where do she give his son. A moments later the nurse came back and return the child to his mother.

On the following day, the nurse inform Lina that she can able to go out in the hospital. You can finish the discharge procedure maam, go to the billing section. Don't worry I will help take care your child while you processing, the nurse said. Lina smiled to the nurse and say thank you. Sorry to disturb you nurse. No problem maam, the nurse replied.

Lina go to the billing section to complete the discharge procedure. Finally, I' m done. Lina instead return to the ward and get her son she go out to the hospital not bringing his son. Sorry son, I have to leave you. I know the nurse will take care you. Lina take a final glance to the ward, and leave without turning her head.

While in the ward the nurse feel uneasy and confused why Lina still not return. It has been a hour since Lina complete the discharge procedure. The baby is now crying hard looking for his mother, what am I doing to do.Where's Lina, why she still not there,ask the nurse to herself. Ah, I have no choice I have to look Lina in the billing section. She carried the baby out of the ward and go to the billing section. The nurse not see Lina there, she feel nervous on this time. She ask the teller, does Lina Indit have completed processing? The teller check the record and said yes. She finish an hour ago. The nurse shocked on what she heard. Where is she? She not coming back the ward to take his son. Does she abandoned his son? Chief guard, do you see a lady coming out wearing white dress, she has slender body and she is 5'5 in height? What the name nurse? Lina Indit. Oh yeah, she already go out an hour ago. What? , the nurse get panic. Chief, why you allowed her to go, she has to bring her son with her, the nurse crying while questioning the guard. He said, she will come back, not to worry there is somebody take care my son, reply by the guard. She leave me this note, if ever someone carry her son to go out. The nurse read the note. Nurse, I'm sorry I have to leave my son under your care. I can't able to raise him. I know you can take care of him in my absence. Sorry to bother you. Sincerely, Linda. The nurse not knowing how to do, how to raise this child. She is still so young and she is living alone in her apartment.The nurse facing back and forth until one woman approach her. What's the problem nurse? She is Rose, she's looking a child that she wants to adopt. The nurse absent mindedly answer, the mother of this child abandoned him. I don't know where should I leave this child. He is so petty. Rose got excited, if that the case I'm looking a child to be adopted. Leave that child to me, I raise him as my own flesh. The nurse is happy upon hearing Rose. Really maam? Thank you, thank you maam. Take this child maam, take care of him. I'm so glad, you found me. Rose take the baby from the nurse. Oh, your so handsome. Don't worry baby I raise you. I am now your mother. Rose talk the baby happily. What his name? Ashu maam. The nurse excuse herself, excuse me maam I have to go, I still have work to do. When you go out, just show this to the guard proof that mother of him already completed the discharge procedure. Once again, thank you maam. Rose take the paper, thank you nurse.Rose leave the the hospital and carried out the baby happily. Her wish is now fulfill. She take the baby to her villa. Baby you have now a new parents. Me and my husband will raise you as our own. Rose whisper the baby and kiss. The baby somewhat understand of Rose, giggle. Rose happily go home and she call Lando for the good news. The phong ring, after a minute the other line connected. Hello honey! Hi honey, guess what? Hmm, did you found a baby? Yes exactly honey. I'm on my way home now. Lets talk when you home. Okay honey, take care. I'll head home after this. You too honey, take care. Bye! Bye honey. Rose and Lando are both excited having a baby.

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