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  Dark days

  By Brianna Todd


  The pain shot through my body as the knife plunged deeper into my waist. My hand was still around his neck and my grip was tight. Of course. I let my guard down and he pulled a wooden blade. Then again, he's a Seg, I shouldn't have expected any less. The other men he was with started to gain consciousness and I could here Tyler howling I'm the distance, and Noah's motorcycle. Both of them were approaching quickly, I just hoped that they would get there soon enough. My vision was fading, the blood loss was starting to take its toll. I pulled the blade out of my abdomen and lifted the man off the ground squeezing his neck even tighter. He flailed desperately gasping for air, trying to call out to his friends. I saw Tyler and Noah now just yards away from me, Noah had his gun drawn and shooting at the one behind me and Tyler ripping the others throat out with his teeth. I yelled in anger and snapped the man's neck at the same time I stabbed him with his own knife. I threw him across the alley onto the wall and his now lifeless body fell to the ground. I looked up at Tyler who was now in his human form and running up to me, Noah not far behind. I started to lift my arm to give a thumbs up but everything went black. The last thing I remember is Tyler yelling out my name as my face hit the ground.

  I woke up in the healing center at Noah's house. I sat up and saw that I was in my bra and a pair of Tyler's shorts, with my waist wrapped in white bandages. I stood up and walked over to the mirror and I cut them off examining the freshly healed scar. I could smell the witch salve that he used along with his other herbs and remedies. I took a deep breath and I could smell where they were. Tyler was upstairs in his gaming room, from the sounds of it he was in an online match. Noah was with Joey in the kitchen talking about the party tomorrow night, debating whether or not to cancel cause I still wasn't awake. As I got up the stairs and opened the door to the kitchen they looked over quickly. "If you cancel that party I will march right out that door and slash both of you guy's tires." I said holding up my knife. " Well Chick now that you're awake we can just forget about it. Nice to see you're doing good." Noah said hugging me. " Duck has been worried sick about you. He has hardly left that room of his." Joey said putting his hand on my shoulder. "Well thanks you guys. I'll go up and talk to him" I said going towards the stairs. When I got up there instead of heading straight to his room I went into mine and put on one of my lace lingerie dresses on top of a black lace bra and panties set. I walked across the hallway and saw he still head his headphones on so he couldn't hear me. He was playing Grand theft auto online and by the looks of it was in the middle of robbing someone. I walked in front of the TV blocking his view and laughed when he nearly dropped his controller as he saw me. He pulled his mic down and talked slowly as he stared at me. " Yeah, guys.. I'm gonna hop off now I gotta take care of something. I'll get back on later." He said as he stood up and turned off the TV walking towards me. He put his arm over my shoulder setting the controller on the TV stand and his other hand on my butt. " You had me scared Chick. I was more scared of losing you then I was meeting you, 10 years ago down to the day." He said pulling my waist to his gently. "Duck, you know you won't lose me. At least not to a dirty Seg." I replied smiling. He put his other hand on my face and pulled it closer to his. "Especially not to a damn Seg." He said kissing me gently. He pressed his waist to mine and picked me up carrying me over to the couch. He set me down and slowly started to kiss my neck moving down towards my shoulder and my chest. His hands slid under my dress and he pulled my panties off before standing up and loosening his belt. I but my lip looking at him as his pants hit the ground and he took his boxers off showing his erection. He leaned down towards my separating my legs and pulling my bottom half closer to him. I braced myself for him to enter me, as I always do. He put the tip of his penis on the lips of my vagina and put on hand above my shoulder, and the other holding on to my leg. He entered slowly and I moaned as he started thrusting, slowly picking up speed until coming to a steady pace. I had my hands on his back, and now my nails were digging into him as he began to knot. After 4 years, it still felt amazing to have him inside me. He kept thrusting inside me and my nails were nearly making him bleed, but he didn't care. He held onto me and moaned as I bit his neck, trying not to extend my fangs. His cock swelled up inside of me even more and my fangs went deep inside of him, but he heard me swear in my head and thought to me "It's ok baby. You can drink, you need it." I moaned as he slammed into me even harder once his blood started to trickle down my throat. Our souls connected and the euphoria sank in. He picked me up and we flipped over so I was now on top, and he was still knotted inside of me. That's the thing, when a male wolf knots, he can't pull out until he's finished. Not that it mattered. He was still thrusting until I pulled away from his neck and took over. He had his hands on my ass and watched me as I rode him. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes licking what blood I had on my lips sexually. He smiled and moaned under his breath "Fuck yeah." I watched as his eyes turned from lake blue to his alpha wolf yellow. Our gaze was now locked and I could feel him swell even more, getting ready to cum. He pulled me down further slamming into me completely. He took over the thrusting getting back on top. He continued for a minute or two before moaning loudly again this time saying "I'm gonna cum in your tight pussy." I held onto his neck and the back of his head as he slammed into me again a few times as he filled me with his cum. I gasped and screamed yes as he finished and held onto me. He kissed me as his knot started to go away but didn't pull out until it was mostly gone. As he pulled out his cum dripped out and down me. When he got out from between my legs I closed them tightly, unable to do much more since my legs were shaking. "All this time and I still make you shake." He said kissing my neck and laying beside me. "Well damn Duck, it ain't like your dick shrunk any since the first time." I replied in a smart ass tone as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up to his chest and kissed me. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep in his arms. It never did.

  Part 3

  I woke up the next morning to Tyler sitting on the edge of the couch putting his shirt on. "Good morning sexy." He said looking back at me as he stood up. "Mmmmm hello there stud." I replied smiling and biting my lip. He leaned over and kissed me putting his hand on my leg. "As much as I would love to get back between those legs of yours, I gotta go finish getting the drinks and food for the party tonight. You wanna come with me or are your legs still trembling?" He said standing upwards again. "You gonna make me get up and get my clothes from the dryer?" I asked sitting up. "Naw baby I already did." He said tossing me a pair of my shorts and a plaid shirt I always tie up in the front, cause it was technically his, and his build was much bigger then mine. He picked up my belt with my gun holstered onto it and I sat back quickly "Duck I swear to God if you throw that at me I will pull out my gun and shoot your flat screen." He turned his head and smiled. "Hey I may do dumb shit from time to time but I know better then to throw a loaded gun, even if it is in it's holster." He handed it to me as I stood up and put my shorts on. I set it down and tied the shirt before picking it back up and putting it on. I walked over to my room and put my boots on along with some red lipstick and braided my hair. Tyler stood in my doorway watching and then I followed him down the stairs, on our way down I grabbed the cowboy hat off his head and put it on. "Damn it Chick I got you your own hat for a reason. Why you always takin mine?" He said shaking his head at me. "You wanna fight me for it?" I said looking him in the eyes. "Hell no I've been down that alley before." He said turning around with his hands up.

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