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My boss said he would never screw me, but I want to get laid with him!
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Nova’s Lively POV

"Breath, Nova!" I tell myself standing in front of the door of my boss's office.

"God, help me!" I but I can’t focus because all I hear are the banging and the moans which he makes inside. This scoundrel!

Ever since I accepted his father offer to work as his assistant all he did was to put me in a bad light every time he had the chance. He is a fucking jerk! Yes! I said it! My boss is a jerk! The biggest one I know.

Ian Edward Bale, the only son of Mr. Edward Bale, the oil tycoon in the US and not only that, because Mr. Edward Bale Sr. is a golden mine. It is enough to look at something and he already see the opportunity through which he can get rich.

Is there a limit to wealth? I ask for myself because it seems to me that Mr. Edward Bale Sr., although he is one of the richest man in the world, he cannot stop gathering new riches.

But his son is far from that and this is why he needed an assistant. Name something that could harm someone's image. Doesn't anything come to your mind? I'll tell you a few and I don't quote from memory, I just imagine Ian Bale. Let’s see…

Hypocritical, undisciplined, irresponsible, selfish, whore, addicted to adrenaline… and I could continue until tomorrow. Stupid. Did I said stupid? Or a fucking jerk? This is all you will see if you have the opportunity to know him!

I am so stressed right now that I feel like dying but he will never see the way his presence affects me. He is just a spoiled rotten brat. And taking my very professional attitude, as not to postpone the moment, I knock on the door and wait for him to tell me to go into the office.

“Mr. Bale!” I say, knocking again and I hear a woman swearing and then yelling his name. Holy God! Not again!

But in a moment the door opens I see a blonde that is hanging by his neck, and Ian Bale pulls his zipper off his pants throwing at me a used condom.

"Get rid of him and be careful not to use it and then to come and tell me you're pregnant with me!" he tells me and then kiss his blonde bimbo, who is laughing like a fool.

"Sir!" I said with calm throwing the condom on his face “I hope that you are joking”

And I am feeling like I have a little more and vomit. This is a new one! He did a lot of things in the last month since I started to work here, but that's too much.

I try to calm myself but right when I thought that I am calm his bimbo slaps me in the face.

“Next time don’t disturb us! Because of you my Ian didn’t have his happy ending” and he looked at me grinning devilishly.

But this is a new peak of what I thought that is already too much for me. I put my hand on my check and grinning at that blonde I say with coldness.

"Miss Caroline, It's not my fault that Mr. Bale didn't have some happy ending. He is impotent and will have to learn to live with it. And at the same time I think you got the office wrong AGAIN. Why don't you go down two floors below so you can be useful? If you don't want to be fired, I suggest you DISAPPEAR and return to the Marketing Department where you belong!" I tell her with a hypocritical smile.

“Ian, this woman is ruthless! Why don’t you fire her?” the blonde asks pursing his lips at Ian. And I feel like beating her but I stay calm and smile at her.

I start to walk to Ian Bale and I take the used condom from him and holding it in two fingers as if I had shit in front of me, I go to the crying blonde, open her hand and place it in her hand shocking her, but the blonde immediately threw it on the floor as if it had burned her hand.

“I believe you don’t want to leave from here without a memory. Take this shit and leave! Now!" and I just put my hands on my chest and look at her with superiority.

And the bimbo is boiling.

“Ian! She is mocking me” she starts to cry and goes and puts her hands around his neck. “Fire her!”

"He can't!” I tell her and now is my turn to laugh in her face “ I am his assistant and more than that, I am his chaperone. His father hired me to help him and supervise Mr. Bale Jr. So fuck of!”

The blonde immediately disapprovingly frowns, insulting me and threatening me but her words hurts me right in my ass, and I don’t care about her opinion and I can only laugh when I see her thundering and flashing nerves.

"Miss Lively, why are you here?" Ian Bale asks me laughing at the scene before him.

"You called me sir" I tell him and I look at him and my heart almost skips a beat.

I lied to you. Or not. I don’t know, I am just confused because he is all the things I have already told you about him but he is also the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life.

He is 6.3 ft tall, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a straight nose and he has some very kissable lips. He has a perfect constitution and beyond all this the truth is that I have a crush on him. Not from now, not from yesterday, but since I was five I kind of loved him secretly.

Don’t ask, it’s a long story that he doesn’t even remember but the truth is that he annoys me so much because in reality if it could be possible I would like to be his bimbo. But a bimbo with a lot of brain, because I don't lack of it. That’s the reason why accepted this fucking job. I hate him and I like him, enough that I would play this role of army colonel, always dictating and coordinating the battle scene. I am not fighting with some armies. I am fighting daily with Ian Bale to make him see that he is not living just for sex and racing cars.

I am beautiful, and I do not say it with pride. This is the main reason that recommends me as his assistant, at least from his point of view. He hates everything that lacks in beauty. He had tons of male assistants before me, whom he mentally massacred until Mr. Bale Sr. gave in and let him have a female assistant after he promised that he will never try to sleep with her. Mr. Bale Sr. trusts me and he is convinced that I am not interested in any man. Yeah, right...except his son.

As a child his father was my sponsor and I am here today because of his mercy. I was raised in an orphanage owned by his family and that my sad story. Or a part of it but now is not the time to tell you about it. My past made me stronger.

Now, about me, what can I say?

I am Nova Lively. 5.8 ft tall, slim and delicate, chocolate brown long hair, blue eyes and fishy lips. If someone took a picture of me sitting next to Ian Bale, we could easily pass as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

I just look at him as he is grinning like a fool in front of me. He bends down and picks up the used condom from the floor, holding my hand and putting that damned used condom again in my hand.

“Take it Miss Lively” he said “It’s yours!” and he starts to laugh.

I just look at him and even if my crush on him is big enough to make me stay and work for him, right now I feel like strangling him.

I look into his eyes and without saying anything, I that the condom and put it in his jacket pocket.

I smile and look into his eyes making him look at me pale. He know that I not let him escape easily after this.

"Anything else Sir?" I ask him and I really, really want to punch his beautiful face right now.

“No” Ian Bale said and went to his desk.

I hear him throwing something in the trash bin and I struggle to keep from laughing. I would have better put that condom in his throat! But just when I was ready to close the door behind me he calls me again.

“In fact, I need you with a problem” he tells me and I turn my head without moving the rest of my body, motioning for him to say what he had to say..

"This is the key from my house" he said and he throws me a key, almost hitting me in the head.

“I will be at home at ten a clock tonight, take care to bring some women for me! Blonde, brunette, redhead ... it doesn't matter, I have no preferences. Just be sure that they have big tits and a round ass!” and I just look at him with my mouth open.

"Now get lost!" he said without looking at me.

This fucking shit!

What I am? His prostitute dealer? Why should I provide him some women?

I will give him women!

“Sure, no problem, Mr. Blane " And I smile sweetly at him. "Your wish is law for me!"

And I laugh when his face beginning to lose its colors. Ha! No women for you tonight! I sleep alone, you sleep alone as well!

"But first let me ask your father about this and then I will inform you about the number of women he approved for you!” I tell him and leave his office and I know that this time he just shit on him.

Take that spoiled gorgeous brat!

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