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At twilight the old couple Daina and Kevin was holding hands while walking on the side in a fairly rich neighbourhood in Grand view Drive, LA, with a petite Filipina, Kylah. They looked as close as a family.

There is a very nice park around the corner where people can have a picnic or exercise or just have a play. And the three were walking back home after the picnic.

Daina and Kevin have been married for 35 years but not been blessed with a child. As Daina's health has been declining, Kevin decided to hire a maid who could help with cleaning and washing and etc... And that's when Kylah showed up. Since then, Kylah has been working yet not really working for them for the last 2 years

As they were almost at the house in the middle of the conversation, Daina just remembered she left her red notebook at the park. She has been writing on that notebook everyday. Kevin was about to go back when Kylah stopped him and insisted that she can go and get it as it was already getting dark, the old couple should head in and rest. She then showed them a taekwondo pose to ensure them that she will be ok.

The notebook was right where Daina said it may be on top of the bench near the trash can. Kylah picked it up and shoved it in her backpack. She was then heading for the walk path home.

As it was already getting dark there was hardly anyone around. She could see a little boy crying and walking opposite direction to her. As she was just coming pass the little boy suddenly there was a white van that stopped on the side of the road and two guys wearing a black mask hurriedly came out and grabbed the little boy.

Kylah who was just a couple of meters away then without thinking, grabbed the little boy, she might be petite but she has a good upper body strength. The two guys were surprised for a second but reacted by grabbing Kylah away from the boy.

"Little girl mind your own business." One of the guys said. But soon got kicked in the stomach by Kylah. She then said " It's my business to help my son, what do you think you're doing to him, I'm only a maid and have no money." She tried to trick them while grabbing the little boy again.

The other guy pulled Kylah's hair as an instinct. Kylah then grabbed the guy's hand and pinched a focal point that made the guy let go, then he got side kicked in the head by Kylah.

"Ouch that hurts you bonehead." smirked Kylah while touching her head and holding the little boy's hand. But the two guys have gotten up to face Kylah with a very angry face. Kylah then picked up the little boy and started running. The little boy was not heavy but the two guys soon caught up. Kylah was tired and also started to get scared. She hugged the little boy tightly as she had to stop.

"Don't be scared, I'm hear." She whispered to the little boy before she started screaming from the top of her lung. " Help someone is trying to kill us. HELPPP!!!!" Help!!!

The two guys then started cursing Kylah and kicking her while she squats down hugging the little boy under her. She was too scared of separating the two guys. She will definitely loose the little boy if she was too busy with one guy, the other will definitely grab the little boy. She was so sure that they are what she has been hearing about a gang of hoodlums kidnapping for ransom. Her cry for help paid off as a few people came rushing. But as soon as the guys realise that they might be failing this gig. One took out a pocket knife and jabbed it in the back of Kylah as he cursed her, "bitch you just had to ruin it.

You deserve this." He said and spitting at her after he pulled his knife out and ran back to the white van.

Kylah was in great pain but she didn't want to scare the little boy. "Are you alright?" She asks the little boy. He then just nodded with a concerned look on him. As soon as the people came to help she then heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed.

The next time Kylah opened her eyes she could easily tell she in a hospital. She looks around and see Kevin sitting on a sofa dosing off. She then coughs a little hoping Kevin would wake up and tell her what's going on. Kevin wakes up then realises that Kylah is awake.

"Thank God you have come through, We are so worried about. How are feeling?" He asks Kylah.

"A little thirsty but I'm feeling ok." She lies as she was feeling the pain on her back where she got stabbed.

Kevin then sighed heavily and said " I shouldn't have let you go alone..."

" It's ok Sir Kev. I'm fine." She touched Kevin in the back just in time for a police officer and a tall blue eyed very handsome guy wearing a well tailored black suit walked in.

" You're awake.." The police officer exclaimed. " I'm chief officer Sherwin Merdoe." He introduced himself. He then turned to the handsome guy and said, " This is Mr. Jacen Goldstein, the father of the little boy that you saved. The little boy's name is Michael, by the way."

Kylah couldn't help but freeze and stop breathing like she is having a stage fright. But she had to snap out of it as she was scared of embarrassing herself and Kevin. " Nice to meet you.." As she was lowering her head after looking at the police chief and glances at Jacen.

"We were so worried that you wouldn't wake up.." says Kevin.

Kylah then lifts her head and asks, " What? Was I that bad? How have I been out?"

"Two whole nights." Kevin blurts out.

"What?" Kylah exclaims forgetting every one in the room. She burst in a very loud cry. Gasping for air saying " I'm suppose to be on a flight back to the Philippines yesterday. You know in all these two years in LA, I had found any kinds of jobs just to earn money, like the burger shop, the car wash, tutoring jobs and so on. Just when I thought I could use the money to treat my mom's oesophageal cancer treatments, I lost the opportunity to go home! !"

Kevin then steps forward to reassures her. "It's alright, breathe, whofff in and out whoff" while stoking Kylah's back. In such intimate action Jacen then says, " You people need privacy?" Insinuating that Kevin and Kylah are in that kind of relationship.

Kylan in spite of everything, reacted fast and looked at Jacen angrily with her red eyes. She resented the way people looked at her relationship with Kevin. When she first arrived LA, the couple let her stay with them while she helps around the house as lodging payment. They treated Kylah like their own daughter as they couldn't afford to pay her, they just tried their best to share whatever they can teach her, so it always made Kylah uncomfortable whenever others misunderstood the relationship between Kevin and her.

"Judging much Mr black suit?" But quickly turned to Kevin and says " Where is Daina?" As she realised that Daina is not around.

" She is at home, you know she has this about hospitals." Answered Kevin while giving Kylah a little smile hoping Kylah would not go back to crying. The police chief then interrupted and said, "We are so sorry you missed your flight but also grateful that you are fine Ms Ochoa."

"You can call me Kylah Chief officer Merdoe." Kylah replied in a respectful way.

"Ah am I being investigated about my visa?" She changes her expression as she remembers her working visa expires the day after her flight, which is today.

Officer Merdoe then waived his hands up in the air while saying, " No no no no, We are here for the attempted kidnapping."

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