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Episode 1



People say the supernatural is just a fantasy, a myth.. a fairy tail that it doesn't exist but its not true, I don't believe in the supernatural but I know they exist, even the holy books and mythical texts have talked about them... Giants once lived in this earth but there are no more... Witches exist and they live among us. 

Everything most human tend to believe is not true or doesn't exist does.... 

History is a very cunning thing, those who witness these kind of beings either refuse to write about them or erase very trace of their existence completely off the books fearing the kind of power they possess but as we all know Fate works in a mysterious ways. 

My name is Riley Femi, a soon to be graduate and student of history, I'm quite the celebrity at school of winning the Universal history quiz contest and bringing fame to our university  and country, Everyone began to see me as a hero, especially the ladies, not only were the ladies interested of me because of my fame but also I was quite the Charming guy, so not bad if you ask me. 

But I'm not the guy that basks in fame and luxury for long.. I like to be left alone and do some other things like sight seeing and taking long walks in the forest. You may call me weird or creepy, but I find it soothing and peaceful when I do that. 

As for my family, I'm from a family of religious folks , my father Mr. Femi,  is a Doctor,  he usually prays  before treating or performing a surgery and as for my mom, Mrs. Sara was a catholic activist, always going to church and giving hard core speeches about Christ and the christian faith. 

My brother Lionel and I were quite different from our parents, Lionel was the party and enjoy life kind of guy, always partying around, having fun with ladies and enjoying the good things in life.... What a family, right? 

When you put us all together you might think that, we never get along but we do, we love each other, and work things out together when the going goes rough, But despite all that we don't share the same ideas, While I may believe in the existence of the supernatural, my mom hates them, my mom would always pray silently at night, praying to God to protect us against witches and devils, and when I try to watch any movies relating to the supernatural, she wouldn't allow us to watch it, even mentioning of it means trouble, you either get flogged or punished, but that was a long time ago.. Now she would only preach and scold us especially me about it. 

Sara  "Riley I've told you times without number, never mentioned those damned creatures here in this house. 

Riley "But mom, its not forbidden to talk about them, unless you try to worship them. 

Sara "I don't care... You're not supposed to be talking about them, they're all servants of the devil and don't forget this is a christian home and I won't allow my children to wallow in such devilish conspiracies. 

That's how it is, always going on... So the only way to avoid mom's scolding was by not mentioning it in her presence. 

Ibadan is a place where there are lots of forestry and forests, and as it turns out, our house was close to bush or rather our area was surrounded by it. 

Every night I would go out and take deep walks into it, to pass the time or to calm myself and feel the sweet smell of nature. 

My favorite spot was a big Iroko tree which some claimed was hundreds of years old and was cursed,.... Naija people too dey fear. 

I would climb the Iroko tree right up to the top, to see the view of the neighborhood which was lovely and beautiful..... 

One Sunday evening as I was taking a walk to my usual spot, I saw some thing right in front of the Iroko tree where I usually stood, I couldn't tell who it was but the figure of the person looked feminine, as I walked on I decided to check who it was. 

Riley   "Hey! You there.... Are you lost? 

As soon as I said that, the person turned around, I couldn't see the face or what she looked like, as she saw me, she disappeared into thin air, I couldn't believe it, she just vanished like she wasn't there... I had to rub my eyes to see if I was dreaming but I wasn't.. 

In this kind of circumstances, a regular  person would run for his dear life but I didn't, instead I walked to where the stranger stood looking around if I could see her. Strange. 

As I was about  to walk away, I saw an object on the ground, it looked more like a necklace, I picked it up and examine it, the object on the necklace looked like the devil's triangle the one Satan worshippers draw on their forehead. 

Despite how it looked, it was really Beautiful, so I put it in my pocket and went back home. 

Later that night when my brother and I were in our room, I decided to tell him about it. 

Riley   "Bro, I wan talk to you.

bro, I want to talk to you


Lio  " Wetin? I wan sleep jare...

I want to sleep


Riley   "You believe in ghosts? 

Lio  "You don start now abi? Why you come they talk about ghost for this time of the night?

you have started again, why are you talking about ghost this night


Riley  "As I dey go that Iroko tree, I see one stranger wey look like woman, but as I talk to am, she vanish.

As I was walking toward the iroko tree, I saw a stranger that looks like a woman, but as I talked to her, she vanished


Lio  "She run? 

Riley  "No, as in she vanish, disappear like that. 

Lio  "Disappear? 

Riley  "Yes. 

Lio  "Guy, you smoke weed? Wetin dey worry you, see the problem of believing in nonsense bah? Soon you go dey talk nonsense.. Guy you don mad o...

guy you are mad


Riley  "No, seriously I thought say na illusion but na real o, see wetin I find for the place. 

I showed him the necklace, he collected it and examined it for a while, I was hoping he would see the sense in what I was saying but before I knew it, he threw the necklace back at me. 

Lio   "Guy go sleep, I think say your head no correct maybe if you sleep you, your head go format that nonsense and tomorrow you go think like better person.

guy go and sleep I think that your head is not correct, maybe if can sleep I think your head will be in good format


Riley   "But the necklace... 

Lio  "Guy!? No disturb me... That necklace na junk, if you go market, you go see something like this, maybe na one idiot come throw am way...... Ghost ke? Abeg sleep.  

Lionel pulled his blanket over him and went to sleep... Well at least he listened to what I had to say.... But I definitely know I saw something and this necklace isn't something someone threw away cause I go to the Iroko tree every day, so there's no way I couldn't have possibly seen this. After staring at the necklace for a while, I felt asleep. 

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