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HR Director Office

Aurora is standing in front of the office table. Holding her hand together in front and trying to calm herself.

"What happened!? Didn't you say that everything was ready?

The HR Director yelled at her. The middle-aged woman is furious about the unexpected technical error that happened in the training room this morning. Aurora was the one assigned to it.

"Well, yeah I said that---" she maintained her composure in answering the HR Director but she won't allow her to finish her statement.

"Then, what happened!" She slammed her open palms on her table.

"Why don't you ask your niece?" Aurora could no longer hold her temper.

Mrs. Santos face flushed. She gave her a sharp look. "What are you trying to say, Ms. Fernandez!?" She gritted her teeth in annoyance.

"How do you understand what I've said?" Aurora chuckled.

She knows the HR Director conspired with her niece to sabotage her.

"Y-You, I am---"

Aurora cut Mrs. Santos's words. "You are a dirty, biased, and unethical director," she said without any reluctance.

The old woman trembled. She rose from her seat and turned to slap Aurora who quickly caught her wrist and pushed her to the floor.

"Ouch!" The HR Director cried. Her secretary rescued and helped her to get up. "How dare you push me? You disrespectful bitch!"

She runs towards Aurora and tried to attack her but the younger woman was quick and avoided her. She then again stumbled into the tiled floor of her office. Her secretary is laughing inside.

Aurora spoke, "I am not disrespectful, and don't you ever call me a bitch!" She reached for the water-filled glass in the director's table and poured it to her. "Here, this might help wash your evilness away," she grinned and put the glass back. "Bye!"

"Don't ever come back! You are fired!"

She heard the woman shout at her. Her colleagues were waiting for her to go out of the office. Their faces are asking her what happened. Knowing Aurora, they know she will not let anyone bully her. Even the director. She smiled at them and quickly sat on her swivel chair. She typed on her computer and urgently printed three pages resignation letter. She was finished when a tall, slender, and pretty girl approach her.

It's Kimberly Reyson, niece to the HR Director who wishes for her position.

"Hey Aurora, it's surprising that you are still sitting in your chair after your incapability. The director should have---," the three pages resignation letter was violently slapped into her face before she could finish her words.

"Who says I'll be fired? Correction, I resign." Aurora emphasized her last words.

"Ouch!" Kimberly cried in pain. Her face reddened because of the impact of Aurora's slap.

The other employees were just silent, some are laughing in their minds. Kimberly deserves it after all. Rose, Aurora's closest friend covered her mouth with her palms. She was not surprised by her friend's actions, at all. She just got excited and worried for her at the same time.

"You think I'll not find out your dirty conspiracy with your evil aunt, huh?" Aurora clenched her teeth while pulling Kimberly's hair.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" Kimberly tried to fight back but Aurora is a good fighter. So, she just cried out in pain.

"Oh really?" Aurora laughed. "How about this?" She pushed the woman and her sidekick caught her so she didn't fall to the floor.

Aurora played the recorded video on her cellphone revealing the vicious conversation of Mrs. Santos and Kimberly in the corridor. She was practicing her TikTok dance in the corridor to ease her nervousness before the training session starts when she heard the two coming. Her instinct told her to hide immediately so she left her phones on the window stool. She uses two phones when recording, the other one is playing the TikTok dance she's practicing and the other one is a video recording her. Thankfully, the audio was too little to be heard by the two women.

"Now, tell me you don't know what I am saying," she shared the video to their group chats and everyone in the office pulled their phone and played the sent video.

"This is bullying!" Grace, best friend of Kimberly reacted. "Aurora you are a bully!"

"You called me a bully? What do you call your friend, then?"

Aurora laughed sassily.

The entire workplace was filled with murmuring, they looked at Kimberly indifferently. The woman could no longer keep her embarrassment so she ran away. Her best friend followed her.



"Don't you think it's unfair?" Her friend Rose questioned her. They are in the fast-food in front of the building they were working. No, she was working with.

"Unfair? Of course, it is." Aurora continued eating her food without looking at her friend.

"Why don't you look affected?" Rose furrowed her brows at her.

"Why would I?" She asked wiping her mouth with a tissue.

"They fired you even after finding out Mrs. Santos and Kimberly's unethical deeds," Rose emphasized her words.

"So?" She cupped her right face with her palm and placed her elbow on the table.

"So you lose a job again," her friend squinted her eyes. "How many jobs have you lost this year, Aurora? Are you not afraid of not finding another one?" She asked her in a worried tone.

She chuckled. "As long as I'm capable, I'll still find a job, okay?"

"I hope so. I pray for you," Rose sipped her juice using a straw. "Are you not getting tired of switching jobs?" She asked.

Aurora heaved a deep sigh. Tired? Of course, she is. But she can't stay in an unhealthy workplace. She's always been targeted by the envious and incapable employees. They even tagged her a stubborn and bitch. Well, she is.

"Thank you for praying for me. I can't get tired," she furrowed. "I'll leave any company that won't do anything good to me. I don't want toxic people around."

"Well, you should be reminded that you are also toxic sometimes," Rose laughed and she coughed after choking on the juice she just drank.

"Good for you," Aurora rolled her eyes and went back to eating.



"Ms. Fernandez, the audio won't work," her assistant informed her.

"Try the other microphones we reserved," Aurora told her.

"We did that, but it's all the same," she told her in panic.

"How did that happen?" Aurora asked.

"It's like someone purposely cut the cables," her assistant told her in a whispering tone.

She knows that the HR Director, Mrs. Santos, and Kimberly were plotting something evil against her. She thought they will just make her fall or slide down, or put gum on her chair just to be ridiculed. But she does not expect them to use the training to sabotage her. However, she remained calm. She can't mess up in the eyes of the trainees and investors.

They are currently having training for the newly hired Real Estate Consultant and some of their target investors are here to act as the clients. They are done with the discussion and hands-on on some software programs and tools and they will now proceed to the workshop. The setup would be in the form of online meetings or consultations wherein the newly hired consultant will be giving recommendations to the supposed clients. She and her team made sure that everything was ready. From the desktop, microphones, down to the cable wire. But now, her assistant is telling her that all audios won't work. How surprising!

"What's wrong Aurora?" Mrs. Santos asked her in an irritated tone.

"…" She did not answer her. She might end up slapping the woman if she talks to her.

Aurora faced their future investors instead. "I'm sorry, we are having some technical error ---" her words were cut by one of them.

"Is this the kind of service do you offer your clients, Ms. Fernandez? If this happens in the training room, I wonder if this ever happens in the actual situation," Mr. Smith shook his head in disappointment. "I'm afraid I have to go. I can't waste my time here," he stood up and walked out of the room.

The other investors did the same.

"Look at what you did!" Mrs. Santos scolded her and followed them.

"Hypocrite!" Aurora shouted in her mind.

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