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In her previous life, Chu Qingge was an honorable empress, but she was stabbed in the heart by the scumbag emperor and buried for the rest of her life. In exchange for ten years of love, the jerk sent her to the west and destroyed her whole family. She di


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"What a beautiful snow. I don't know how long I can watch it..."

In front of an old courtyard in the imperial harem of the North Yan Kingdom, a woman looked up and smiled, letting the heavy snow fall on her head and brushing her cheeks.

If her face had not been covered with a twisted scar like that of an earthworm, her legs that had been chopped off at the base of her thigh, and her crippled arms, this scene would have been wonderful.

Who would have thought that she was the most honorable Empress of the North Yan Kingdom!

Time flew.

She was now her husband, the third year since the North Yan Emperor ascended the throne. In the past three years, she had never left this courtyard.

This year was even colder than in previous years. She did not know if she could survive the winter. She just wanted to take advantage of her strength to climb out and take a good look at this world.

Everyone in the world knew that she, Chu Qingge, had descended to the mortal world and was destined to be a phoenix maiden. She would definitely have endless glory and wealth for the rest of her life.

At first, she smiled.

It wasn't until her husband had ascended to the throne from an idle prince that she was willing to believe it.

She had personally helped her husband take the throne.

She poisoned Zhong Liang, threatened her brother to assist her husband, and persuaded her grandfather to help her.

Even if everyone in the world scolded her for bringing harm to the country and people and being unfaithful to injustice, she still tried her best to consolidate the power of the imperial court for him and help him ascend the throne.

Because this was his lifelong wish, because he was her husband, because she loved him...

She took all the blame for him and did not hesitate to be the enemy of the whole world. Unexpectedly, her infatuation finally came to nothing.

His love was fake. She was just a stepping stone for him to ascend the throne!

Other than that, there was no other use.


After the loud noise, the broken courtyard door fell to the ground.

A woman in splendid clothes with a phoenix crown on her head, surrounded by the palace servants, strolled in.

When she saw Chu Qingge lying on the snow, she slowly raised her delicate lips and showed a mocking smile. She did not hide it.

"Hey, do you think it's cold in the courtyard? Come on, our empress thinks it's too hot. Hurry up and give her more clothes!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the palace servants came forward, quickly took off Chu Qingge's clothes, and tied her to the crooked plum tree in the courtyard.

The years of abuse made Chu Qingge's original broken body look even thinner, like a dead tree with no vitality.

But she closed her eyes slightly and did not frown from beginning to end. She resisted, looking indifferent and fearless.

Without the expected struggle and cries, Chu Ruolan held his breath in his heart and had nowhere to go. In particular, Chu Qingge's transcendent manner made her feel particularly dazzling.

She hated Chu Qingge's high and mighty face the most.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly sneered. "By the way, I've been living in this courtyard for a long time. I don't think I've heard that the Su family, which has been supporting you for a long time, has died."

"His Majesty personally ordered that after your maternal grandfather was executed, the corpse was thrown into a mass grave outside the city and fed to wild dogs. After your maternal grandmother died, the corpse was tied up and hung at the city gate."

"The women of the Su family have all been sold to the brothel. They will be prostitutes for the rest of their lives. They have a pair of jade-like arms, a pair of pillows, and a pair of red lips."

"And your brothers and uncles. They were burned, and there was not a single piece of their bones left... Tsk, tsk. How miserable."

Hearing this, Chu Qingge's dead gray eyes suddenly widened.

How could it be like this!

Her maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, her elder brother, her uncles... were all her closest relatives. They were the only relatives in the world who truly cared for her!

But now... that foolish king had destroyed her entire clan!

Her heart ached so much that she couldn't shed a single tear. Instead, she threw her head back and laughed.

The laughter was more shrill than a cry.

The people in the palace all thought that the Empress, who used to be respected and united the six palaces, had gone crazy in this cold palace.

She smiled, and her face was full of tears.

"It's all my fault. My eyes are blind and I can't distinguish between man and beast! I have nothing to say about my ending today. Poor Su family, my closest relatives have been humiliated by you ungrateful bastards!"

"Now that the situation is settled, I have no way to reverse it. Do you want to force me to hand over the 'Canon of Divine Doctor'? Dream on! I won't say a word even if I die."

"Let's do it. Hurry up. I'm in a hurry to meet my maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother in hell."

Chu Qingge said word by word, loud and clear.

After that, she slowly closed her eyes, looking like she was ready to die.

Chu Ruolan could not bear to see her like this. She immediately snatched a razor-fork from the palace servant's hands and swiped it across her face!

"Pa da..."

A piece of bloody flesh was cut off and oozed blood, falling on the snow.

Blood dripped down from the wound on her face and fell into the snow. The blood was red, even redder than the red plums on her head.

Does it hurt?

Chu Qingge didn't know what pain was.

Three years had passed.

Since she was trapped in this cold palace, Chu Ruolan had been thinking of ways to abuse her every day and torture her into her current human-like state.

She was used to three years of torture.

What's more, compared with her maternal grandfather and the others, her pain was nothing!

"Chu Qingge, do you think you are still the former empress, the phoenix girl of heaven? You are not as good as a dog now! If you can obediently hand over the Magic Doctor's Treasured Book, I can give you a quick death!"

Chu Ruolan's voice echoed in her ears. Chu Qingge bit her lips and did not say a word.

"Chu Qingge, you..."

"His Majesty has arrived!"

Chu Ruolan's killing intent had just risen. She did not want the Northern Yan Emperor to step into the cold palace surrounded by a group of palace servants.

"Your Majesty, I'm stubborn, and I still don't want to say..." Chu Ruolan put on a pitiful look and threw herself into the arms of the Northern Yan Emperor.

"Lan'er, thank you for your hard work."

The Northern Yan Emperor shook Chu Ruolan's hands, which were a little cold, and his eyes were full of pity.

Chu Qingge finally opened her eyes.

Her eyes were full of anger, as sharp as a knife. "Murong Lingbai, you're finally here!"

Her voice was hoarse and sharp, as cold as ice, as if she wanted to eat someone.

The Northern Yan Emperor was shocked and a hint of panic flashed through his eyes.

"B*tch! How dare you call me by my name! Guards! This b*tch dares to despise me and execute me on the spot! As for what I want, I will definitely find it. There is no need to waste my time on this b*tch."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The guards had just received the order and before they could carry it out, the Northern Yan Emperor had snatched the knife from Chu Ruolan's hand and stabbed it into Chu Qingge's chest!

Chu Qingge was so painful that she almost suffocated.

Did he dislike the guards for being too slow? This man, whom she had loved for ten years, actually wanted to kill her so urgently!

Blood kept pouring out, dyeing the pure white snow red. Chu Qingge's breath gradually disappeared. Her eyes were red, and a drop of blood ran down her cheek.

"Murong Lingbai, Chu Ruolan, if there is an afterlife, you'd better pray that you don't meet me..."

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