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  “May I take your order, sir?” asked a young service girl.

  “I’ll have my usual order and an extra service”. Joe replied to the pretty faced hostess.

  The girl wasn’t surprised to hear the second order of the customer for they are well briefed on this service job they have applied for.

  “Right away, sir”. She answered politely and gracefully left to get the ordered drinks. This isn’t a usual bar, this is a music box with privacy for extra service.

  “I will take the extra service while I am having my first bottle of beer. I had a bad day and I need to blow some steam. Come over here and get on your knees.” Ordered Joe as soon as the service girl came back with the tray of cut fruits, fish & crackers and 3 bottles of beer in a bucket.

  “Yes, sir!” Placing a cushion under her knees, the girl lowered herself right in front of her client’s widespread legs. She took out Joe’s still limp cock out of his boxers and started licking it like a lollipop. She was surprised when she felt something strange in her tongue as she was licking him. Joe smiled proudly and said, “yes, honey, I have a reverse Prince Albert piercing”.

  She has never had such a client as she had just started a few weeks on this job after a month of training working on the sides and listening to elders sisters' advice from experiences. She took his balls in her hand and started swirling her thumb around the base of his slowly erecting shaft while she focused on licking the thick mushroom head. In just a few minutes Joe was as hard as a rod and she took as much as she could in her mouth noticing it growing bigger by the seconds.

  “Just like that...I want it slow….” Joe wants to enjoy this euphoric bliss as much as he can.

  She swirls her tongue around the head and flicks his slit to taste the beads of precum coming one after another. Flattening her tongue she caresses the back of Joe’s cock head and goes down twirling her tongue around his cock licking until she reaches his balls and suck on them one after the other.

  Joe felt all his stress of the day leaves his tired body and mind as he floats in the ecstasy of her service. He felt like he was soon to burst out so he asked the girl to sit on his lap, just his cock rubbing against her still cloth cladded pussy. She obediently obliged, honestly, because she felt her legs are starting to cramp kneeling for quite a while.

  He started to fondle her breast as she started to take off her easy access working clothes. Her smooth and aromatic skin adds fuel to Joe’s excitement and urges him to knead her everywhere he can touch. The service girl started moaning in pleasure, but her every move helds coquetry that teases Joe yet doesn’t make him rush to finish but wants to enjoy teasing each other for a more explosive ending. She started grinding slowly on Joe’s cock, from small circle motions to slow up and down rub.

  Extra service has boundaries. If the service girl is okay with all the way, the client can do anything he pleases but if a service girl has declared a boundary, clients can only have blowjob, cock in between tits fuck or lap dance or rubbing as what they are doing now.

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