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"Mommy loves who?"I asked as I slowly cleaned up the body of my five year old daughter...Lucia...

I call her my Lucy.

"Me"She replied,weakly.... lying on the bed and staring at me warily.

My daughter had been sick for months...drugs always made her get better but this time...the drugs were taking too long to work.

She had been hospitalized for a week now and almost all the hairs on her head had fallen off.

It breaks my heart to see her like this.

The doctor had suggested she undergoes surgery but I can't afford it.

So I'm greatly hoping that drugs, injections and all that would make her get better.

"Mommy,I want to go home with you...I miss my friends"She said to me.

I smiled,sadly."They miss you too...and very soon,my dear...you would be discharged and you would go home"

She smiled at me.

She's in pain... she's weak...yet, she's got the sweetest smile in the whole world.

"I love you, pumpkin"I cooed.

"I love you,mommy"She replied.

Oh Lucy, she's practically all I have.

My eyes flew to the time and I sighed... it's almost time for my cleaning shift at DL Finance.

"Mommy has to go to work now...the nurse would always come by to check up on you...tell her if you need anything,okay?"

She nodded."Okay...bye, mommy"

I kissed her on the forehead and reluctantly left the ward.

Everything would be okay...my Lucy would be okay.

I just have to hope and pray.


I walked through the hallway of my company....the sight of a woman coming at the opposite end of my direction made me pause...

She's stunning...dressed so corporately and yet so good looking.

I put a hand up, signaling her to stop walking.

"Good day,sir"She greeted.

I glanced at her name tag.

Nadia Baroncini.

It says she works at the marketing department...

Man...my employees are too many to keep track of them all.

Oh Nadia.

I guess this is your lucky day.

I seized her by the hand and pulled her into a nearby room which happened to be one of the locker rooms for the cleaners.

I shot out an arm, clasping my hand over her neck and pushing her against the wall

I fixed her with a gaze.

She was terrified.

I closed the distance between us,allowed our mouths to touch,and bit her lower lip.

She moaned.

Her arms hung limply along her body and she stared straight into my eyes.

I seized her by the hair and pulled, tilting her head back.Her eyes closed and she moaned again.

Such a beauty...so girlish.

"Kneel"I growled, pushing her down.

She did as she was ordered without hesitation.

I purred, praising her submissiveness,I trailed a thumb along her lips.

They parted obediently...

I had never even spoken to this girl before but she immediately knew what she was supposed to do.

I gently pushed her head against the wall and unzipped my pants.

She swallowed loudly,her enormous eyes still fastened on mine.

"Keep your eyes closed"I said,gently,my thumb moving across her eyelids."You'll only open them when I tell you"

My cock sprang from my trousers,almost painfully stiff...it rested on the girl's lips,and she obediently opened her mouth...wide.

'You don't have any idea what's coming,darling' I thought and pushed my dick all the way in, holding her head so she couldn't move.

I felt her choking so I thrust even deeper.

Oh yes!

I loved it when their eyes snapped wide open in terror...as if they really thought they would suffocate.

I withdrew...slowly.

Then I stroked her cheek in a tender,delicate gesture.

I observed her calming down, licking her lips clean of the thick spittle that came deep from her throat.

"I wanna fuck your mouth"I said.

She was trembling.

"May I?"

I made sure my face expressed nothing...no smile...no emotion.

For a moment,the girl stared at me with those huge eyes, finally nodding her consent.

"Thank you"I breathed, caressing her cheeks with both hands.

I leaned her head further back against the wall and slid myself along her tongue...all the way to her throat.

She clasped her lips around my cock.

Oh yes!

My hips began to thrust...hard.

I could feel her fighting for breath so I gripped harder.

That's it.

Her nails hit painfully into my thighs.

At first,she tried to push me away,then to simply hurt me... scratching my skin...

I liked it.

I liked it when they fight...when they are helpless against my strength.

I clenched my hands on her hair even harder, seeing the lust in her stare....I couldn't last any longer.

Two more hard strokes and I froze...my cum spurted out from my shaft... filling the girl's throat...choking her.

I opened my eyes and looked at her smeared make up.

I withdrew a fraction making some space.

"Swallow"I growled, pulling her hair once more.

Tears rolled down her cheeks but she complied.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she collapsed back on her heels, sliding down the wall.

"Now lick it"

The girl frozed."Lick it clean"I propped my arms against the wall in front of me and glared at her, menacingly.

She hoisted herself up again and held my manhood in one slender hand,then she licked off the remains of my seed.

I smiled, faintly... watching as she did her best.

When I decided it was enough,I pulled away and zipped my pants.

"Thank you"I offered her a steadying hand as she pushed herself up... stood next to me on slightly shaky legs.

"Have a nice day, Nadia"I smirked and walked out, leaving her standing there.

I am Alberto De Luca.

I've been called a couple of names...a manwhore...a player...just name it.

I have the power and money to do whatever I want and have any woman I so desire in a twinkle of an eye...so I'm living my best life.


It's so fun to keep having a taste of different women.

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