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Alexa's POV

"Alexa" Dian he hugged me happily.

"You are choking me" I said and she released me.

Dian frowned.

"Thanks,that's what I get for greeting my Bestie" she said still frowning.

"It's okay I was just kidding okay" I said and she smiled.

"You know that I can never be mad at my Bestie" Dian smiled lightly.

Pardon my bad manners, my name is Alexa a 19yr old girl and a daughter to a very rich business man and Dian is the only friend I've got in this estate and unfortunately we do not school in the same school. She attends a boarding school while I attend a day school. So we get to meet more often during holidays and that is what you need to know about me.

"Dian" I called .

"Yh" she replied with her gaze fixed on her phone.

"There is this boy that lives close to your house" I said and she stare at me.

Duan chuckled.

"Funny girl. There are more than five boys in this estate so who are you talking about?"she asked.

" well the tall fair guy with pink lips and pointed nose and a well built body "I replied.

" Wait let me show you something "she said scrolling through something in her phone.

" Is this the person you are talking about? "She asked and I nodded.

" Well his name is Xander Clarke the most handsome guy that I've ever seen and I once had a crush on him but it later faded" she said.

" Why did you do that?"I asked.

"He is just too snobbish girl and I can't love someone like him and I don't think he can fall either" she replied.

"Well we shall see about that cause I'm making him MY CRUSH and who knows my boyfriend" I said and Dian laughed.

"Keep day dreaming girl and where will you even see him,he is in a boarding school" she said and the smile on my face disappeared.

"Which boarding school?" I asked.

"Same boarding school with me dummy" she smacked my head lightly.

"Ouch!that it hurts by the way just watch out and see how I make Xander mine " I smirked.

"Good luck on your mission girl" she pecked my cheeks and Left.

"Well Xander I'll make you mine even if it means doing the craziest things but if killing a human is involved then i'm off. I can be crazy but it has limits.

Xander's POV:

"School is really fun"

Xavier said while eating his Noddles

We were havinh lunch at the canteen.

I sigh.

"What's fun about school,this school to be precised?" I asked while eating.

Xavier dropped his fork and looked at me.

"There's alot dude especially the girls around here I mean they are so so pretty especially their shape" He replied.

I frowned.

"Yh that's all you care about, flirting. What do you even gain in flirting cause I see no gain in it,it's absolutely foolish" I said and Xavier laughed.

"Why don't you give it a try and know what it feels like actually?" He smirked.

"I don't have time for such rubbish I've got so much to do with my time"I stood up.

"Well,well I'm Xander Clarke by name a son a billionaire and the owner of this school. I'm a very handsome guy but I care less about that. End of introduction".

"Xander I'll be back let me finish up with something" Xavier said.

"Yh as usual,I know that you are going to flirt with a girl so good bye" I replied and excused myself.

Few hours later I went to looking for Xavier cause I've not seen him since we separated so I decided to check in the toilet on a reaching there I saw a girl arranging her skirt and I guess she was with Xavier. She gave me a seductive look which I ignored and went in search of Xavier and saw him arranging his belt.

"Are you leaving?" He asked.

"You've being with that girl for hours dude" I said ignoring his question.

"Yah, forget about that" he said.

"Gosh Xavier you are unbelievable" I said placing my hand on my forehead.

"Meet me in the class room when you are done wondering" He said and left while I followed him behind.


Alexa's POV

"Dad" I called and he looked at me.

"Yes my angel any problem?" Dad asked still looking at me.

"No just that I want to talk to about something" I replied.

"Okay i'm listening". Dad replied.

"Dad please I want to change from a day school to a boarding school" I said while playing with my fingers.

"Why? and what happened to the day school? I thought you preferred it to boarding school so why the change of mind" Dad questioned.

"Dad I don't just like it anymore and I want to go to boarding school please dad" I said pouting like a baby cause I know he can not resist it.

"Ok baby so have you thought of any?" He asked and I smiled.

"Yah dad, Dain's school" I replied.

"Oh I see. You want a boarding school cause you wanna stay with Dian" He said and I smiled.

"No problem but make sure you study hard and make me proud" He said and I hugged him.

" My going is not because of Dian but to get my crush,Xander here I come" I said to myself and smiled.

Xander's POV

"Xander" Xavier called as I took my gaze to him .

"Have you ever been in love" he asked and I frowned.

"Xavier how many times have I told you that I don't like that topic?" I asked with an angry look on my face.

"Why do you always get upset when I bring up this topic? Common love is beautiful" Xavier said throwing his hands in the air like someone who just fell in love.

"It's like you don't want me beside you today"I said and stood up.

" No Xander it's just that I..."He said and I cut him off.

"If someone wants to preach to me about love then it should not be you cause what you are doing is flirting not love" I said cutting him off and left the room in anger.

On my way to my dorm my shoulders brushed someone and got more angry when I saw that it was Ciara.

"O God not now" I muttered.

"O my Gosh Xander I hope you are ok ,I'm so, so sorry please" she said checking me as if she was my mum.

"Yh I'm fine and please stop exaggerating" I replied with my gaze somewhere else and I suddenly felt her hand on my bare chest cause I left my two buttons open.

"By the you look very cute this evening Xander" she said biting her lips seductively.

"See, Xavier is in his room you can go meet him. I don't lay with cheap things" I said tossing her aside and walked away.

"I hate you Xander" she yelled behind me in tears.

"And I hate you more sweetheart " I said loud enough for her to hear me.

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