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  Name: Troy

  Surname: Smith

  Age: 20

  Personality: calm, outgoing, cunning, loves animals, hate bugs and annoying people,

hate the princes and the king

  The main character.

  Tall and handsome. Excellent in sword art. Wapon is katana. Dark blue hair and with beautiful green eyes like smaragd.


  Demon King


  Surname: Rose



  Personality: great leader, sometimes act like child, lovely, depressed

because his dad just past away


  like humans and animals, his pet, his friends, sweet food

  Dislikes bugs, spicy food, General Hideaki.

  Has white hair and soft skin. Very beautiful with red eyes.


  Yuki's pet.

  Name: Fang

  Likes: only Yuki,

  Dislikes: anyone that comes near Yuki,

  Hates General Hideaki

  He has very strong venom and grip

can bent/break even the strongest metal in the world


  Name: Hibiki

  Surname: Bone

  Yuki's best friend

  Can create claws from his bones.

  Light blue hair and goats horns. Pretty.


  Name: Sera

  Surname: Blood

  Yuki's best friend

  Create any wapons from her blood.

  Pretty with black hair and black green horns.


  Name: Rai

  Surname: Green

  Yuki's best friend.

  Wizard. He's Lamia. Half snake.

  Tall with black hair and yellow eyes.


  Name: General Hibeaki

  Dislikes: Yuki because she wants to be the demon Queen, and she thinks she's more suited that Yuki. But Yuki is her best friend son so she is not doing anything. She likes him a little bit. She's very strong. Her wapon is big hammer. Her skin is pink and she has big horns.


  Name: Lai

  Troy best friend . Excellent spearman. Long purple hair and blue eyes.


  Name: Shin

  Troy's best friend. Excellent in hand to hand combat. Long white hair. Gives you a dominant feeling.


  Name: Akira

  Troy's best friend Wizard. Short dark purple hair. He's the smallest of the party but he very bossy.


  Name: Molly

  Troy's best friend. Excellent in guns. Long white hair, always in pigtails.


  The king

  He evil and thing only about himself and his daughter, likes money and jewelry, steals from his citizens. Ugly and fat.


  The princess

  She's evil like her father

  She thinks that the hero love her and when he returns he will marry her and she will have everything she wants. Long black hair, always dresses in red. Sleeps with her father for money.

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