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If I had the chance to have a better life, a better person, or a better lover.

Then I would be with you. 'Cause you are the better person that I have, I choose you, despite the many challenges in my life that I have. But, life is unfair! I maybe have you now, but, why I can't reach you? Am I dreaming only? Or it's the fact that you already gone in my life? Can we still have a chance for LOVE TO LAST FOREVER? Isn't it capable of the two of us? Isn't it? Aryanna Mondragon is nowhere in Canada, to finish her studies. 'Cause before I need to stop my studies due to her weakness. I'm ill at that time, I have heart problem before, my parent agrees that I need to stop my studies, for my operation.

"Yes" I had undergone surgery for my heart, and the operation was successful. I'm ok now, but I need to be more careful of myself. 'Cause I might get sick again. It's too risky for me, most especially of more emotion.

The emotion I feel, but I'm perfectly fine now. I'm kicking and alive. I'm going to the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO because I need to catch up on my first semester. I'm maybe too late of being enrolled at university. But, I need to finish my study, even if I'm running out of time.

"Who knows?"

Maybe my life is too short to live here in the world. And maybe? Forever...

If's that happened! I'm happy already, because, at least I try to do something that makes me happy. I'm here now in the registration office, to enroll myself, and a moment later, I got enrolled already. They give me the schedule of my classes.

And I'm looking now where is my room. While I'm looking for it, there someone bumps into me. I fell to the floor. What the!!

Who's this someone bump on me?

I'm angry now, about what did the person do to me. I'm supposed to be in my room now, but look at me now? I'm here on the floor have bruises on my hand. I will shout that he should, but I was also immediately stopped when I can see who hit me. I was mesmerized when I see his figure. He is handsome, tall, his hair is messy, his body was wide. My thoughts just stopped, when he spoke.

Oh! I'm so sorry for that, are you okay? Do I still have to take you to the clinic? he said.

No need to do that I'm okay now. I said.

Are you sure? He asks me again

Yes! I'm sure, and he helped me to stand up.

"By the way," I'm ALEXANDER OLIVEROS, nice to meet you. And I have not answered yet...

He speaks again, and you are? He asks. And he held out his hand to give shake hands with me.

I immediately accepted it and say... I'm ARYANNA MONDRAGON, nice to meet you too. I stopped when he asks me again.

Where are you going? I can accompany you. Xander told me. I'm going to find my room, but I don't know where that is... And I gave to his the schedule's list.

"Ohh!" I know where that is! And we walked together going to my perspective room. I was left there outside the classroom and I'm thinking if I'm going to enter the room not? Because I was shy, I'm a new student here and I don't know if I can survive here.

I don't know what kind of situation have in there.

I'm still outside of the room, I don't know what to do? But why Alexander left me here? Only myself without knowing that I'm the first timer here. I'm thinking too much that I can't recognize that the professor inside the room went out. And turn her attention to me and say, come in. I was stood up and walk towards here a place where she stands. I got inside the room and my vision roomed around. I see all the students that it will be my classmate now, they all looking at me. I don't know what to do because I was not used to it, that many people looking at me.

To my peripheral vision, I can see some girls that serious looking at me. I bowed my head, 'cause I'm not comfortable with their presence. I came back to my senses when my professor talks and she preferred me.

Okay class we have a new student here, I hope all of you keep on addressing here in a good way. I don't want to hear that one of you do something, or is bullied here. I want all of you to be nice to her. Do I make myself clear? My professor said to all my classmates.

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