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Point of View : Amayra

“WHAT THE ” .. the first thought in my mind when I saw him sitting in guest room of my house and I was exactly standing in front of him holding tea tray to greet the guests.

The dark blue eyes were piercing at me sending the shiver down to my spin the same way when I saw them for the first time.

“what was he doing in my house. Isn’t anyone coming to see me for marriage? Did my parents have to choose him? There are millions of boys out there in our caste and still he is here sitting in front of me with his irritating smirk.”

Five years ago:

As I entered the cafeteria of my college I felt like electricity ran through my all over my body and hairs behind my neck were arisen. He was sitting inside the cafeteria facing front door looking towards my direction without blinking. There were other people also sat around him who were busy talking to each other. But he was continuously looking at me as he was mesmerizing me and he was actually achieving it as I was also continuously staring him.

He was looking like a master piece of a painter or art of the nature. With plain white shirt and light blue jeans with snickers, he was sitting by resting his one leg on other as if he had acquired the whole world.

Present time:

I was frozen at my spot surprised and detested. But he still managed to give me the Goosebumps as in our first meeting. but unlike last time, now its reason was aversion I have for him.

I came out of my nightmare when my mother tapped my back two times and ordered me to ask tea to everyone.

I moved forward and gave everyone tea. And sat on one of sofas. I was trying my best to keep smile and shyness on my face. But the look on my mother’s face told me that I am failing horribly.

My uncle cleared his throat to start the conversation and said “ this is my niece I was talking about, “Amayra”. She is a content writer in a business magazine and most of the time stay at home as she send her content online to their editors.”

Boy side was looked very satisfied with uncle’s words. And then uncle continues the introduction “ And this is “Karan” . He built a well reputed firm by partnering his friend not only in India but also in New York, Canada and Australia within five years with his hard work.”

“hardwok!!!” . “ if I don’t know him then I might be trust my uncle’s every word he said about this person. But as well I know him he can do whatever but legally and precisely .”

Then I snapped out of thoughts again by my uncle’s next words “why don’t girl and boy sit alone and talk to know and understand each other.”

“ha... alone in a room to talk and understand each other better. No one know and understand us more than each other. At least I think that.” My and his mother took us to terrace room where we can sit and no one can disturb us while we talk. so we went there silently and don’t even looked at each other.

I guess we both were still angry from each other. The hate we have for each other, was cannot be described in word. If the circumstances were different then same thing I could say about our love. We were inseparable back then.

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