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" miss Anna there are visitors for u" oh greater I hope that they didn't bring any trouble.. " bring them in " Tasha bows and leave my office. I put my paper works in my drawer and adjust myself on my chair then I breathed out in satisfaction of relaxing soft in my chair. I then closed my eyes

don't u want to know who is here.

Scarlet my wolf said.

Let me relax please

I scoffed.. I heard footsteps getting in my office..

hahaha..our mate is here

what?? I snapped my eyes fully open and looked infront of me.

Oh damnit why did I get scared all of the sudden. My feet were weak and my lips were trembling. I quickly looked away. Does he even know me?

" Are u the owner of this pack" his voice is harsh, manly and scary. I felt the annoying feeling that I hate. My heart even skipped many times . " And who is asking?? " I asked with a smile. Of course I know who is asking. Alpha Deric, the useless alpha . " I guess you must be a fool if you don't know me " you are crazy thinking that am a fool. I can never be a fool in my life like my..no you not mate. " maybe. How may I be of help? " I put my hands on the table " your pack is illegal, it's not on the list of packs that we know of " hhm. He is the one who is the fool here. I thought he will ask me to leave but still he is asking questions. What a weak alpha

" Maybe it's because u didn't ask about it "

" What's there to ask about ur stupid pack?" He says.

" Well my pack is not here to harm anyone and besides in our pack we help each other. We save lives and protect our selves" I must be proud of saying this cause am smiling. Damn you Anna.

" Do u know the risks that u are taking.?? You are a woman and leading a pack.. impossible. And such packs are weak." Well think twice. Am not any weak woman as u say. Am Anna and not just Anna u know. " Then let me show u that am not weak" I giggled.

" And with what..?? Seducing ??" Him and his beta shared a short laugh

That made me angry but I stayed calm I stood up.

" Why don't you beta fight with one of my pack member.?? You see am a good trainer .. am sure he won't stand a chance." They both laughed looking at me..geez can't we just get this over with.. " and if you lose?" What a stupid question to ask. I'll never lose boy.

" Then you do what ever you want but if u loose my pack stays." I don't always give a negative thought about what I do or what I say.

" You got some bold thoughts there..well it's a deal.!" We'll sure do " I can lend them to you to use you know" I said in a smile seeing his face burn in anger.

I led them outside. When we got there my pack gathered and made a circle.

Well let me take Kitana for this fight. She is strong and I trained her for the whole 7 months since she came here. She was found in the woods naked and abused. But since then she fears no man.i looked at her and looked at deric's beta..well something is up with him. He looks so happy. Argh that's by the way they should fight, lose and get their butts out of my pack. " Kitana" I called out for her and she came forward. " I want u to fight..him..will u do that?" I point at deric's beta. " Sure" Deric and his beta laugh a little. " She picked a girl for you.!" Deric says " well they stand no chance at all" he respond back. " Will fight or you are scared of a woman. ??" I asked. Well am mocking him of course.

Well Kitana was already waiting for him in the circle. Anyways they started to fight in their human forms..the beta found it difficult to defeat her so he took his fury wolf form. It was no use of it. My Kitana took her form too making the fight 50/50 she still pinned him on the ground. The beating he got while on the ground..it was terrible I can't imagine how much pain he is feeling right now. Then something happened. His hand got broken..I saw how Deric was furious so he took his form trying to join the fight but I also took my form. I stood infront of him and I warned him.

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