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Su sat on the nook of the window ,seemingly in a world of her own.she loved to imagine things, not to be so realistic and assuming herself to be in different circumstances and different scenes.she dreamt of her future prince who will change her life to a princess life .

Her younger sister,Rue, showed up and said, “what are you imagining around the clock?”

She was unsure about how to reply.

”My mystery dream”

Rue, annoyed by her reply, said “ Put it out of your mind and come to sleep”

It had darkened.They both bed down.

It was cockcrow time,with a cool breeze .

Su arose from her dream with wide eyes,with unkempt and disheveled hair yet she was still attractive due to her mirror eyes.

Her mind was alarmed with a mystery that she petrified at a glance.It was a treasure mystery,this had the potential to completely transform her life.

Her eyes went up and down for a while .

"Do dreams come true?" she questioned herself in her mind

“Rue, Do dreams come true ?”

“As far as I'm concerned, if they occur early in the morning, they do turn out to be true," Rue said.

This made her ponder for a long time.

"What was it about?" Rue inquired.

She hushed as she wanted to keep it a secret.

Ruminating all over the clock ,wondering if the hidden treasure really existed.

Inquisitive about the hidden treasure,she had a clear intention to go once.But also another way that she could see this treasure was also about the physical attachment which she could feel from within.

Eventually ,made the decision to leave, Wearing a long dress which had frills all over the dress and her bracelet ,that was her highly memorable ornament. She left the house with a flounce.

She began to stroll to the hidden place,it was a long path with a narrow road aiming to a hidden place.Her dress frills were full with hitchhiking weeds as she walked down the path.She could see a slope with rocks even though she was far away.It seemed to be a hidden hill that had been there for thousands of years.

In the fullness of time, she eventually arrived at the hidden treasure destination.She was astonished when she saw the same thing she had seen in her dream.

Goosebumps began to appear over her body, and it was a spooky moment.

Nonetheless, she approached it and took a position in front of it.

She was so close, that at glance, sparkling light coming from holes through the rock cairns.They were giant Tor rocks,heaps of giant stones arranged in such a way that it appeared as if the rocks held something.

She whispered.

“This place looks exactly like how it was in dreams “

"Will this be something like what I saw in my dreams?"

She got petrified,Nevertheless, she was engrossed in it.

It was getting close to the end of the day. She started walking backwards.

She wondered to herself on her way home.

“How am I going to make it possible? “

I'll be wealthy if I go ahead and do it anyway. I'll have everything I've ever wanted. the opulent lifestyle.

She returned home tediously.

Rue stood out in the open,waiting for her sister.

“Where have you been for so long ?

"Take a look at your dress, all the hitchhiking plants all around it."

“Have you gone to the wooded side?”

With her mirror eyes, she scowled at her.

Su was adamant about not revealing the secret. But she did tell her a little bit about it.

“Hidden treasure hill”.

Rue was nonplussed to hear that.

“Treasure and where ? Are you alright? ”

“Yes..Within those rocks, there is a treasure with a mystery”

“How did you find out about it, Su? Is this what you had dreamed about?"

“Hmmmmm, yes.”

Oh my gosh!

“Dreams don't come true .Come out of your dreamy land.”

It sounded improbable, yet Rue cut loose from the dream.

Rue always believed in the dreams that were seen in the open eyes and during the day.

Su's mind was constantly drawn to the secret location, and she couldn't get it away from there.With the dimmed light of the night, her heart seemed dim.

She awoke the next morning with a confused mind and intended to go to the same destination..

Her dark burgundy attire and her valuable jewelry on her wrist made her look like a princess.

Long pine trees above her head made her walk like a princess in nature as she started walking to the trail of a wooden forest.

Her heart began to race as she arrived at the location, and she became more inquisitive about the surroundings.With a cognizant mind, she moved her hand to the nose and looked here and there.

"What terrible odor is approaching," she mumbled.

“The odor is rotten meat-like.”

"Is that some kind of dead animal?"

She became more alert when she observed a massive bloom. It was a mysterious corpse flower that blooms every 30-40 years. The dark burgundy color of the blossom matched her attire well.

With a strong stinking odor and a racing heart, the location could be a tremendously valuable place with the important addition of hidden treasure..

A powerful breeze blew through, causing the stink to exhale heavily in a jiff.

Su's thoughts were now filled with a powerful emotion. A ray of light caught her on the neck as she walked towards the rocks, despite the fact that the sun was directly above her head. The jewels reflected the sun's rays, which struck her neck with a powerful ray.

"What was the spark?"

"My neck!" she said as her hand moved up to the neck.

As she got closer to the rocks, attempting to touch them, she heard a sound and jolted back a step, her hand on her heart. Her ear was filled with the crackling sound of dry twigs approaching towards her.

Her dark burgundy robe could reflect the stones, making her gleam all over. She raised her head, but couldn't see anything because the sun was right in the center of the sky..

Suddenly branches of a silky Oak tree began to sway. With drops of sweat dripping down her neck, fear sprang in her heart. The sound of leaves rustling in a tree grove.

It appeared that trees were talking in the backdrop, attempting to communicate something intriguing.

A glimpse of black hair crept into her eyes when she shook her head to the right. With a chilly breeze, the mirror eyes blinked. In the grove of trees, a glittering metal piece gleamed.

She gently pushed the cluster of leaves aside, hoping to see what was hidden beneath them.

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