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  "Daddy, what’s the 'F' word?" Eileen's voice suddenly fills the silent room. I choke on my breakfast of cereal and milk before reaching to grab the cup of water on sitting on the table. Now where were we? Yeah, right . . .

  "What?!" I yell louder than intended.

  "What's wrong?" Her little face has its brows furrowed at me.

  I make slight coughing sounds to adjust myself. "And when on earth did you hear that?"

  "Yesterday in your classroom. Two girls were like . . ." She pauses and stands to her feet to gesture. She places one hand on her waist and flaps her other hand, rolling her eyes dramatically, "Don't say the F word in front of a little girl."

  I can't help but laugh at her demonstration. It does look like something the girls in my class would do.

  "And did you hear what they said before that?" I push further. She takes her seat and drinks out of her milk before shaking her head, 'no'.

  "Who cares about the things teenage girls have to say? Them saying, little girl caught my attention. I mean we both know I'm not a little girl, duh." she says.

  "Yeah right." I chuckle.

  "So, what's the F word?" she raises an eyebrow, referring to her initial question.

  "Well . .  . It means words that start with the letter F." I tell her, “like frogs and fishes and funny."

  "Oh." She blurts in understanding. “Like Faith, the clearly awesome, beautiful, amazing writer of this book we're featured?"

  "Yeah . . ." I sigh in lust, "I'd date her if I weren't fictional." I reply and snap out of my imagination, Faith in my hands, together on the beach . . . "Okay girl, eat up! We'll be late if you take any more time."

  "Okay donkey!" She says and gulps down what remains of her milk and burps just to irritate me, nothing new there. "All done."

  I roll my eyes, "Be a sweetheart and grab my keys for me?" I plead, already knowing her answer.

  She grabs her schoolbag off the chair and wears it behind her. "No thanks, you know I don't mind being a bitter heart." She says and starts to skip out the door.

  I roll my eyes, for a four year old, she has such an attitude. I wipe my mouth with the back of my palm and slide my bag on to one shoulder. Grabbing my keys, I shake my head at the table with our just used dishes scattered on it. I'll take care of that later.

  * * *

  I pull the car up in front of the elementary school and lean over to the back seat to help her out of the seat belt. "Okay girl, remember as always . . .”

  She sighs, "yeah yeah whatever . .  . 'Don't call me daddy when we're in public, I'm your older brother'," She air quotes and mocks me.

  "Good girl." I chuckle and pat her head playfully.

  "Whatever." She opens the door and jumps out of the car. "Don't do anything stupid before it's closing hours!" She shouts and starts to run towards the school.

  "And after?" I shout behind her. She halts her steps and turns to look at me. She puts a finger to her lips and stares at the sky, like she's thinking.

  "Still don't care." She shrugs and continues to run.

  "Love you too!" I shout and laugh uncontrollably. I watch as her big curly hair skips along with her before she finally enters the school. I do love her.

  * * *

  "Do it dude!" Justin pushes as we stand in front of my car,as always, before going into the school.

  "Yeah come on. It'd go viral I swear." Jackson supports him.

  "Well, why wouldn't either of you do it?" I snap.

  "Because baby, we don't have abs like you do. Come on don't be so harsh, nothing's trended in a while." Justin chuckles, nudging my shoulders.

  "Fine." I sigh. I can't believe I just agreed to enter the school hallway shirtless. The girls are going to go mad, that's for sure. It's not everyday you see a six-foot, three-inches, tall guy with abs walk into the school shirtless.

  I use my hand to soothe my hair, take my shirt off, and put on a pair of sun shades before heading into the school with Justin and Jackson trailing behind me, each with their phones on video tape, capturing me at different angles.

  The hall bursts into excited shrieks as I make my way into the school. A smirk plays on my lips when one of the freshers faints in the arms of her friends. Dramatic much?

  A few of the boys begin chanting my name in full support, "Ace Winter!" And most of the girls reach out and try and touch my bare chest.

  Just to make it even more dramatic, I raise my hands and show off my muscles. Even though I'm very slim, I still have such manly build enough to get teenage girls drooling.The screams get even louder at my display and I suddenly feel like a movie star.

  All of my happiness drains when someone blows a whistle in my face, the hall suddenly goes quiet, I lift my shades up and she tapes a note on my chest.

  "Display of stupidity in the hallways attracts detention Mr dogface." She says.

  "And you,my honorably foolish woman,are?" I smirk.

  "Faith Brooke,Hall monitor." she flashes an ID in front of me. True to her words, there is her ugly face plastered on the card with the words, 'Hall monitor' printed below. Interesting.

  I snatch the card from her grip and toss it in the air stirring and earning excited screams again, "These don't apply to me. I, my dear, am Ace Winter."

  She gasps and I wear my shades again before walking out on her, leaving her with her mouth wide opened,with the crowd cheering on for me.

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