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  Takira Cerys Ashben's POV

  Everyone is looking at me as if I'm an alien or a mutant walking under the sun. I sigh deeply as I continue walking, ignoring everyone's eyes. I don't have anything with me aside from my clothes and Sedi which is a medium size old bear stuff toy. All of my things were delivered by Saturna at the Academy ahead of time. I actually ran away from our family's driver earlier which is the reason why I am walking here alone. Well, it's better this way than to ride that luxurious car, I will catch more attention than this in case. 

  "Hi, Miss! Are you going to AAA?" a guy with a bright smile blocked my way as he asked me. I am wearing the academy uniform which is the same as his so I don't really get the sense of his question. 

  "Isn't it obvious?" I tried my best to ask in a polite way. He laughed at me for a moment.

  "Oh, so you like to joke around? Anyway, are you missing? I can go with you to the academy?" He offered but I refused by shaking my head left and right. I am not loosing my way, I know where to go. As a matter of fact, I already memorized my way and the whole city map. I am not even saying anything funny so far so I don't quite get him.

  "Thank you but I can go on my own." I said as I continue walking. I am not yet walking far away when someone called me again. He even runs towards me.

  "Don't be too unfriendly, Miss. I just want to guide you to our Academy. After all, you look like a new student." He said. I don't trust him at all. 

  "Do you know what is the value of Pi?" I asks the most typical question I have. He looks confused with my question. Looking at him, its look like his thinking what do I mean with the pi.

  "Pi? You mean Pizza? Or a Pie such as an apple pie? Well it all depends on the flavor. Wait, do you like one? I can treat you, there  is a pizza shop nearby." He said. Ah, it's tiring enough to stand here outside talking to someone. I am not used to this so I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds before opening it. I looked at him again.

  "No. I am pertaining to the mathematical term Pi which is also the 16th letter of the Greek Alphabet. Aside from that, the symbol Pi is used to denote the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter. Regarding with my question, the value of Pi is 3.14159265 in eight decimal places." I said continuously which make him shook his head. 

  "How about the chemical compound of Potassium Chloride? " I asked again which makes him to shook his head again and step away from me. Oh, wow. Now, it's working.

  "Ah, Potassium?" he asked unsurely which makes me nod my head. When I heard none form him, I started talking.

  "Hmmm... Potassium Chloride. It is first used in 1868. Potassium Chloride is an ionic crystalline chemical compound consisting equal numbers of sodium and chlorine atoms. Commonly, people called it salt." I answered to my own question. I turn my back from him and started to walk forward to my original direction. He did not attempted to follow me again which I already anticipated. It always happened, whenever I talk about those things, people do stay away from me. Maybe because they think that I am weird or they just can't understand me. We all that have side where we ignore the things we don't understand and that is normal. With this phase, I might arrived on the academy in less than 10 minutes. I can already see the school gate when I saw a group of people in a side. Well, it is still early. I hugged Sedi properly as I walk to that group of students. Well, they are wearing our school uniform. I remember what my older sister, Saturna, said to me before, my curiosity might kill me someday. I tried my best to join the commotion and I succeeded. I saw two girls who are both wearing the same uniform as mine except from the fact that their uniform is a bit shorter than mine. The two of them are arguing with words and are trying to pull each other hair. That's a messy cat fight.  In the middle of them, there is a guys standing tall and seems to be problematic yet happy. What a weird combination. 

  "You Liar! Ovi and I dated first? Right, Ovi? Come on tell it to this girl." 

  "Hah? What are you saying? We started seeing each other since Monday. With your face, he must picked you up somewhere earlier." 

  "What? Picked up? Me? Sorry to tell you this but we are dating since Sunday. I dated him first!"  The two of them are spouting nonsense when the guy finally tried to calm them down.

  "Ladies, calm down. We are being watched already." 

  I though they are all watching into something interesting. I shook my head as I started to go away from the crowd. I am trying to excuse myself from the crowd when I accidentally bump into someone. It's too crowded so I did not loose my balanced and remained standing. I blink my eyes several times looking at the guy who bumps on me. He standing so close to me.

  "Sorry." I said as I looked at the ground and step a bit backward. He did not say anything so I just walk away from them. I know them, that  guys belong to Alpha Rosa. Vivi keeps on telling me storing about them several times so I am sure that I will meet them again in the academy. 

  I arrived the academy a bit late since I checked the commotion earlier. 

  "Are you listening to me, Cerys?" Vivi asked. We are fixing my things. Vivi is my cousin but we treat each other are sisters. She is 5 months older than me and I am grateful  that she is here. I will be much comfortable to have her as my roommate. 

  "Hmmm..." I uttered as I nod my head. I put Sedi on top of my bed as I unpacked my clothes inside my bag. Vivi and I met each other earlier at the Academy's gate. She waited for me there so I understand how worried she is to me when I came in late. She even spent half an hour checking if I have any scratches or if I am alright. 

  "You still keeps Sedi around, huh?" she said as she looked at Sedi. Sedi is not just a toy, it is a gift from my only brother. That is the only thing I have which I took care the most, I don't even let anyone to touch it.

  "Hmmm..." I uttered again as I nod my head. She gasps in annoyance. 

  "Here you go again with nodding your head. Why don't you talk more often? Duh? Ah, by the way, here. Saturna asks me to give this to you. She told me that all the things you are asking for is here." she said as she handed me a short folder. Inside are the profile of all the people here in the academy, that includes the students and the teachers. I am not supposed to be classified as a new student, I took the entrance exam the same time almost everyone took their entrance exam. It's just that I wasn't able to attend my class earlier which made me to look like a transferee student. Saturna told me that I will definitely enjoy here which made me return here from our country. After all, I don't have anybody to talk with there. I scanned the files and read basic information about my classmates, five student already caught my attention. I meat them already earlier. Erina Lizante and Lilian Romiro are those two girls who are fighting outside because of a guy. How small is this world to be their classmate? I just hope it will not be awkward for them to stay in a single class starting this day after their commotion earlier. I don't like awkward atmosphere the most. Ah, even that guy, Ludovic Visen, is my classmate. This is the guy with a weird combination of problematic and happy face. I stopped on a the next profile. I loook at his face, Chaos Zaron Calloway, he is the guy I bump with earlier. He do not look so friendly at all not unlike the other member of Alpha Rosa, Vito Rhett Casteno. 

  "I already encountered them earlier." I showed the pictures to Vivi and she just show me with her oh what's new face like what I said is very common.

  "Ow, really? No wonder. Those three, Ovi, Chaos and Vito usually goes out the academy but Erina and Lilian probably just follows Ovi out." She said as she pointed Ovi's face. Ow, so Ludovic id called Ovi. 

  "Ah, let's stop talking about the, how is your stay in London?" she ask keeping the profiles away from us. Well, I memorized the profiles I read so it's okay.

  "It's boring." I said.

  "Boring? That is London, Cerys! There are so many beautiful places there. You should have go around." she said like I did something wrong.

  "I always stay outside. the people who are with me can't understand me. They think that I am a weirdo." I answered which makes her laugh. I tried to talk to people there it always end up awkwardly. They all awkwardly find a way to end the conversation.

  "Well, you often talk about mathematics, science, history and other uncommon topics for a friendly conversation so it is understandable for them to feel awkward." she said as she lay down her bed. I also lay down on my bed and hugged Sedi. 

  "It's their problem." I said. That's how I convinced myself. I am used to this kind of awkward relationship to people. i am satisfied to have Vivi, Saturna and Sedi with me. Vivi looked at me seriously.

  "Don't be like that, Cerys. Anyway, I will be with you here so I will definitely make sure that you will have tons of real friends and happy memories here." she said. I nodded my head and close my eyes. 

  I hope so too.

  Chaos Zaron Calloway's POV

  "So class, I want you to meet your new classmate, Cerys." Mrs. Lerkana introduced the new student who just entered the class. She's that girl from yesterday, the one who bumped into me with her teddy bear.

  "Miss!"Kansenas raised her hand. Let me guess, she will ask about the reason why we have a transferee at the middle of the school year and at most, in a special section.

  "Why do we have a transferee at the middle of the school year? Why did she transfer?" It's a common question for this kind of scenario. Life is indeed cliche.

  "The truth is, she took up the entrance exam on the date just like everyone else. Remember the news about the only person who perfected the entrance exam? That only person is none other than, Cerys." Mrs. Lerkana said which caught my attention. I look at the new student intently.

  "What a cutie." Ovie commented as he smirked at me. 

  "Do you want to introduce yourself, Cerys?" Mrs. Lerkana asks Cerys who keeps on looking at the floor.

  "No, Miss. I think it will be redundant after you mentioned my name twice." She said quite softly as she looked at the floor again and walked towards the vacant seat in front of me.

  "I did my best not to sound like a weirdo." I heard her whispering to Vienna. 

  "Errr... you sound normal?" Vienna answered. What she said seems to be a question rather than a declaration. She doesn't sound weird but a little rude. Unintentional rudeness from someone who is socially awkward.

  "Ok. Let's start our class, get your textbooks out and let's continue our lesson from yesterday's lesson. Same page, 156."

  As instructed, we get our book. I'm familiar with the topic but still, I need to listen. Mrs. Lerkana proceeds with her daily style of teaching when she notices the new student who doesn't have her book. The thing is, she doesn't actually have anything on top of her table, no notebooks or even a pen out.

  "If you still don't have your book,Cerys. Please feel free to ask your classmates. I thought you are close with Vivi. Go ahead and move your table, share the book with her." Mrs. Lerkana said.

  "Don't speak, Cerys. I'll go near you and share the book." I heard Vienna said it. She moved her chair closer to Cerys.

  "What a disturbance. Vivi, you should have shared it earlier." Romiro commented loudly. Cerys stands up which makes everyone in the class look at her.

  "I'm sorry. it's my fault. I think you guys misunderstood me. I do have my book inside my bag. It's just that I already memorized today's topic so it would be a waste of effort if I 'll get my book out." She said with a polite tone.

  "Are you bragging or something?" What she said seems to irritate Romiro who is always like that.

  "No. I'm trying not to be weird but please don't bad mouth my cousin. I'm not bragging about anything or something, I'm stating a fact. If you want, I can recite the next two paragraphs from our textbook." she said before Vienna grabbed her hand to make her sit. Now, that's interesting.

  "Ah, I'm sorry Miss Lerkana. We are sharing the book and for you Lilian," Vienna looked at Romiro fiercely, "Keep your comments to yourself, nobody is asking for it." she said as she rolled her eyes. Vienna is one of the few girls I know who has a very good personality. She is kind when you are kind and she is not when you are not. 

  "Ahem... alright. Let's go back with our discussion." Mrs. Lerkana said. 

  I am watching Cerys from here and it's really fascinating since she's not listening at all. I can see her solving some exercises for the next lesson in the book.

  "She might melt." I look at Ovi flashing his smirking face at me. I did not bother to answer him and looked at Cerys again. At least, I found a new mystery.

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