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In the high-level district of Jiang City.

In the parking lot.

Chu Yun poked his head out of the car window.

With a flick of his fingers, he peeled off the cigarette ash in his hand.

Those deep eyes were fixed on the graceful figure not far away.

Li Jiaqi.

He was Chu Yun's wife.

It had been more than two years since they got married, but they had never slept in the same bed. Li Jiaqi was already beautiful and had good abilities, which highlighted Chu Yun's incompetence.

"Jiaqi, get in the car." Chu Yun threw the cigarette in her hand on the ground and said nervously.

Hearing this, Li Jiaqi was stunned, and her pretty face suddenly turned cold, because there were other people around her. Although this useless man was her husband, she didn't want to show this guy in front of her colleagues.

As the person in charge of Heng Jia Real Estate, she couldn't afford to lose face.

"Why are you here?"

Li Jiaqi's face was slightly cold. She looked around carefully as she spoke. This good-for-nothing man could not be seen by the others around him. Once he saw it, he would be in big trouble.

As the female president of a company, how could she be discussed by the employees?

"Hey? Jiaqi, is this your husband?"

"No wonder he is hiding. This man is really not good!"

"No wonder Mr. Li works overtime every day. If I had such a useless husband, I wouldn't go home!"

"Do you know? I saw Young Master Jin coming yesterday. He is so handsome! He and Mr. Li are a match made in heaven!" Not far away, the colleagues who came quickly in twos and threes began to talk about it, which immediately made Li Jiaqi raise her eyebrows.

"It's all because of this good-for-nothing!"

To think that he would lose face in front of all his colleagues today.

"Why are you still not driving? Why are you in a daze?" Li Jiaqi took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. Only then did she speak calmly. Although this good-for-nothing in front of her was useless, he was also a person who had a hard time. Under normal circumstances, Li Jiaqi was not willing to lower herself to his level.

But Li Jiaqi didn't expect that this guy would come to the company.

"Don't appear in our company in the future!" Li Jiaqi's voice was not loud, but the disgust in it was not hidden at all. This man was useless to everyone. He was a joke.

Being with such a person and commanding her, the female president of a real estate company, to be laughed at by others!

Even if she couldn't bear it, she still had to say these words. After all, this guy was useless.


Chu Yun was taken aback.

Usually, even if she was impatient, she would not be so straightforward.


Li Jiaqi was silent and did not continue. She just took a deep breath, but she did not hide the disgust in her cold eyes.

"It's nothing. Get out of here quickly. I don't need you to pick me up in the future!" Li Jiaqi was inexplicably irritated, but she didn't say too much. Her pretty face was full of disgust.

Chu Yun frowned.

Her eyes were cold, but she didn't say anything in the end.

Although he was a useless piece of trash in the eyes of these people, Chu Yun had clearly heard what they had said before.

In the past, such things could be said to have happened everywhere.

He had been in Li Jiaqi's house for three years.

But in the past three years, the couple did not share the same room.

"That's not a big deal."

Li Jiaqi's parents usually made things difficult for her with cold words. Moreover, all the household chores were done by her. In their eyes, she was not a man at all.

They were just servants at home.

Chu Yun had never forgotten that all these years, the cat that Li Jiaqi had raised was even better than what he had eaten!

Usually, he had to take care of everyone, including the cat.

In the past, Chu Yun often thought that it might be a good thing for him to be Li Jiaqi's cat.

After all, he could sleep with this beauty in his arms.

Thinking of this, Chu Yun frowned and then shook his head. There was no sound in the carriage, and he could not breathe.

After a long while, Chu Yun took a deep breath and his eyes lit up.

He had been awakened for almost ten years.

"It's almost time, isn't it?"

In the past ten years, he had retreated step by step, not because he did not have the ability, but because he was just grinding his soul and stepping into the key step of cultivation.

At three o'clock in the afternoon today, everything would be rewritten.

The former Chu Yun would no longer exist.

In ten years, he had been trampled underfoot by those guys.

It was one thing for the neighbors to laugh at her, but Li Jiaqi and the people around her began to ridicule her as time went on.

Ten years of concession, ten years of humiliation!

Chu Yun took a deep breath and did not say anything else. He drove in the direction of his home. All these years, in order to polish his soul, Chu Yun had made his future cultivation smoother. He had never fought with anyone.

Even though he had been beaten, he still had a smile on his face.

That wasn't because he was useless!

But he couldn't resist!

Right now!

Time was about to pass. For some reason, Chu Yun's heart was filled with excitement!

Come on!

Come on!

From now on, I, Chu Yun, am not someone that you mortals can bully. Chu Yun smiled, but there was a hint of coldness in his smile. Twenty years ago, he failed in his cultivation and had no choice but to reincarnate.

But it would cost him a lot to do so.

Before he was ten years old, he was a fool.

He awakened his memory when he was ten years old, but he couldn't show off his strength. Otherwise, he would die if his enemies found him in his previous life!

Therefore, over the years, Chu Yun had found a stable identity for himself as a live-in son-in-law!

As a live-in son-in-law of the Li Clan, his status wasn't very prominent, and he wouldn't be noticed at all. In just a few hours, it would be his 20th birthday. At that time, everything would be changed.

Under Chu Yun's control, the car was steadily heading home.

Although Chu Yun was absent-minded, his control over the car had long since stabilized to the extreme.

When the car stopped at the entrance of the yard, Chu Yun smiled.

Then he got out of the car and opened the door for Li Jiaqi. Anyway, he should thank her for the past three years. If it weren't for her three years ago, he didn't know how far he would go now.

Li Jiaqi frowned, but she did not say much. However, her pretty face and IQ were still not hidden, and she hated Chu Yun.

"What's wrong with that good-for-nothing? Shouldn't he have cooked at this time in the past?"

"He's getting bolder and bolder. Why didn't he say anything when he went out? When he comes back, I'll teach him a lesson!" When they walked to the door, they heard a discussion before they entered. Chu Yun just clenched his fists and looked as usual without saying a word.

However, there was a hint of coldness on Li Jiaqi's pretty face. She looked at the changed Chu Yun's face and became a little impatient. This man really didn't have any other women who could enjoy the warmth and care brought by their husbands. She could only enjoy the cold words.


With a silent sigh, Li Jiaqi stepped into the door.

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