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I can feel it,that euphoric feeling and fear. The forbidden sensation that propelled me forward, that made me open my heavy mouth and ask the question that I have been dying to

“What would you do to me Arnold?” Almost couldn't recognize my voice, so deep and raspy releshinh the want that I have been feeling for the past few days, driving me insanely crazy in the most taunting way ever.

The fire was clearly ignited in Arnold's eyes, but he looked calm, collected in a way I wasn’t but that shouldn't come as a surprise right?

“I’d start out by kissing the corner of your lips. Right here.”

Arnold reached out and brushed his thumb over the left side of my mouth, ever lightly yet sending chills down my spine.

“Just…just right there?” I was ridiculously breathless when all Arnold Thomas is doing ,was talking about a damn kiss.

“Before showing you in every inch how much I burn for you, yes. From there, I’d kiss the other side. I’d draw it out, tease you and make you wait, savor you because I know it might certainly be my only time with you, and I know you’d be dying for it, for my tongue against yours and whatever else I chose to do to you.”

My cock began to plump behind my athletic pants. My breathing picked up even more, quick, short, embarrassingly reading through my pounding needs.

Arnold slid his thumb along my bottom lip. “After I kissed you here, I’d trail my mouth down your neck, then back up again. Maybe lick your collarbone, behind your ear, suck your earlobe.”

“Oh God.” I closed my eyes. I was getting off on him doing nothing more than talking to me and touching my mouth. Christ, how could I keep going? How could I stop this?

“Open your eyes, Lucas. I’d want you to look at me so you knew exactly who was driving you wild.”

I did as he ordered, obeying easily. “I, um… Would you kiss me then?”

“Oh yes. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. Since the first moment I saw you at the bar that night, the fight , I’ve been making myself crazy, wondering what you taste like. I’d torture you some more first, though, wait until you were out of your mind for a simple fucking kiss before I gave it to you, before I pushed my tongue inside and gave you what you were dying for.”

I was losing it. My whole body was trembling now from his promises , and I swore it felt like I was going to burst, there was so much pressure inside.

“You have me hard, so fucking hard. Did you ever jack off thinking of me? I did thinking of you.”

“Yesss,” I replied on a hiss, surprised I was being honest, but I didn’t have it in me to hold back. I wanted Arnold,my very own Australian muse to do everything he’d said to me. I want him to do more.

“Good. I’d like to see that, but if I am afraid If only had once with you, I’d do it myself. After I kissed you, I’d take your shirt off and lick and suck my way down your gorgeous body until I got to your pants.”

I leaned against the back of the couch and rubbed my hand over my erection, watching him, listening to him. I couldn’t find it in myself to care anymore.

“I’d slide them off, touch you, stroke you. I bet you’re real fucking big. I bet you have a nice, fat cock. It would be leaking, wouldn’t it? I’d rub my thumb over the head, then taste your precome. I’d probably be losing my fucking mind by then, so I’d get on my knees for you, nuzzle your balls, lick and suck them before I took your cock to the back of my throat.”

I pressed harder with the palm of my hand, rough friction against my erection, wishing it was more, wishing it was Arnold's.

“I’m really good at sucking dick. I’d even let you fuck my throat, and when you came, I’d swallow every last drop. When you fell back, limp and sated, I’d jerk off on you until my come painted your muscular chest and abs.”

My vision was blurring, my groin thrusting against my hand, my body tingling, arching up off the cushion, the pressure building and building until I let go, cried out, and came in my pants from nothing more than a little rubbing and listening to Arnold talk like this.

I fell back, just like he’d said, only I wasn’t naked, and he hadn’t sucked me off or jacked off on me. He hadn’t kissed me and had barely touched my mouth. I threw an arm over my face, shame working its way through me. I’d just come in my pants over…nothing.

Maybe it's just how this forbidden pleasure getting the better part of me , it's been quite some time since I had come. Not even with my long time girlfriend

“I can’t believe I just did that,” I said softly.

“Don’t hide.” Arnold pulled my arm away ever so gently and maybe it's because he is a Doctor thatakes him to be appealing caring, I could trust him.

Well,I do trust him with my biggest secret.

“That was sexy as hell, and you obviously needed it.”

“Not helping,” I replied with a small smile. My gaze darted to his groin. He was very clearly hard, maybe a bit harder than I.

“I’m sorry.” I couldn’t say what I was apologizing for, just felt like I needed to.

Should he be doing this? I shouldn't be here but this feels so damn right, almost like home.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. Like I said, that was hot. I have a perfectly good hand. Have you ever been with a man at all? Even before professional football?”

That time when I looked away, Doctor Arnold Thomas didn’t try to stop me. “No.”

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